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THA 205- Study Guides - Midterm 2 ( 3/16/2015)

by: Eva Malek

THA 205- Study Guides - Midterm 2 ( 3/16/2015) THA 205

Marketplace > San Francisco State University > Theatre > THA 205 > THA 205 Study Guides Midterm 2 3 16 2015
Eva Malek
GPA 3.46
Introduction to Technical Theatre and Design
Kim Schwartz

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About this Document

These is the study guide for THA 205 midterm 2: costume design and costume shop. It includes class notes from Monday's (3/9) and Wednesday's (3/11) class.
Introduction to Technical Theatre and Design
Kim Schwartz
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Eva Malek on Friday March 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to THA 205 at San Francisco State University taught by Kim Schwartz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 139 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Technical Theatre and Design in Theatre at San Francisco State University.


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Date Created: 03/13/15
THA 205 Introduction to Technical Theater and Design Class notes 39 and 3112015 Study Guide Midterm 2 316 What does a Costume Designer do Lecture notes 3 9 2015 Living trustfully under imaginary circumstances Create this world circumstances so that actors can live act truthfully Find ways to express the truth of directors though a collaborative process Process Script analysis 0 First time who are the characters and what s going on 0 Second time make a character chart who is on the stage when with who and what are they doing Try to understand characters form inside out age gender education economic status history etc What their relationship with other characters is Meet with the director and sometimes with the other designers before doing research Director gives you their concept of the show 0 Look at the stage directions to see what the director wants 0 What are characters doing not only on stage but also what are the doing before getting on stage their whole background story who this person isquot o 9Costume designers also invent they develop characters the script ins only a guide Where to research Internet library new papers magazines advertisings with info and date etc What to research Historical research social history political history sociological history subject specific history Inspiration 9 clues form the universe 9 Outside paying attention to everything around you 9Reading books etc Thinking with your pencil With notes Making lots of options designs to choose from Have a presentation Bring up all your ideas Costume with characters Show what the costume looks like Costume plot 9 list of every character when they are on stage what they are going what they are wearing To track all the characters and their costumes Piece list 9 dressing list look list Things costume designers need to know 0 Where is every single item coming from How to wash clean everything Budget Hair and makeup is part of your design What kind of fabric to use How fabric behaves under light Some costume choices have consequences know how to manage those consequences 0 Everything on stage has a reason 0 Changes can happen might have to build new costumes fix costumes etc OOOOO Costume Shop Lecture notes 3 112015 For actors and others during fitting never comment on a dress costume unless you are asked to No opinions unless solicited Director designers create costumes actors have to make it work How to make a costume work 9 Budget fabrics movement details millinery work hats etc Weekly meetings With designers What to ask 9 is there going to be nudity smoking fire blood dirt liquids food etc Costumes Decide if you re going to build it rent it or buy it 9 Make decision based on cost Renting a costume 0 You need to be able to alter them But always return costumes in their original state Building a costume only if 0 000000 Outsized actor very tall fat etc Unique siluet Unique style or fabric Make it suitable for quick changes You need identically looks Depending on skillset of student population Able to hire extra labor How to create O O 0 Get actors measurements Union rule how many times you can have an actor for fitting and for how long Use muslin to create samples Flat pattering on paper Draping manipulating pieces of fabric on dress form or mannequin by cutting and pinning Mock up fitting Then go back to paper pattern Cut it out fashion fabric and do fitting Get different options different sizes Shop locally or online Dress rehearsals Label everything Typical job titles in the costume shop Cutter draper looks at rendering and creates fabric shapes First hand Very last steps Laundry Strike


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