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Child Development and Family Relations 2001- Child Development part 2

by: Kara Fields

Child Development and Family Relations 2001- Child Development part 2 CDFR 2001

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Child Development > CDFR 2001 > Child Development and Family Relations 2001 Child Development part 2
Kara Fields

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About this Document

Final Exam In-Class Review
Child Development II: Middle Childhood through Young Adulthood
Dr. Carrie Bumgarner
Study Guide
14thamendment, Thayer, Postformal, partners, Abuse, girls, boys, friendship, Identity, foreclosure, self-concept, adolescents, social, virtues, adolescent-parents, identity-statuses, barriers, incarceration, intervention, Suicide Prevention
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kara Fields on Saturday April 30, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to CDFR 2001 at East Carolina University taught by Dr. Carrie Bumgarner in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Child Development II: Middle Childhood through Young Adulthood in Child Development at East Carolina University.

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Date Created: 04/30/16
Final Exam In­Class Review  CDFR 2001 1. Which Amendment allowed for the disenfranchisement of otherwise eligible citizens­  without affecting representation­ if they had participated “In rebellion, or other crime.”? a. Section 11, Amendment 14 2. Just over ½ of Americans aged 18­25years old _______________ a. Return to their parents’ home for brief periods after leaving.  3. Dr. Thayer’s research shows that college students make impressive strides in cognition.  She focuses on cognitive development beyond Piagets’ formal operational stage: a. Postformal Thought  4. Satisfied partners tend to resemble each other in _____________ a. Attitudes, personalities and intelligence. 5. Which program discusses treatment and intervention programs for abuse? a. Programs emphasizing parent education and early intervention. 6. Most common psychological problem in adolescence? a. Depression  7. Effective parenting strikes a balance between ___ and ___.  a. Connection; Separation  8. Compared to girls, boys__________ a. Typically focus on achievement and status in their friendship.  9. Experiencing identity foreclosure. Which statement is most likely made? a. “I believe what my parents have taught me and have no reason to doubt them.” 10. In regards to self­concept, adolescents generally place more emphasis on ___ and being  liked by others.  a. Social Virtues  11. Effective programming for adolescent parents ___________ a. Increase the odds that the adolescent parent will graduate from high school.  Essay Questions… 1. What are the 4 identity statuses? a. Identity Achievement  b. Identity Moratorium  c. Identity Foreclosure  d. Identity Diffusion  2. What are 3 barriers to parent­child relationships while the parent is in incarceration? a. Parental Rights  b. Distance  c. Costs  3. What are 3 interventions to prevent suicide?  a. Medication b. Therapy  c. Hospitalization 


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