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OK STATE / MSIS / MSI 2103 / What is bluetooth?

What is bluetooth?

What is bluetooth?


Protocol-nothing more than a standard

What is bluetooth?

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Mobility (PAN) Dersonal dreanetwork communication overshat dotonse single dagewer

bluetooth-wireless pan technology that transmit signal a (WLAN) wireless has- local area network that was radio signal to rarit treeiare data (100fff (wifi wiele, fidelity- palable de renconettipke using acoes points

What is wireless lan?

We also discuss several other topics like What is the difference between manufacturing businesses and merchandising businesses?
If you want to learn more check out What are the two types of rasters?

accespoint device that sera interface between daires and networt Wireleu access point-enables daire to connect network with one another

Pullipleriolant le mology - transmite trees all torpe date to becent towers (WTA) Wieleman medepolton geane for that uses radiosimals to the data

What is wireless wan?

(WIMAX) weddade indespeabilia y Midrane mees providing his peed data over mense sea (WWA) Wireley was- udesradio nastor/tidak

36-service that bring, wireleu broadband to mobile phone (regenesfion) We also discuss several other topics like What caused the tension between the soviet union and the united states after the war?

streaming sending of audio t video menares Illes over the Interret

satellites orbitting statics that trsonal Don't forget about the age old question of Why reflect meaning?

(WEP) beina es Equivale Prise Grayptian alg9ithinn denned to patet wider brennandata no reason w/ warchalting practive of this parement w/code displaying there with damitable wi-fi wor driving seachin for Wi-fi while driving so We also discuss several other topics like Who are the 3 nude goddesses?

(RFID das beauerida liberalien - Winelechome toys to identify obebwiebel

I tag-id that is made of a chipod antenna Nerrocate reader - t/r that reads content of RFID in the sea

passive does not have purser sonce active contain tranmiller & power source (battery) semisarile-batten top ciruitry of power from reader C lasset tracking-tays an experive product tofathe data on location RFIDauekoniec. tracks Speed We also discuss several other topics like Which of the following are cues to detect deception?

choless-uses plastias able to wash SAUC) Cantonated behicle location uses GV to track vehicle Stud (GIS) geographic information system-hard, soft, data to proste location analtidem sto

cartography - Sciences a tot making maps sochial data-idatifie geographic location of features & bandore

Supply Chain Mangement or interneh-allows separade systems to communicate directly with each other

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To application, dath forward backward

entene sestem-Procide wide support and data acces for realas (EAD) Enkelive appeation interation - connects sans.metroa, onu atsastems

middleuse different software that connet Zt software applications I flow upstream supply chainmanageme tiplan, source make deliver, pack

(SCM/ supply chain magene of information flow a ny refute to na praih elelivered

supply chainsibility ability to enall areas in real time



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8.2 Customer Relatiship Managrant & Enterprise Resore Planning (cm) ces tener relatielipmansament allaspect of a customer to increase loyalty

o recency, frequency monetary enterpiece muie planning in karakall depa med trapport omanization into IT humanemice Ellcapset tracks employee engine ord every caplicate al pequena

baloved screen a-enables organizations to ckify wie adstatgy trolate into action 9.1 Deveroing Ente prise Apolzation (spec) osystem's Development Life Cycle & paster:

I planning-stablishes plant determines goale z analysis-business regurement and refing project goal into function 3 dern-stablire, dessiption of desired feature and opealing

4 darlament - tatry all of the detailed design dorunet and transfer them sterling = bringing all engect piece I getter into special lestin foelwinkenost bys 6 implementation placing suulem into produten to beginacted banez

maintenance performing change to ensure seulementine SDLC-proven for developing information systers from planning thay himpton literative dacht sens of young projects

hailenethodology-aims for ky temer satsfaction through delivery

e to like a waterfall, are thing follows another (RAD) rapid apple atia declamat castruction of putotiune to acekak sejleny po

Xpl extreme pranianning break projectonto ting phases (Rupraliaal united war framework for breakig dom development of softerre

Inception z Elabaation 3 Construction & Tranitia SCRUMsmall teams to produce small prenes of deliveable suffure




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