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AU / Nutrition / NTRI 2000 / What is the mediterranean eating pattern?

What is the mediterranean eating pattern?

What is the mediterranean eating pattern?


School: Auburn University
Department: Nutrition
Course: Nutrition and Health
Professor: Michael greene
Term: Fall 2015
Cost: 25
Name: The Mediterranean Diet
Description: Last set of notes for the finals.
Uploaded: 04/28/2016
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Mediterranean Diet Monday, April 25, 2016 11:01 AM

What is the mediterranean eating pattern?

• Mediterranean Diet 

Many variants of the Mediterranean eating patterns exist in the nation that border the  Mediterranean Sea.

○ Not one diet

○ Why so much interest? 

▪ Health benefits

□ Cardiovascular disease

□ Reduced risk of developing diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and certain cancers ◆ Associated with a lower metabolic states.

What is the average lifespan in okinawa?

▪ Healthy aging  

▪ Food: Taste

▪ Fresh Food: Veggies, fruits

○ Study Abroad 

▪ Rome and Southern Italy

○ Blue Zones Don't forget about the age old question of What percent of mutations are beneficial?

▪ Areas where people live a really long time.

□ Okinawa, Japan: Females are the world's longest lived population (70+)

□ Ikaria, Greece: Lowest rates of dementia

□ Sardinia, Italy: Highest concentrations of male centenarians

□ Nicoya, Costa Rica: Lowest rates of middle age mortality

□ Loma Lina, California: Mostly vegetarian , religious community

▪ What's common?

□ Moving naturally

How long until your stomach is completely empty?

□ Purpose, Contentment  

□ Down shift; Managing stress

□ 80% rule: Leaving 1/3 of your stomach empty

□ Plant Slant: Lots of plants and legumes

□ Wine at 5

□ Belong: Attending faith based services

□ Loved ones come first

□ Living in the right tribe

 Final Page 1

□ Living in the right tribe

• Nutrients in the Mediterranean Diet  

○ Olive Oil

▪ Classified based on the breakdown of triglyceride ▪ Extra Virgin Olive Oil We also discuss several other topics like How do you allocate resources in economics?

□ Free (<0.8%) acidity, measured as Oleic Acid

Produced entirely by mechanical means without the use of solvents and under  temperatures that will not degrade the oil. (Less than 86 F)

▪ Virgin Olive Oil

□ Free acidity of not more than 2-3 grams per 100 grams

▪ Refined Olive Oil

□ Is flavorless and odorless

□ Fatty acid content is unchanged

○ Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

▪ Is it the types of oils or other factors?

▪ Olives are fruits

▪ Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

▪ Phenolic compounds

▪ Function:

□ Powerful antioxidants If you want to learn more check out Where does bach bear?

• Landmark Mediterranean Diet Studies 

○ The Seven Countries Study

▪ An observation study  

▪ Prospective Cohort study  

▪ Cross cultural

▪ Led by Ansel Keys  

▪ Keys asked in 1947 why Americans seemed to die a lot from heart disease.

▪ A colleague suggested that people in Naples rarely died from heart disease

▪ 16 cohorts from 7 countries were identified


□ Finland

□ Netherlands

□ Greece

□ Italy If you want to learn more check out Where does zora neale hurston grow up?

□ Yugoslavia

□ Japan

▪ Measurement:


◆ Lifestyle: smoking, physical activity  

◆ Medical history  

□ Physical Exam

◆ Anthropometry

◆ Blood Pressure  

◆ Heart Function

○ The Preimed Study 

▪ An experimental study  

▪ Clinical Trial  We also discuss several other topics like When a water bearing rock readily transmits water to wells and springs what is it called?

▪ Parallel group, multicenter, single-blind, randomized trial

○ Community Health  

▪ Finland: Had one of the highest CVD rate. If you want to learn more check out Which health condition is not linked to smoking?

□ Hired Puska to figure out what they could do to change that.

◆ Organized community  

◆ Took action, which made changes in behavior and health risks, which in  

turn lowered CVD rates.  

 Final Page 2

turn lowered CVD rates.  

 Final Page 3

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