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Management Laws

by: Ian Saussy

Management Laws Mgmt 305

Marketplace > Kansas > Mgmt 305 > Management Laws
Ian Saussy
GPA 3.0
Mgmt 305 Survey of Management
Dr. Brian Russell

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About this Document

Cheatsheet with the laws taught in class
Mgmt 305 Survey of Management
Dr. Brian Russell
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ian Saussy on Monday March 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Mgmt 305 at Kansas taught by Dr. Brian Russell in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 75 views.


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Date Created: 03/09/15
Laws 1 Like playing monopoly Follow the rules if you want to play the game 2 Commerce clause allows congress to come up with these acts 3 States can add to the law but cannot take away right given by the federal government B National Labor relations Act 1935 Allows workers to unionise collective bargaining Gov jobs are exempted prohibits someone from being reprimanded for trying to unionise Wisconsin unions went on strike because they were not allowed to bargain right to work is state by state C FLSA 1938 1 Covered minimum wage 2 Federal wage risen 3 outlined the pay for overtime 4 banned child labor D EPA 1963 1 Use to have the Man of the house needs the money to pay for the dependents 2 unlawful to discriminate in pay between genders E Civil Rights 1964 1972 1 No discrimination on Gender 2 sexual harassment a quid pro quo 1 sex for this b Hostile environment 3 Directdiscrimination 4 disparate impact a something that can be taken as discrimination F ADA 1967 1 cannot discriminate on anyone over 40 2 Airline industry mandatory retirement a must prove that the age cannot allow them to do something in the job G OSHA 1971 1 Must provide warning signs for hazards material 2 Safe workspace 3 must provide access to instruments incase of an emergency 4 created OSHA H VRA 1973 1 Preceded the ADA 2 only for government employees or gov contracts 3 prohibit discrimination on the basis of a disability unless that disability cannot be reasonably accommodated 4 a blind man cant drive a city bus mwewwe l PA 1974 1 Employer has to keep the information on you secure 2 Gov only 3 did not give the right to see the file 4 States give the right to see the file on yourself J MBA 1978 1 Mandatory retirement is generally unlawful in the United States except in certain industries and occupations that are regulated by law and are often part of the government K IRCA 1986 1 3 million here illegally 2 gave mainstay to them with work permits 3 businesses need to check 2 forms of ID proving your citizenship 4 Everify Workers Adjustment and retraining notification 1988 1 Warning if there will be a lay off 60 days ahead of time or 60 day severance 2 allows people to search for jobs so they are not set back ADA 1990 1 Can not discriminate due to a disability anywhere 2 reasonable accommodation must be provided 3 substance abuse is not a disabilityemployedt at will 4 implied contract Civil Rights 1992 1 Added discrimination on race 2 added punitive damages in the punishment Family and Medical Leave Act 1993 1 12 weeks of leave without penalty in the work place 2 covers next of kin care and self care Hippa 1996 1 allows unemployed to continue their premiums under their last employer until they find a job Affordable care act 2009 1 employers must provide healthcare to their emploies


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