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Music 127: Final Exam: Elbio


Music 127: Final Exam: Elbio 270

Marketplace > University of Illinois at Chicago > Psychlogy > 270 > Music 127 Final Exam Elbio

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About this Document

Final Exam
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by ROBIN on Thursday April 28, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 270 at University of Illinois at Chicago taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see in Psychlogy at University of Illinois at Chicago.


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Date Created: 04/28/16
Exam #1 1 2 Music Notes Nortena Music Location: Mexico Banda: brass, clarinet, (polka or Waltz), trombone, trumpet, tuba Grupo: accordion, bajo sexto, bass or double bass, sax , guitar, (polka, waltz) , ( Banda el recodo) Corridos: Type of song, a simple narrative song, los tigres del norte (polka or waltz) Tex-mix Location: San Antonio texas Artist: Texas Tornados, Flaco Jimenez, Paco (Tejano), little joe, Selena Mayan Aztec Prehistory -1520 Mestizo music 1520’s to present Raramuri Native music prehistory vs. Mestizo Native prehistory , folk, popular, classical Folk music Corrido Son music Folk vs popular music Author (is not shown) Consumer (what situation, age, authorship) 1800-late popular music Scott Joblin,- 1st records-compose operas Classical music Complexity Length Consumption Popular mexican music 20th century Norteno Mariachi Son Jalisciense (mariachi tradicional), folk vs, (Mariachi -popular) Ranchera Marimbol-percussion instrument Son jaracho-la bamba (son veracruz) Instrument:Jaranas, Vihuela Son huasteco-north Veracruz Jalisco (son jalisence) Treije demanta No trumpets 2 Vihuela Guitar Violins Mariachi tradicional -el carrizo: trumpet, violins ,guitar, guitaron, vihuela, harp, not rhythmic Merengue Location: Dominican Republic Instrument Tambora Accordion Marimbula Guiro Merengue Tipico: traditional (accordion, tambora, guiro, marimbula) Marimbol-mexico Marimbula-caribbean Artist Joserto mateo Johny Ventura Saxophone- accordion Merengue-Tipico (traditional) Merengue orchestra: same as salsa orchestra Merengue Pop- Artist: Juan luis guerra, Elvis Crespo, Kinito Mendez Marimbol-percussion instrument Son jaracho-la bamba (son veracruz) Bachata location: Dominican Republic Instrument: Guitar Artist: Juan luis guerra, aventura, Luis segura, luis vargas Salsa location: New york Artist: willie colon (puerto rican), Ruben Blades (70’s) , Social content (civil rights) Ruben Blade: lawyer, ran for president of panama, secretary, musician (singer/writer) Hector Lavoe (puerto rican) Ismael Rivera-san juan (puerto rican) Eddie Palmeri Capoeira location: Brazil Language: Portuguese 2 Instrument: Berimbao, atambaqui, cachichi Origins: Bahia-coffee-capoiera (mangolia) -rio de jainero Samba-bahia-rio de jainero-enredo Umbanda-main afrobrazilian, religious Samba Carnaval(enredo), samba de gafiera(clubs), samba cancao (song)-paulino de viola, chico buarque Samba-dance rhythms, song lyrics Escola de samba-samba school-organization Manguera-mango tree-neighborhood Instrument: chico buarque Social content; ruben blades Artists song: The girl from lparema: original song that exploded (1964’s) Bossa nova (samba movement) Jovo gilberto-guitar tradiational bossa nova Plena callejera: Location:Puerto Rico plena(tamborine), bomba Instrument: barrels (drums) barriles - type of african music Mixture: merengue, salsa, cubia, San juan, ponce, mayaguez Jibara -cuarto portugues- peasant music Practice Exam Listening Part practice Dance: Polka Genre: Nortena Los tigres del norte-Grupo, accordion (1-2 beat) Not pentatonic Mexico Or Walkz: Dance Song: Te presumo Banda (more quicker, tuba, bass, noisy, upbeat) Countries (example) Mexico, Norteno, Grupo or Banda Nortena: Grupo or Banda Cuba, rumba, traditional Salsa, Mambo, New York Brazil , portuguese, (Capoeira or Samba) 2 Number each sample by type of music (genre) Mariachi- Mexico Samba-Brazil Merengue- Dominican Republican Banda-Mexico Bachata: Dominican Republican Check the 5 genres included under the label Salsa Mambo Guajira Son Cha, cha, cha Rumba Mexico Mariachi Ranchero Son Huasteco Son jalisciense Son Jarocho Norteno Corrido Banda Brazil Samba Capoeira Bossa nova Puerto Rico Plena (tamborine) Bomba Dominican Republic Bachata Merengue Corrido Mexico Percussion of Salsa Band 2 Congas Bongos Timbales Claves Campana (cow bell) When the first human arrive 40,000 year ago Came from Asia Mayan Central America/Mexico Quichua/Aymaras Andean Region Aztec Central Mexico Quichua language Andean Region Nahuatl Language Mexico Mayan language Central Mexico Salsa New York, United States Mexican Vicente fernandez, Los tigres del norte, Jose Alfredo Jimenez Mariachi (name) French Rumba Cuba Salsa Pattern Clave Tumbao Martillo Cascara 3 sources of American influence Native American Europe Africans 2


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