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HOM 166 Final Exam Study Guide

by: Allison Raymond

HOM 166 Final Exam Study Guide HOM 166

Marketplace > Syracuse University > HOM 166 > HOM 166 Final Exam Study Guide
Allison Raymond
GPA 3.68

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About this Document

These notes go through all the listening examples, separated by category and all material from the textbook and class notes from last exam onward.
Understanding Music II
B. Kahler
Study Guide
understanding, Music, Music History
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Allison Raymond on Saturday April 30, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HOM 166 at Syracuse University taught by B. Kahler in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 175 views.

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Date Created: 04/30/16
HOM 166 Exam 3 Listening 18 Century Classical • Gluck o Orfeo ed Euridice – opera (BB) • Haydn o String Quartet in F Minor (BB) o Symphony No 48 in C Major “Maria Theresia” (BB) • Mozart o 40 Symphony o Piano Concerto No. 24 in C Minor (BB) Early Romantic • Beethoven à two strong opening chords, contrasting dynamics o Fidelio opera scene- Prisoner’s Chorus (BB) o Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major “Eroica” (BB) § Two chords, shock the middle class o Symphony No. 5 in C Minor (BB) • Berlioz à bells o Symphonie Fantastique 5 Movement (dies irae and bells) (BB) • Chopin à flourishes o Sonata, Etude, Nocturne, Scherzo o Etdude in G-flat Major “Black Key” (BB) • Paganini à solo violin o 24 Caprices for Solo Violin (BB) • Schubert à art songs o Der Tod und das Machen (BB) art song § Art song in strings, slow, smooth, thin o Symphony in B Minor “Unfinished” • Schumann o Frauenlibe und Leben No. 1 and No. 8 • Von Weber o Der Freischutz, Act 2 Scene 2 “The Wolf’s Glen” Late Romantic (no art songs) • Brahms st o Symphony No. 2 in D Major, 1 movement (solo horn in symphonic) o Ein Deutches Requiem 2 Movement • Liszt à piano o Six Grand Etudes after Paganini – No. 6 in A Minor (BB) o Les preludes (BB) • Musorgsky à running, tribal dance o Baba Yaga: “The Hut on Chicken Legs” § Like Hansel and Gretel à black keys, running • Tchaikovsy à weeps and moans o Piano Concerto #1 in B-flat Minor o Symphony No. 6 – smooth strings, weeps and moans o Piano Concerto • Verdi à Italian, beautiful and moving o Aida, Act 1 Scene 3: Grand March and Aria of Aida, Act 4 § Elegant, queen of Egypt, Italian opera • Wagner à low, strong brass o Tristan und Isolde to Act 1 and Act 2 “love duet” o Der Ring des Niebelungen § Die walkure § Siegried (hero – solo horn) § Die Gotterdamerung Post Romantic through WWI • Debussy à liquid, water, cloud, floating o La Mer – rolling bass o Pelleas et Melisande: Act 1 Scene 1, Act 2 Scene 1 o Vuale - sails (p. 22) o Prelude a L’apres midi d’un faune – solo flute • Ives th o Concord Sonata – piano, from Bethoven’s 5 • Mahler à light and bouncy, irony o Lieder eines farenden Gesellen #2 o Symphony No. 1 in D Major 1 and 3 movements • Ravel nd o String Quartet in F Major 2 Movement (p. 23) o L’enfant et les sortileges (ironic) o Le Tombeau de Couperin “Minuet” • Strauss à strings moving together o Ein Heldenleben – autobiographical, he’s the hero o Letzte Lieder No. 4 “Im Abendrot” – red evening (towards death/sunset) Between the Wars & Mechanical Music • Antheil o Ballet mecanique (Mechanical Ballet) • Bartok o String Quartet Bartok Snap (BB) o Music for Stringed Instuments. Percussion, and Celesta • Berg o Wozzeck Act 1 Scene 3 and Act 3 Scene 2 • Gershwin o Rhapsody in Blue (BB) o Porgy and Bess – combining jazz and folk elements • Hindemith o Symphonie Mathis der Maler – Matthias the painter, altarpiece, symphonic and opera • Honegger o Pacific 231 • Mosolov o Iron Foundry • Prokofiev o Battle on the Ice at Lake Chudskoye • Schoenberg à atonal, schepctima o Pierrot Lunaire o Verklarte Nacht Parts 1, 2, and 4 (Sextet) o Farben (changing tones) o P 26 Minuet and Trio – 12 tone writing o Sextet • Shostakovich o Lady Macbeth from Mtsensk District o Symphony No. 5 in D Minor, Opus 47 (patriotic) (BB) • Stravinsky o Right of Spring – sacrificing innocent girls, tribal stomping § Bassoon solo high – girl wailing o L’oiseau de feu (the Firebird), Petrouchka o Symphony of Psalms o The Rake’s Progress – criticizing society o Ballet for thwelve dancers • Varese o Ionisation • Webern o Five Pieces for Orchestra No. 4 (BB) • Weill o September Song (BB) o Mack the Knife (BB) o Three Penny Opera – Die Dreigroschenoper, the Beggar’s Opera, mocking the wealthy WWII through the Present Day • Adams o Nixon in China o Chamber Symphony (synthesizer) Pt. 3 “road runner” (BB) • Barber (American) o Knoxville, Summer of 1915 for soprano and chamber orchestra o Hermit Songs “The Monk and His Cat” and “Adagio for Strings” • Britten o War Requiem – antiwar statement, for Coventry Cathedral • Cage o Cocerto for Prepared Piano and Chamber Orchestra (BB) • Carlos o Switched on Bach – reworked, skewed color tones • Copland o Appalachian Spring (ballet) (BB) • Corigliano o Symphony No. 1 “Of Rage and Remembrance” , concerns about environment and the future of the planet • Crumb o Vox Balaenae (Voice of Whale) (BB) o Black Angels “Thirteen Images from a Dark Land” – dies irae and Death and the Maiden • Daugherty o Dead Elvis (BB) variations of dies irae, solo bassoon • Glass o Einstein on the Beach (electronic looped sound) (BB) o Satyagraha o Aknaten • Penderecki o Threnody for Victims of Hiroshima • Stockhausen o Gesand der Junglinge (Song of the Youths) (BB) Word Bank • Ethnomusicology - study of music in different cultures, recording and documenting it • Bartok snap – snapping a sting against instrument (louder than pizzicato) • Die neue Sachlichkeit – the new objectivity, against romantic tradition, music detached from sentiment, expressive of nothing outside itself • Gebrauchmusid – music for use, work-a-day, music, writing music on commission instead of waiting for inspiration; reusable • Matthias the Painter – altarpiece • Bertholt Brecht – libretto for the three-peny-opera • Pirate Jenny – Lotte Lenya created the character, wife of Weill, representation of all that’s bad in society • Lost in the Stars – Weill’s based on Paton’s novel Cry the Beloved Country, about the encounter of black and white cultures in Africa, racism • Alexander Nevsky – film directed by Sergei Eisentein based on the historical Russian hero (stopped invasion from the north) • Serge Diaghliev – director of Ballet Russes, Picasso for scene design, Fokine, Pavlova, Nijinsky dancers and choreographers • Agon – challenge between dancers (see Stravinsky’s Ballet for Twelve Dancers – 12 dancers) • Wystan H. Auden – librettist for Stravinsky’s The Rake’s Process, English, scaled down from romantic • Arch form – see Bartok and p 357 • Serge Koussevitsky – commissioned Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra, conductor of Boston Symphony Orchestra • Music Concrete – music constructed by mixing recorded sounds in the 1940s • Ad Reinhardt – Abstract Painting, Blue, part of the minimalism movement • Sol Lewitt – Two Open Modular Cubes • Warhol – individual photo-like cells (Marilyn Monroe) and reproduced with varying different colors • Alice Goodman – librettist for Adam’s Nicon in China • Klinghoffer – killed in 1984 hijacking of Italian cruise ship by Palestinian terrorists • Klangfarbenmelodie- tone color melody


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