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Behavioral Research Methods Final Exam Study Guide Part 1

by: Hannah Mecaskey

Behavioral Research Methods Final Exam Study Guide Part 1 SPSY 8012

Marketplace > University of Cincinnati > SPSY 8012 > Behavioral Research Methods Final Exam Study Guide Part 1
Hannah Mecaskey
GPA 3.75

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About this Document

Final Exam Study Guide- Review of critical course material
Behavioral Research Methods
Study Guide
ABA, applied, Behavioral, analysis
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hannah Mecaskey on Tuesday April 26, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to SPSY 8012 at University of Cincinnati taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 62 views.


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Date Created: 04/26/16
Final Exam Study Guide Behavior Research Methods  All answers can be found in the module powerpoints and/or in the Kennedy textbook.  Multiple words may fit in a single blank.  To make grading easiest, type your answers in a color other than black! Name: Module 1 Fill-in-the-blank Characteristics of single case research methods - Data is arranged so _______, or causation, can be examined. - A functional relationship is demonstrated when changes in the _______are reliably produced by changes in the _______ - Results must be reliable or _______for functional relationships to be argued. Strength of findings - Replication, replication, replication! o Replication within the study o Replication with other _______and in other _______ - Social validity of change - Effect size List the three roles of a scientist-practitioner 1. 2. 3. Single case study basics - Must be a ______________ - Collect _______measurement using _______behavior and _______between observers - Introduce _______and take adherence checks using decision rules - ______________ - Add _______to help verify effectiveness Evidence-based practice - Minimum # of data points in each phase? - Minimum # of times intervention outcome must be confirmed? To designate an intervention as “evidence based” through single case research: - # of valid studies? - # of different researchers/teams? - # of total participants? Define 1. Independent variable-- 2. Dependent variable-- 3. Internal validity-- 4. External validity-- 5. Confounding/extraneous variables-- Module 2 Basic techniques for deciding on targeted variables - Review of _______ - _____________________ - Preliminary _______ - Activities or conditions _______ - ______________ and analysis List at least two reasons one might target two or more variables 1. 2. Target behavior definitions must be _______and _______ Describe the following ways one can measure target behavior: - Frequency—a count of the number of times the behavior occurs - Rate-- - Accuracy-- - Duration-- - Latency-- - Inter-response time (IRT)-- - Percentage of occurrence-- - Trials to criteria-- Review the different types of discontinuous measurement. - Name the four types: - How do you know when to use each type? - Which type(s) overestimate? - Underestimate? Inter-observer agreement - What is IOA? - How is it reported? - Why is IOA important? - About how much IOA should be collected? - Write the formula for: o Permanent product IOA-- o Frequency IOA-- o Duration IOA-- o Interval agreement-- o Occurrence agreement-- o Nonoccurrence agreement— Module 3 Define 1. Internal validity-- 2. External validity— 3. Direct replication— 4. Systematic replication-- Describe at least 3 different ways study/results can be replicated 1. . 2. . 3. . Single Case Designs: - Small number of _______ - Repeated _______over time - Socially valid, consistent _______conditions - Graphing and ______________ - _______of independent variable - _______to demonstrate experimental control/causation - Social _______ Know the parts of a graph. Visual analysis - Purpose: to examine ______________and ______________ - Researchers examine _______phase characteristics and _______phase characteristics. Module 4 Withdrawal Design - Purpose? - Characteristics? - Strengths? - Weaknesses? Reversal Design - Purpose? - Characteristics? - Strengths? - Weaknesses? Multiple Baseline Design - Purpose? - Characteristics? - Strengths? - Weaknesses? Changing Criterion Design - Purpose? - Characteristics? - Strengths? - Weaknesses? Multiple Treatment Design - Purpose? - Characteristics? - Strengths? - Weaknesses? Alternating Treatment Design - Purpose? - Characteristics? - Strengths? - Weaknesses? Component Analysis - Purpose? - Characteristics? - Strengths? - Weaknesses? Parametric Analysis - Purpose? - Characteristics? - Strengths? - Weaknesses? Also have general understanding of Multi Element Design & Multiple Probe Design. Module 5 Define/Discuss - Generalization— - Response generalization— - Stimulus generalization— - Maintenance--


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