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Data eval exam 2 study guide

by: Kathleen Quijada

Data eval exam 2 study guide BME 3721

Kathleen Quijada
Broward College
GPA 3.46
Data Evaluation Principals
Wei-Chiang Lin

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About this Document

Data Evaluation Principals
Wei-Chiang Lin
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kathleen Quijada on Tuesday March 17, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BME 3721 at Florida International University taught by Wei-Chiang Lin in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 108 views. For similar materials see Data Evaluation Principals in Biomedical Sciences at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 03/17/15
Emm II leviw Q1 The basics of control charts 20pts Data Data type Select one from the following op ons Control chart type select one from the following options The width of a metal bar measured and expressed to 00001 in Quantitative data r Attribute data XbarR chart 0 u chart or p chart The percent of nonconforming parts due to unacceptable paint color Quantitative data r Attribute data XbarR chart or c chart 0 The average numbers of open connections or nonconformities on printed circuits boards Quantitative data 0 Attribute data XbarR chart or np chart or u chart The diameter of a hole that39s measured with calipers and expressed as 07253 Quantitative data a r Attribute data XbarR cha or c chart or np chart 02 Control chart Of of units Of of units Sample nonconformmg inspected Sample nonconformmg inspected unlts UhltS 1 2 1 o 6 1 10 2 2 1 0 7 1 10 3 2 1 0 8 1 10 4 2 1 0 9 1 10 5 2 1 0 10 1 10 I I la 2H2r22l11l1 1 15 1 What IS the appropriate control chart type for the above data 5pts l H39l39hibutc Con l ml chant hr 41 0F non conforminj loo CL F pimpean 0F UCL P 3FI Pgt n T oncon ormma ch DMDIS 15 2 Please construct the control chart 15pts 1 CLF r J Squot 013quot P 3 L00 UCL0lI 7 n 0 o o o o CL DJS 0 quot39 x 39 V O l l N w I V O l Kr 4 3 LCL 3 DJ v 3 Is this process in control Why or why not 5pts This Pmass l39S no in Cle biCOUC39C mob l nan 4 Pofn39l39S Plofn a S I39Y39al h l HM ND39l39 lh CIan clfarly because these are Mul plc instances 0 gan 0F 2 or 2mm bul 0F 3 pbl39riTS Pas 20 in 0 mo 4 Should this control chart or the sampling method be revised 10 pts Con1m Charl should be revistd Q3 Cp and errors Dirt not JiS hri Lrh39bn New JIShhbuhim 39 39 39 M 39 LSL M v82 The figure above depicts the distributions of quantitative variable x in the original and the new conditions 1 Please highlight the area indicating the percentage or nonconforming 5pts 2 What will be the percentage of nonconforming that is greater than USL when u39USL You must provide the equation used to calculate the result in order to get any point 15pts 15 5w 3 If u39USL can you determine what B beta error may be Why or why not 1 Opts No because HS Mort MN I Binor Lent Commsl Q4 FactorialdeSIgn A chief QC engineer used the 2Ak factorial design to construct an experiment and obtained the following results F0CDV A Furor 5 Outcomes Z V l 195 go 203 200 l lS DOD b3 3 lib HID HID 3 woo 00 l 200 gos Hr 70 L35 1000 b 5 am we Luv 370 2000 ConlmSlfpr Iooolvoo um aooo 0 Correct the mistakes in the following two statements 1 Opts ownslag oo o 4 2090 on 2000 300 S39 1 comras n 1000 ooo ooo 1000 0 of replicates is 4 and of factors k is g H cl Pr O 1000 a 2000 b1000 ab2000 I 000 L00 lbob 20 a9 2000 gel 5 conH zone 22 200 on 2TH l0 Ewe WNW WC i0 Complete the ANOVA table using the data provided above 20pts Thu n O 33 DF MS F p Sum of ngansb lmS imam Minn Squaw F fablc l Valvt A F A O F Table D O r gt 00 gt F B 200000 l 200 000 P L nor 1 O F FTablz AB 0 O Pgt o 05 Error MD b2 5 4 X Total 201000 l l x X x Ir Fgt PM W P 4 005 Please construct the model based on the results of ANOVA 10pts WNM mans I is Sijn mn IBL5rX EZX2W5 Ace4e hanFltka E0 000 112000 Woo ODD 011muj arr n Sl ni can 4 a bow 500 E lg also Sijnu coml 5 52 2 T g 000x 300 CDNWI ohm3 Exam Tl Whido CharH VWltblcg quot FW ijtol39 But u xx am 39 wine cows is Ll nwrs L 7 varernh re a H bukg avfablcs 3 binomial Poissm olis r buhbn disl buhbn Normal elfsivibuhbn J g 3 2 r Fcham u Chmquot q np chant Camd XS 7 37 17 P Char diagnosis Ai 39 m aw QE m r F Wor new 57W th19 0C 5quot PI39PPZKI39P39 Cum 1 HutJ should A b mpllbal l lg n K T large K large n MSUn lrj I Jplchmj 3K adbrial WP design be Nd uh ht ht comrmimj meo w 4 IL is n null hypome g 3939 wa h cLeSI39gn Q Q F Lhnhl ALSUI n j39nlolt HNWA chlc SS Cultularh39bn I SW of S7 m WWdMnj I dxgms 45F Raglom I 1 given exam or ablc M z39iw39leLm39I39in J NC cvmr wriic all asstquot19 on FlatMW W7 1 TH SmouLvr er Pmbabili lv f e fPmbabiIHgt Esq Hw Sam


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