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Exam #2 Study Guide

by: Brian Zhong

Exam #2 Study Guide Chem 115

Marketplace > Science > Chem 115 > Exam 2 Study Guide
Brian Zhong

GPA 3.4
Dr. Martinez

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About this Document

This study guide has several pages of study questions at the beginning, then the rest are a compilation of all the notes after the first exam starting from February 18 all the way to March 13
Dr. Martinez
Study Guide
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This 23 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brian Zhong on Friday March 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Chem 115 at a university taught by Dr. Martinez in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 577 views.


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Date Created: 03/13/15
Chem 115 Test 2 Practice Problems Spring 2015 Disclaimer These are old atom questions many from past seams when we had multiple Choice While the plasticr23 we write for our Erem this semester may be similar there will be no mat tiple ChO39tt t Options For each question the student must be able to armada their reasoning behind the i r Innswe r 1 Is it possible for a molecule to be nonpolar even if it contains polar bonds Explain your answer and give an example liq What is the composition in terms of or and 7139 bonds of single double and triple bonds 3 Put these atoms in order of increasing electronegativity O F Cl Br l For the following Inn e substances and mixtures list all of the intermolecular forces present ribIolecules r r 7 Intermolecular Pylolecular Forces lgClj l i CHHCHQ CH2 Cl l3 C Hg OCHs Hgo Vihat are the criteria for nnrlernles being able to form hydrogen bonds 3 Explain why isopropyl alcohol CilgbCHOH can dissolve in both polar and min mlar solveants xlatrh the letter of the molecule that supports each of the following statements Lone pairs are not shown on the stractairs H i 393 H o H H H H J C H C H CCH H 1339 N Hf C c gt C Clt H C H gtC C H G fH Cf o H H l H H l C 14 H H I H H H H H A B C D E b F l I Contains nine 9 obonds and one 1 TTl011l h 7 7 Contains SP3 hybridized orbitals that contain lone pairs T Contains only spi hybridized atoms except hydrogen atoms d Cantains bond angles of 18U0 4 Pick the COHLITXJLIIKl with the higher boiling point Explain Show as much of your thtnight process on paper as you can a HgSe or H30 b C HgCHQOH or C HgC Hg 7 N or C303 9 For the molecules below provide the electron pair geometry molecular geometry whether it is polar or not and the dominant strongest mtermoleeular force Hybridization of 7 Electron Pair 86 Bond Polar Dominant Central Atom hIolecular Geometries Angle yes or no IMF SClg I NH3 HgCO it Answer the following questions about the molecule 310 Show your iUO I39kJ for forng Charge and bond order calculations a Draw the Lewis structure for C103 including resonance structures if applicable Lahel each atom with its formal charge in W hat is the hitthrirlization of the Cl atom 3 What are the electron pair and the molecular geometries of C10 1 Ll How many J lmnds loos C10 inn e e What is the average bond order for the bonds to the oxygen aton ls 11 Vhich is the hest Lewis structure for linitrogen oxide a l uN N O h u lJ wgi e N i 12 How many lone Pairs of electrons are on the xenon atom in xenon Lliiluoride a none r two l one l three 13 39Which molecule below has a triple bond Draw the Lewis Structure for each a NO 1 C10 l NO C CO e Both 1 and C Follow up What is the honcl order for each molecule For NO and NOW which bond is shorterquot Vhich hontl is weaker 14 Winch bond is the most polar Explain Why a Cl O Br b 01 d O F Follow up For eaeh of the bornls identify which attn n would have a partial iiiegative 5 charge 173 In silicon dioxide which of the following involves hybrid orbitals on the silicon a the formation of a rt bond b the formation of a a bond c accommoilation of a lone pair ill both 1 and 2 Follow up do the same problem for sulfur dioxide What are the hybrid oi39bitals on the central atom in Silk and 502 follow up Does SiOg exist as a resornrnce hybrid v s liy or why not Follow up For 802 the bond order for the sulfur oxygen btnnls is Does this data support the strinture for 509 in which 5 has an octet or a structure for 81392 in which 8 has an expanded octet to minimize fornial charge lustifv vour answer it A 11139l9f3911l with bent geon ietr3r can have what type of hybridizatitm on the central atomquot 2 is a mp d sp or sp quot l sp l39 sp3 e none of the above Follc39iw up R squotrite the elattron pair and molecular geornetrv associated with each of the hybrid orbital tvpes is it pixissille to form pi bonds to octet obeying central atoms witl39i spit hybrid centers Vhy or why not 1 London dispersion forces are the only type of interrnolecular forces present for which of the following molecules it PHg Ll PH and NH3 l BHg f E al39ltl Follow up What type of interinolecular forces must be overcome to melt Plig 1 NH BHg39 is lVl iich molecule below has the l iigl39iest boiling point a T h H288 d HgTe Follow up Arrange in order from lowest to highest boiling point Justify the order explaining the relative in uence of the intermolecular forces present if Arrange the following molecules in order of increasing dipole moment CF4 CHClg IiBr 1 HF from most polar to least polar 20 h rllltlll of the following molecules has the lowest healing pointquot a carlmn tetrachloride 3 carbon tetraln on39iide b carbon tetra uoride d carbon tetraiodide Follow up TWhich of the above I llOlE BClllE S l ias the highest boiling pointquot Be sure you can explain your ELIIS WBI 21 Which n39lolecule has the smallest bond angle a 803 d SlOg l 83903 139 XeO3 e Both b and c Follow up place the four molecules in order of increasing bond angle from smallest to largest Be sure that you can rationally explain why you placed the molecules in the order you did A substance absm bs heat when it changes from a liquid to gas b liquid to solid gas to liquid l gas to solid 3923 lJillicl i of the followng describes what happens when liquid carbon tetrachloride evaptn ates a C Cl4tl gt 4Cltg b C39Clr gt C39Clgg Clg CCldl gt Cg l 2Clglg d none of the above Ft39JllOW39 up If you chose l none of the above write an equation that you think does describe what happens when carbon tetrachloride evaporates Draw a cartoon of arbon tetrachloride before and after evaporation show all atoms in the cartoon 24 The correct name for N205 is a nitrogen pentoxide b nitrogen oxide c dinitrogen pentoxide d nitrogen ll oxide Follmv up Hil iat39s the formula for nitrogen dioxide sulfur hexatluoride silicon tetrabr ouiide carbon monoxide 25 The correct formula for an ionic compound formed between magnesium and chlorine would be a MgCl b MggCl c MfClg d MggClg Us r 39 a Stir Follow up Whats the correct formula for an ionic compound formed between Fe3 and b04 3 Between NH and NO 39 Vihat ions are present in N agPO in FEQ3 26 Draw all Lewis structures that complete octets for all atoms that need at least an octet for a germanium ilitntide b COClg c 80quot d g e 03 f CHCH3 the oxygen atom is between the two carbon atoms there are three hydrogens on each carbonl For each molecule ion abrwe answer the following questions i For those that can have an expanded octet draw the Lewis structure that rninin39iiaes formal cln39irge ii Use forn391al charge calculations to select the best Lewis structures Explain how formal charge is evaluated to select the best Lewis structure Which if any of these molecules or ions exist as a resonance hybrid How do you i nahe that decision iii State the electron pair geometry the molecular geometry and the hybridization of each central atom iv Place molecules a through e in order of increasing bond angle Explain the order you select being sure to discuss the in uence of bond pairs and lone pairs on bond angles IL 1 Draw the resonance structures of the nitrite ion N0 Does nitrite exist as a resonance hybrid How would bond lengths support the existence of nitrite as a resonance l39iybrid Explain your answer Ai iswer the followine39 uestions about cytosine Note that lone Jairs are not shown here a I o c n t a c N H C p l v H H H a Describe the electron pair geometry the mt ecular geometry and l ij l ridization of each C and each N in cytosine b What are the total nun39ibers of or and 7t bonds in this molecule 3 For the nitrogen carbon double bond de ne the orbitals on the N and on the C involved in forming the 0quot bond and the 7 bond between those two atoms d Describe the way those orbitals overlap to form the a bond and to form the 7r bond e Circle the hydrogen atoms that could participate in a hydrogen bonding intermolecular force i Put a square around the lone pairs that could participate in a hydrogen bonding intermolecular F LUICG At rtiiom temperature methane CH4 is a gas wl39iile hexane CHgCHgCHgCHgCH2CHg and i nethanol C39HgOH are liquids Evaluate the types of intermolecular forces for each molecule and analyze the relative strengths of the internmlecular forces to explain wl39iy this so In hexnilea the carbon atoms are connected in a long chain and there are three hydrogens on each of the end cnrhonsr end hydrogens on each of the middle carbons In methanoL the carbon atom is connected to 3 hydrogene and oxygen the other hydrogen is attached to oxygen Write a one sentence 39leecription each of an ionic bond non polar covalent bond and a polar covalent bond le breathing bonds endothermic or exothermic How loes the energy of hyhrld orlntnls 5 ep 5133 compare to the energy ot nnhyhrnhzed s and p orbitals i M an x i WNW m Mif5 0744M 42716 r o df Qg 07g mi c Ef gyM qu W 9 WW 1 e I 02 Ugwmfy rm 179M 39 FV ZV f 51 m KQl rzor hJ n ah lem negm 39v39r 074 0142075 Abw e 7 x E f 39Ar 39 5W6 J f m a f agar43 VJ Am did 5 a 12 aw F7 e E l a 8 16 74M 4 MambgZ mi W K Wrmm M EN Am fawF o dr mzbw m r arraw omr 54967422141 E H quot F Mr a y hegm 39Ie Maggi 5quot i de f J34W 1473 Meir r aw ggmemlj 625F055 a mu i rgwgf f down if C LMM ea3mg Lg3 Mani MgnMg zgg7g 642 I libFf ewquot EAr39g mmf WSWA9quot Wr m MWE cg39meyw w mjwl h emw Jf av as WrezugW ozezgm H H 537quot Mon00 ar j in MM m W a M e 1 i 1 I l if Magquot Mf rme b ankdz fiif39ff Esci H39 6 Hf MW 6 in V f I I Dipq396mme Wahy7e 7am zir45 7dm5bn ar x P0515614 and Major7M9 3amp4 H H ee 5 wml r 39 3 MM I M 3624 685749m 06749 Rue39CMQF 39 914574 KIMg 39 6M6 579me for23 handf w i W x i Davafa e gecv ivnr f i a 502 7 7 25 35 amfa B WW 5 W0quot mmg 6 1quot ft2amp2 32 my E W 295W zm wm Ea 70 v amp i3gtxveegzaz MW 54m 39 gemwe aw i I Expanded M i3w haw and 1 cm m 39 More 7944 632 5 warW6 Zq 576de WWWc 50quot Lidar7 Am I N ll em ran Wqz 7e irz f 739 f5 neveracm a a m C O gt O CFO O I am em m quot i I if 39 W In 1 a I 39 l cf D owf e I X 2 qhn l y 0N quot 1 50M 67am fizz5 MM e I 39 39 3 6 104 7365 Nina a m tE z54z g ow F6 mom g Mao m A e w FCquot397 Av 4 6mq47 V a knquot 3mm A m LAr 4A 7 Lg n4 mmyqnmh A A 3 m m N 2 M 0 0 e K A 15fo 05f5w xr i okr aa A 1 wquotWeft A qJF f H fIV f 7 23WquotM Utar 6 it 39 a 39 139 4 gtltaFI I I Max ij 0i 1 39039 525 lt4 a 9 W rm 64076 140 1449 Park 43074716 I 1 Sign zM f 395 N a 1 ee W K 7an Maw 571ma74x q7 Z N z r fandn yVW 7 7 fpe ca fz onua7b Awar ri zg yy rm h e resonance 732374 N 0 I Q ifi o ogl a dQMaE e39Wx wr 39 if f l 77 2 or 1 g u w C A quot gema 39fWe dea a zm ww rJarg W 50me Faonmcem mm w areegm Wod f mmlfmas aw I mmmw I aov 4rampmay A gz x 074560 M mgMarye 3 I 6032 car and 225 70 f O39 y l U or j Iquot at I I em Maw 567 fieU 09154 Wm rewMW o 393 m WW 6 177p 3 JMQ I J W5 I 39ZpggmWg daX JeMen0KWamp 474 f I f ILocafz a eealrvm e r o a mf lwmmwwmwwwmx 7 W0 V 6 6113 064526 745 397 W e 1 f A BMWZWJM2quotquot a39ara W quot 31 7 Jdm cr k7 dmvamr M4 armryem mL mg 9amp5an 39 p39szllllJJJiJJ 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