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Chapters 1-4 Questions

by: Darren Jackson

Chapters 1-4 Questions

Darren Jackson

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About this Document

The first exam is pretty comprehensive, and will include questions such as these...
Computer-Aided Drafting
Study Guide
AutoCAD, CAD, MECT, mechanical, Engineering, Technology, UH, Houston
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Darren Jackson on Monday May 2, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to at University of Houston taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Computer-Aided Drafting in Mechanical Engineering Techno at University of Houston.

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Date Created: 05/02/16
Darren Jackson ID: 1104327 Assignment 1: Chp 1-4 Chapter 1 1. Describe at least one application for AutoCAD Software 2D Drawings- flat design drawings including length and width, width and height, dimensions, etc. Typically the required method for communicating a project. 2. Briefly explain what is involved in planning a drawing The plan focuses on the content you want to present, the object and symbols you want to create, and the use of standards. 3. What are drawing standards? Standards and procedures that vary from different industries, companies, and schools. They include file storage, naming, drawing templates, units of measurements, layout characteristics, and symbols. 4. Why should you save your work every 10 to 15 minutes? It’s possible that drawings can be lost due to software error, hardware malfunction, power failure, or an accident. 5. Define or explain the following terms: A. Default: a value maintained by the computer until changed B. Pick (or click): press the left mouse button C. Hover: pause the cursor over an item to display information or options D. Button: a “hot spot” button on the screen that you pick to access an application, command, or option E. Function key: a specific key that performs a task (ex: F3= object snap) F. Option: a choice associated with a command or an alternative function of a command G. Command: an instruction issued to the computer to complete a specific task 6. What is a workspace? A preset work environment containing specific interface items Chapter 2 1. What is a drawing template? It’s a drawing file used to create, develop, store, and reference drawings. 2. Briefly explain how to start a drawing from scratch? Use the QNEW command to bring up the Select template box. Then click the drop box next to the OPEN button and choice either the ‘Open with no Template – Imperial’ or the ‘Open with no Template – Metric’ options that appear in the drop box. 3. How often should you save your work? Darren Jackson ID: 1104327 Assignment 1: Chp 1-4 Just in case of computer crashes, software error, etc., it’s best to save your work every 10-15 minutes. 4. Explain the benefits of using a standard system for naming drawing files? It allows you to find drawings quickly and easily by the content, category, or any other critera. 5. Name the command that allows you to save your work quickly without displaying a dialog box? After initially saving a file, the ‘QSAVE’ command will save the updated file to the same location. 6. How do you set AutoCAD to save your work automatically at designated intervals? Click on the AutoCAD symbol on the top right and click ‘Options’. Then click on the ‘Open and Save’ tab. On the lower left quarter of the tab you’ll see the ‘File Safety Precautions’ that will allow you to set the save intervals under the check box labeled ‘Automatic save’. 7. Name three settings you can specify in the drawing units dialog box? Length, Angle, and Insertion scale 8. What is sheet size? The sheet size is the size of the paper used to lay out and plot drawings. Chapter 3 1. When you enter a fractional number in AutoCAD, why is a hyphen required between a while number and its associated fraction? It helps indicate two different values of measurement 2. Briefly describe the Cartesian coordinate system. It’s a system that locates points in space according to distances from three intersecting axes. 3. List two ways to discontinue drawing a line. Pressing ENTER or SPACE 4. What does the polar coordinate display @ 2.750<90 mean? It means that this point, relative to the previous point, was drawn with a length of 2.75 and an angle of 90 degrees. 5. Name three types of coordinates used for point entry? Absolute, Relative, and Crosshair Darren Jackson ID: 1104327 Assignment 1: Chp 1-4 6. Explain how you can continue drawing another line segment from a previous drawn line. Move the mouse over the last point and when you see the SPECIFY FIRST POINT prompt, press enter or the space bar. 7. What are the default angle increments for polar tracking? 0, 90, 180, and 270 8. Define stacked objects. They are object that overlap in a drawing. The topmost object is selected by default when you pick it with the mouse. Chapter 4 1. When you use the circle command, what are the options for responding to the prompt specify radius of circle? Enter a value for the location of the circles center and then a value for the radius of the circle. 2. What options of the circle command creates a circle of a specific radius that is tangent to two existing objects? 2P (2 point) 3. Explain how to draw a circle tangent to three objects. Select ‘TAN TAN TAN’ option and hover over the crosshairs over the first line, arc, or circle that the new circle will be tangent to. Select the points of tangency for the three sides. 4. How do you draw a filled arrow using the pline command? Enter different values for the starting and ending widths 5. Explain how to draw a hexagon measuring 4” across the flats? Select the POLYGON command. Select the number of sides as 6, and then select circumscribed. Then indicate that the radius of the polygon is 2”. 6. Name at least three commands you could use to create a rectangle. RECTANGLE, RECTANG, REC 7. Describe the method for drawing a solid circle. After selecting the DONUT command, enter the value of 0 for the inside diameter. 8. Name the command you can use to create a true spline. SPLINE Darren Jackson ID: 1104327 Assignment 1: Chp 1-4


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