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Final Exam Study Guide

by: Kaela Brewington

Final Exam Study Guide EDX 3213

Kaela Brewington

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About this Document

Chapter 9-16
Study Guide
Special, Education
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kaela Brewington on Wednesday April 27, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to EDX 3213 at Mississippi State University taught by KELLIE FONDREN in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION OF THE EXCEPTIONAL CHILD in Special Education at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 04/27/16
EDX 3213-07/Fondren Final Study Guide Chapter 9 o Language Development o Social Development Intellectual Disabilities o Repetitive Behavior  IDEA Definition o Problem Behavior  Characteristics: Limitations o Sensory and Motor Disorders o Intellectual functioning o Intellectual Functioning IQ ranges/categories  Causes  memory  Assessments  generalization o FBA, Psychological, Direct  motivation Observation o Adaptive Behavior Domains  Effective Instructional Strategies  Causes o UDL  Effective Instructional Strategies o Mnemonics o Prelinguistic Milieu o Social Stories o Self-determined Learning Model o Positive Behavior Support o Community-based Instruction o Discrete Trial Teaching o UDL  Accommodations  Accommodations Chapter 10 Chapter 12 Multiple Disabilities Physical Disabilities and OHI  IDEA Definition  Characteristics:  IDEA Definition: Physical Disabilities & o Intellectual Functioning OHI o Adaptive Skills  Physical Disabilities: Causes and o Motor Development Characteristics o Sensory Functioning o Cerebral Palsy-Types o Communication Skills o Spina Bifida  Causes  Other Health Impairments: Causes and  Effective Instructional Strategies Characteristics o Partial Participation o Epilepsy o Student-directed Strategies o Asthma o Self-instruction Strategies  Effective Instructional Strategies o Self-monitoring Strategies o Token Economy System o Antecedent Cue Regulation o Self-awareness o Task Analysis o Driver’s Education  Methods for Measuring Students’  IEP Design and Supports Progress o Aids and Services o Portfolio –based Assessment o Participation in educational o Field Observation settings o Time Sampling and Event  Accommodations Recording o Frequency and Literal Counts Chapter 13  Accommodations Traumatic Brain Injury Chapter 11  IDEA Definition: 3 components Autism  Characteristics: Changes  IDEA Definition o Physical o Cognitive and Academic  Characteristics EDX 3213-07/Fondren Final Study Guide o Emotional, Behavioral, and o Legal Definition and Acuity Social Terms  Causes o Educational Classifications  Instructional Strategies  Characteristics o Collaborative Teaming o Incidental Learning o Cooperative Learning o Range and Variety of  Positive Interdependence Experiences  Individual Accountability o Ability to Get Around o Interactions with the o Problem-solving Instruction  Identification Environment  Definition  Causes  Solution Generation  Specifically Designed Instruction and o Decision-making Instruction Services  Accommodations o Expanded Core Curriculum and O & M  Specialized Instruction, Supports, & Chapter 14 UDL Hearing Loss o Braille  IDEA Definition o Adapted Materials & AT  Degrees of Hearing Loss o Daily Living Skills, O & M, Self-determination, Partnering  Characteristics  Effective Instructional Strategies o Speech and Language o Real Experiences Development o Communication Options o Accommodations to Basic Skills  Oral/Aural o Prepare for Adulthood  Educational Placement  Manual: all four types  Accommodations  Total Communication o Academic Achievement Issues o Social and Emotional Chapter 16 Development Gifted and Talented  Causes  Effective Instructional Strategies  Federal Definition o Early Intervention  Characteristics o Vocabulary Development  Causes o Graphic Organizers  Curriculum Modifications  Educational Placement and Inclusion o Differentiated Instruction, Options Acceleration, Compacting, and  Deaf Culture Extension  Accommodations  Instructional Strategies o Multiple Intelligences Chapter 15 o Schoolwide Enrichment Visual Impairments and o Promote Creativity and Critical Thinking Blindness  Inclusion Options  IDEA Definitions o Cluster Grouping & Enrichment  Accommodations


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