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Econimics w/ Prof. Kirill

by: Betty Johnson

Econimics w/ Prof. Kirill 63955

Marketplace > San Francisco State University > 63955 > Econimics w Prof Kirill
Betty Johnson
GPA 3.79

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This 17 page Study Guide was uploaded by Betty Johnson on Wednesday March 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 63955 at San Francisco State University taught by in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 166 views.

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Date Created: 03/11/15
Cost of Taxation ChapTers 8 12 Tax and welfare lTax reduces CSI lTax reduces PS I ABC ie ABC gt A DEF gt F Government revenue bi 35 taxe139raded 20 254100 223310 or BD Tax and welfare Deadweigh r loss DWL loss of welfare due to market distortions Tax creates DwL l CE 3 35 20 sellers10 z 2562 75 keep Ex Econ 101 Tutoring What39s your WTPWTS for 1 hour of tutoring Go To bitywtpwts and enter a Your first name b WTP value maximum you would pay c WTS cost minimum you would accept Why DWL wo tax 29 Crystal tutors Cherie 9 15hr39 WTSCrysta lt 25WTPCherie PSCrysta5 CsCherie with 25 tax on seller they don39t trade WTsCrym10tax35 gt 25WTPCherie m lDSCrystal 0 I CS JonO Biegt a n rwmicme I MA I a Gov t revenue 0 Ema N MEIER 5D M 1 E Eipati quot quotlimth Alan tidying 7 JamieIll I39l 39i 39 25 V 7 High Marihm lM EEEE ltai1k391u1yg Eli A 1tquot quoturitmr 7 ElmiraTillmane i39clm H IEFEW Ewi39 m Ez bep39mnie 1311 1 7 P l lrirElliE MTiI ENETH ltquei ne Martial Ibizaer Ham Ham I U a i 3 Ham13 Emma Tgaded a1 53 In E 3 1D 391 13 13 M 15 17 E r 1 1 What affects DWL size When the 5 or D or both are relatively elastic the DWL is larger DWL grows ms1 blalsz or D2861 D2662 9 More elastic Igt deed falls more Why as tax changes prices Do taxes an addictive goods cause a small DWL Here is what tobacco sellers think What should we tax Event CA considers various taxes to fund education a A sales tax on food b A tax on families with schoolage children c A property tax on vacation homes d A sales tax on jewelry How strongly would people respond in each case Rank choices with respect to DWL Is DWL all that matters Tax size Gov39t revenue DWL As taxi Gov39 revenue initially but even ruallyQ and DWL always Gov39t revenue DWL revenue er unit tax base 100 small 100 small Q eraded large tax base medium Tax base F lLa er curve inverseU laxrevenue relationship I Gov39t revenue DWL high huge a high low small medium large Tax small medium large Tax CgtBz free lunch more likely U5 gtA Tradeoff The Taxman Hisvt rical Marginal Tax Rate Ear Highasst and Luwest quot i l39l lE Earn EFS 3 Hla39i ll l mu Marginal Tax Rate a a E E 1391 I l if Hill I dfl 15E ll Elk 39B39E fi F39fl l39l 3111 1 YE Elf Federal Gov39t budget FEEM wn mi 20112 Federal udget F f MidEEEEi n eview 3953 trillian ma LE il 1119 trillilinn iiscratinnary 3 E l g i N I I 1 I Hn dafenaa 1Equot f 52m triilll n mi39llii n 12 Hi i ma 23 E 1 T 3 39wquot quot7 39 w A I a L I e a a m quot Myra L u I ManamaFf 556 5 Spem ng Havenqu limes rm Hassle D m IAr1 Manraggen39aan Emil Eunlagnga lE Fame djuatad Earmlina I35 ailingmy Buyivmnniqw m Rum Hmms mm i EMQEI smegma Lilygimmiin I Budget deficit excess spending over receipts I 12 Individual tax liability 2014 income Tax rates single meaning hat mar 39 U1 true iaaat lla ir39awrnra 0 To 9 1 000 haw S El 39FEI tt nimr EEEBCII piJE I31 Ehre anzeaa CHIEF 0 mar E hu1 nm mar H F39Jlll Elf 1319 may 9 To 3 6 1 5 but i39L T mar 1 H 39 Ei j j quot39IL39 3313 I39afT iE m ITI39EFEF o 3 6 To 8 9 3 A War 539 EGESEI EJC39 I39mquotI marl EELSJED plug 32 f t ii amam mar 3 To 3 EmilEEJCIU huE Fwd vuarn EIEEEEI E11F39il i39 l f me Isa13933 CHIEF EJIL39IEg 39lflliil 18 6 3 51 TO 1 3 3 00 5mg EL 3 3 WE Emsa my 405101 To 406750 357 f x a 39e Pb ri e OPPI39eS f0 f a specnflc Income portion 406751 3960 Marginal tax rate MTR the rate rha r applies to the last of your income 3363 Em bmekeii If income150llt what is the MTR 28 Individual tax liability lAver age tax rate ATR 139ax owedincome aka ax ma a Ex imaginary tax system If income60llt what is the ATP 0 To 50000 20 Tax owed 0250K 0510K 15K 50000 507 ATP 15K60K 25 MTR MTR 50 Why care about MTR Incentives Costs of taxation DWL Administr39ative costs preparingfiling collecting evading amenl Least costly tax lLumpsum rax fixed amoun r for any income 8mg effieiem uL E i 1 3 r 39 L 7 i39 I K EEl I tj I n E J L l II Li I I I 7 thi39ih r K i a a quotDI39I1 L quot 1 IF 1 i but very unfair quot LT H I r r l A EIquot 1 I i fir 239 r i a I L Tax systems linked to income 3ampng ATR rises with incomel e090 U050 inmme Max lRegressive rax ATR falls with incomel 090 am 70 mgwepmed f ltltiio mepogu m Martianal I39ax ATR does no change with income e090 Q gg ca inmme calx Can the rich pay more under the regressive system 17


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