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Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Kylie Kreischer

Exam 1 Study Guide JMC:1200:0AAA

Kylie Kreischer
GPA 3.96
Media History and Culture
Frank Durham

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About this Document

Comes with TWO study guides! Encompasses everything on the test!
Media History and Culture
Frank Durham
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kylie Kreischer on Tuesday March 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to JMC:1200:0AAA at University of Iowa taught by Frank Durham in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see Media History and Culture in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 03/10/15
James Gordon Bennett Launches NY Herald 1835 penny press Thomas Paine Common Sense 1776 Propagandist Early abolitionist Crisis Essays 17761783 Wrote against British ideology of agency Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser Wickedness of slave trade Founded anti slavery society in 1775 Frederick Douglass Freed slave Editor of the North Star 18471851 Counterpart of Garrison Frederick Douglass Paper 18511864 Supported women s suffrage Split with Garrison Activist Framed slavery in Maria Stewart First black woman to speak to mixed race audiences ad address women s rights Column in The Liberator 1831 1833 The Ladies Department Moral suasion Influences by religion terms of moral suasion Willianr Lloyd Elijah Lovejoy Garrison St LouisAlto Observer Lynched by a mob Became a martyr Moral suasion Publisher of The Liberator 18311865 Founded American Anti Slavery Society Burned a copy of the Constitution Religious Rejected the Constitution Drop out of America Moral suasion through the great cause of human rights Sat in Ladies Section at Worlds Anti Slavery Convention Elizabeth Cady Stanton Allied with Susan B Anthony and led NWSA Declaration of Rights and Sentiments resembled the Declaration of Independence which was scandalous to mainstream Radical approach as opposed to Lucy Stone s more moderate approach Wrote The Revolution with Anthony which highlighted women s issues in aggressive tone Organized the 1841 Seneca Falls Convention Alice Paul Radical The Sufiragist 19131921 National Women s Party NAWSA Quaker Worked with Lucy Burns Religion often involved in her work Thomas Nast Cartoonist for Harper s Weekly RepublicanNativist party 18691871 Immigrant from Germany Hated the Irish Created the elephant and donkey mascot Susan B Anthony NWSA Radical Allies with Stanton The Revolution Arrested for illegally voting in presidential election 1872 Boss Tweed Tweed Ring Dominated NYC politics 18581873 Defended by nativism Unmasked by watchdog journalism Headed the NY Democratic Party Central Committee and was on the NY County Board of Supervisors Imprisoned and isolated Albert Parsons Married to a former slave Part of Knights of Labor Republican gt democrat gt socialist gt anarchist Radical Worked at the Chicago Times fired Wrote The Alarm 18841888 lWPA head Leads May Day Parade May 1 1886 down Mich Ave Spoke at Haymarket Riot Executed Nov 11 1887 Wanted a revolution not a reform Exam 1 Study Guide Concepts 0 Ideology Basis of social organization a belief system that leads to action British ideology 0 Agency The innate right and ability of individuals to act of their own will British ideology based on agency 0 Propaganda False or dramatized news intended to provoke feelings that cause some sort of action Blacldgreywhite Propagandists y Samuel Adams Journal of Occurrences 0 Made up but intended to inspire action demonized enemy gt Thomas Paine Common Sense 0 Framed the British as the enemy revolution was necessary y Wrote against British ideology of agency 0 Framing Done by propaganda Framed the British as the enemy revolution was necessary 0 Nativism Harper s Weekly p Cartoons against Irish by Thomas Nast attacked Tweed In uenced the coverage of Boss TweedTammany Hall 0 Historiography 0 Primary evidence ex James Rivington 0 Secondary evidence ex James Rivington o Abolitionism Abolitionists Maria Stewart William Lloyd Garrison Frederick Douglass Thought of a threat to democracy caused political divisions acted against the mainstream Formed social movements through the use of press 1865 Abolition of slavery and the 13th amendment 0 Patriarchy Set of values that privileged men at the expense of women 0 Moral suasion Technique used by authority to persuade others by stressing the importance of good morals and thinking about right versus wrong Abolitionists gt Thomas Paine questioned Christians on whether they were overlooking the action of slave trade and how it related to Justice and Humanity p Maria Stewart all are equal in the eyes of God gt William Lloyd Garrison great cause of human rights and justice 0 Social movements Not mainstream Intended reform not revolution revolution often comes anyways o Activism o Suffrage Assisted by William Lloyd arisen and Frederick Douglass Suffragists Elizabeth Cady Stanton Lucretia Mott y Susan BAnthony y Frederick Douglass y Lucy Stone National Women s Suffrage Association Stanton amp Anthony radical American s Women s Suffrage Association in 1870 Stone conservative NWSA amp AWSA merge to make NAWSA in 1890 Declaration of Rights and Sentiments Stanton and Mott y Re ected the Declaration of Independence pointed out the hypocrisy The Revolution NWSA Stanton and Anthony y NWSA Radical p Highlighted women s issues aggressive tone references religion p Shut down after 2 years because of low circulation popular ending for radical publications Women s Journal AWSA Lucy Stone AWSA More conservative p More mainstream and printed for 60 years The Suffragist NAWSA Alice Paul y Radical challenged the government gt Only political newspaper that was published for and by women y Fought for right of assembly right to petition and freedom of speech y Played a crucial role in the picketing saga y Provoked Woodrow Wilson gt Media fram allowed people to know what was happening as a frame 0 Advocacy journalism Journalism that is out of the mainstream and is tied to social movement or cause 0 Status quo For American Women in 1848 o Docile obedience 0 Fourth Estate Watchdog journalism public press as a watchdog to government Inside looking in Historical Figures not in pictures Samuel Adams Journal of Occurrence o Diary like entries much of it made up but claimed it was true 0 Propaganda that helped start the revolution 0 Wrote against British ideology of agency 0 Journalistic Strategy pamphlets broadsides multimedia approach Boston Gazette o Wrote against British authority James Rivington Spy for George Washington Primary and secondary sources Lucy Stone Organized the American Women s Suffrage Association More conservative suffragist Lucretia Mott Wrote Declaration of Rights and Sentiments with Stanton Wendell Phillips Ida B Wells Lucy Burns Suffragist feminist activist Leader in the National Woman s Party Worked with Alice Paul Nina Allender August Spies Immigrant from Germany Editor of Arbeiter Zeitung Witnessed police riot shooting and spoke about it in his work Revenge poster Executed Nov 11 1887


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