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Midterm Study Guide

by: Amalia Cristiano

Midterm Study Guide 22166

Marketplace > San Diego State University > 22166 > Midterm Study Guide
Amalia Cristiano
GPA 3.52
Music 351
Eric Smigel

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About this Document

This is a study guide for the multiple-choice section of the midterm. Includes all the terms, bands, and people that we have covered thus far in class.
Music 351
Eric Smigel
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Amalia Cristiano on Wednesday March 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 22166 at San Diego State University taught by Eric Smigel in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 115 views.

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Date Created: 03/11/15
Music351 Study Guide January 27 2015 The Beat Generation The Beat Generation was born in the 1920s and lived through WWII leading to feelings of disillusionment with society Their peak was during the 1950s They were primarily upper class white males who were Ivy Leagueeducated particularly at Columbia University San Francisco and Greenwich Village in New York City were the hotspots for the Beat Generation a group of poets and artists that included Jack Kerouac Allen Ginsberg and others It was a literary movement and the Beats were referred to as hipsters because they listened to a funkier jazz sound Their in uences included poets Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson who challenged traditional ideas and conformity Note They were not rebellious but rather inclined to an avoidance of conformity Hippies In the 1960s arising from the Beat Generation emerged a group of young people pejoratively termed hippies because they were considered wannabe hipsters They had been born in the 1940s and were made up of young people aged 15 to 25 They were generally not as wealthy or educated as the Beats They challenged the Vietnam War among other things most importantly the music of the time They tended to experiment with psychedelic drugs including LSD and marijuana Terms Drone single note or chord that is sustained throughout a musical work or a section of a musical work Timbre Sound quality Sitar plucked string instrument of India Bright timbre Free Jazz style of jazz characterized by group improvisation unencumbered by conventional rules Tempo speed of a musical work Measured in beats per minute Melody a succession of notes that form a unified musical entity Harmony arrangement or progression of chords which are comprised of different notes sounding simultaneously Open Form Music without structural repetition or conventional form February 10 2015 HaightAshbury district of San Francisco lowrent district in San Francisco in the 1960s where the hippies lived 710 Ashbury Street where the Grateful Dead lived and would host jam sessions The Family Dog A Tribute to Dr Strange In San Francisco at Longshoreman Hall on Fisherman s Wharf October 16 1965 Chet Helms 19422005 The founder of Family Dog productions They held rock and roll concerts and began formalizing jam sessions by charging people to come listen Terms Jam Band an informal musical ensemble that engages in group improvisation Dynamics level of musical volume loudnesssoftness CrescendoDecrescendo process of gradually getting louder crescendo or quieter decrescendo Reverberation artificial echo enhancement Cadence the closing of musical piece Alton Kelley 19402008 artist for Family Dog productions Rick Grif n 19441991 another artist for Family Dog Victor Moscoso 1936 another artist for Family Dog San Francisco Diggers 19661968 Theatrical group out of the HaightAshbury district who set up a free store San Francisco Oracle 19661968 Founded by Allen Cohen 19402004 About 12 issues put out total Contained writing poetry drawings Love Pageant Rally Golden Gate park Oct 6 1966 Occurred on the same day LSD was made illegal Rolling Stone Magazine 1967 Came out of the HaightAshbury district Ralph Gleason founded it he had previously written for San Francisco Chronicle San Fran s equivalent to the New York Times Herb Caen 19161997 The San Francisco Chronicle Coined the term Beat Made the term hippie popular Hunter S Thompson 1937 2005 Wrote for the New York Times magazine Talked about HaightAshbury before the Summer of Love when tourists were already beginning to pour in and rent prices were going up Time Magazine July 7 1967 Cover story is about HaightAshbury when the scene really blew up The Jefferson Airplane 1966 Founded by Marty Balen Tribute to blues musicians including Miles Davis Notionconcept of ight Most commercially popular band to come out of district Most popular song was White Rabbit based on Alice in Wonderland Grace Slick lead singer Miles Davis Sketches of Spain 1960 Fusion of jazz and Spanish folk music that inspired bands like Jefferson Airplane February 17 2015 The Matrix 196572 San Francisco s first folk rock night club Founded by Marty Balin born in 1943 who was in Jefferson Airplane Created by musicians Jefferson Airplane was the house band Chet Helms 19422005 Family Dog Productions from Texas charged people to come and listen to jam bands Venue of choice for him initially was the Fillmore collaborated with Bill Graham Then later launched Family Dog Productions at the Avalon Ballroom 19661968 Avalon had a 500 seat capacity which was bigger than the Matrix but smaller than the Fillmore B ands preferred to play at the Avalon Ballroom Bill Graham 19311991 older than most of the hippies he hung out with attended Trips Festival San Francisco January 2123 1966 tried to organize it Was a businessman First Bill Graham Presents show at the Fillmore 1966 Fillmore Auditorium 19661971 B ands made more money here Much larger than the Avalon Lasted longer slickly run organization More bands gravitated to there Joan Baez and Bob Dylan Newport Folk Festival 1963 Joan sang Dylan played Two years later he returned with members of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in 1965 Paul Butterfield In one of the first racially mixed bands From Chicago worked with Ravi Shankar and wrote a tribute to him later one Terms Bossa Nova New Fashion a Brazilian musical style popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s Tambura plucked string instrument that serves as a resonant drone in Indian classical music Similar to sitar Tabla Pair of tuned handdrums used in Indian classical music Steve Miller Band 1967 Jug Band a type of jam band that arose from the 1920s in rural areas Used jugs glass or ceramic to sing into Gus Cannon s Jug Stompers 1928 one of the original jug bands Jim Kweskin Jug Band 1964 popular in Greenwich Village Mother McCree s Uptown Jug Champions 1964 San Francisco Jug Band with people who entered psychedelic bands later on The 13th Floor Elevators name suggested elevation screaming vocal style in uenced a whole generation of punk rockers as well as metal electric jug You re Gonna Miss Me is their major hit which brought them to San Francisco from Texas 1966 The first time an explicit connection between music and psychedelics Dick Clark American Bandstand 19571989 Joe Mcdonald Rag Baby journal Berkeley 1965 songs of opposition mocked the Vietnam War formed Country Joe and the Fish derived from Communist background Joe refers to Joseph Stalin February 26 2015 Folk revival political movement celebration of rural values in the city ex jug band Vietnam day committee meant to arise social awareness Teach in events 1965 political sit ins taught people about american engagement with vietnam San Francisco Oracle Michael Bowen Allen Cohen Love pageant rally golden gate park OCt 6 1966 LSD made illegal Richard Alpert fired for using drugs with students Went to India for spiritual journey and changed name Ram Dass Remember Be here now 1971 book he wrote Human Be In Golden gate park Jan 14 1967 gathering of the tribes Bowen organized event Timothy Leary 192096 advocate for LSD Turn on tune in drop out Owsley bear Grateful dead Janis Joplin from Texas taunted as a teen loved blues culture Blues primarily vocal art Stop time temporary interruption of rhythmic accompaniment whose sudden silence suggests the suspension of time pitch band gradual raising or lowering of a pitch Cadenza extended stop time passage near the end of a musical work that features the virtuosity of a soloist Quicksilver messenger service March 3 2015 Paul Bigsby Bigsby Vibrato tailpiece Whammy Bar Fender TremuluX guitar amplifier 196166 Gibson Maestro Fuzz tone FZlA Terms Tremolo vibrating effect characterized by the rapid alternation of either pitch or amplitude FuzzTone device that distorts the timbre of an amplified instrument producing a buzzing sound MultiTracking studio technique that consists of several recorded sounds on the same segment of tape ElectroTheremin electronic instrument that produces gliding sinewave tones Tack Piano piano with metal tacks added to the hammers Jaw Harp J ew s Harp instrument consisting of a frame which is held between the teeth and a thin metal plate that vibrates when plucked Whiskey a Go Go venue in Los Angeles The Doors were the house band for a time Harold Rhodes developed therapeutic piano for war vets which evolved into the Fender Rhodes Piano Bass through collaboration with Leo Fender Electric Prunes surfer rock band from LA I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night 1966 The Pendletones 1961 named after style of wool shirts Many songs composed about surfing and cars Name changed to the Beach Boys Their sound draws from both rock n roll and du wop Chuck Berry and The Four Freshmen were major in uences The Beatles Rubber Soul 1965 Competition between the Beatles and the Beach Boys In uenced Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys to make Pet Sounds in 1966 Extremely experimental Beach Boys Good Vibrations Leon Theremin Theremin 1920 electronic instrument with antennas that changed the frequency and amplitude Paul Tanner developed the ElectroTheremin in the late 1950s The Great Chicago Fire 1871 Mrs O Leary s Cow March 10 2015 FM Radio The Underground Takes to the Air Bubblegum Pop 196772 arose in NY as another genre of music Mixed elements of psychedelic rock which was now mainstream with high timbres and catchy lyrics Produced a series of onehit wonders Strawberry Alarm Clock named after Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles Established commercial success with their music because it was featured in big Hollywood films Most popular song Incense and Peppermints 1967 Alan Freed 192165 radio DJ big in LA Payola Scandal 195 862 FCC realized that money was being exchanged in questionable ways artists paid Freed to play their music on the radio Freed was sued and it brought down the whole industry Edward Howard Armstrong 18901954 FM Broadcasting 1936 not regulated like AM until the late 60s Tom Big Daddy Donahue DJ of KSAN in San FranciscogtgtFM 1968 Spirit Tom Donahue s favorite band Mechanical World Led Zeppelin heavily in uenced by them Iron Butter y SD band moved to LA InAGaddaDaVida 1968 Futurists Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Luigi Russolo and Ugo Piatti with Intonarumori 1920 George Antheil Ballet Mecanique 1924 John Cage 19121992 San Francisco Tape Music Center 1962 Morton Subotnick and Ramon Sender synthesized sound Without recording The beginning of the use of magnetic tape


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