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HIST 100 exam 2 study guide

by: Mikaila Arao

HIST 100 exam 2 study guide HIST 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > History > HIST 100 > HIST 100 exam 2 study guide
Mikaila Arao

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About this Document

exam 2
Western Civilization Pre Mod
Kristin Heineman
Study Guide
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This 15 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mikaila Arao on Wednesday May 4, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HIST 100 at Colorado State University taught by Kristin Heineman in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Western Civilization Pre Mod in History at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 05/04/16
05/03/2016 ▯ ▯ 100 years war  between England and france  power struggle  over control of france  in the end English remain en  Joan of arc fought ▯ 95 thesis  martin Luther wrote them  95 things wrong with catholic church  German monk  made the church irrelevant  started reformation  separates catholic church into catholic protestism ▯ Arianism  Instead of being one they were separate ▯ Aztecs  Hernandez Cortez  Founded by Mexico ▯ Battle of Hastings  Battle of Reconquest  Fought in England  Normands who are Vikings  Took over England for France  Reason for French and English 100 years war  Ended with William the great being in control of England ▯ Bubonic plague  Black death  Wrath of god  Jews and earthquakes releasing poisonous air ▯ Bloody Mary  Daughter of henry 8  Throne  Reestablish Catholicism  Indication of violence of reformation ▯ Caravel  Invented by Portuguese  Bigger better ship used to explore ▯ Charlemagne  Inherited empire  Germanic king  Solidifies spot on  First holy roman empire  Tried to Christianize it ▯ Charles the hammer  Laid thee ground work for Carolingian empire  Duke of Germany  Stopped Muslim expansion ▯ Chivalry  Behavior and ethical code of nobility  Defend church, save damsel in distress, never refuse challenge ▯ Christopher Columbus  Believed he could  Didn’t discover America ▯ Classicism  Greek and roman lit, art, history, architecture  Large in renaissance ▯ Church of England  Large during the reformation  Split between catholic church and protestants ▯ Martel  Began the Reconquista  Pushing out of Spain ▯ Constantine  Solidified east and west empire  First Christian emperor  Allows for the spread of Christianity ▯ Copernicus  German polish astronomer  Heavenly bodies  Afraid church wouldn’t accept ideas ▯ Crusades  Large scale military campaign from christens and Muslims  Gain back Muslim control ▯ Ferdinand Magellan  Portuguese explorer  Explored Magelli  First to circumnavigate the earth ▯ Confession  One of the grievances of the 95 thesis  Not found in the bible but is still talked about  Part of catholic church  Formal statement that someone’s wrongs are acts of sin ▯ Fief  Manners  Land that was passed down from the lords  Apart of feudalism ▯ Flagellan  People who hurt themselves for punishment from god from sin ▯  Discovered ruin Incans ▯ ▯ Frankish kingdom  Germanic tribes that invaded Rome  Inheritors of roman empire ▯ Galileo  Better telescope  Genius astronomer math and physics  Discovered moons of Jupiter ▯ Geocentric  Model of universe o Earth is in center  Created by Ptolemy ▯ Gothic architecture  England and France  Pointy arches ▯ Great schism  Contest between 2 or 3 people  Within Catholicism  1300s  pope moved to France  person in Italy and France both wanted to be pope  came out with 3 popes  shows how horrible admin of catholic church were at the time  leads into reformation ▯ Guilds  Professional organizations  Practice particular craft ▯ Incan empire  Now in modern day Peru ▯ Heliocentric  Sun is in center of solar system  Copernicus  Catholic church condemned the model  Lead to arrest of Galileo  Whole new way of thinking about the world ▯ Henry 8  King of England  Split kingdom from catholic church when he couldn’t divorce his wife  6 wives ▯ Heresy  Universe believes of the church ▯ Hernan cortex  Aztecs thought the was coincicodle  Local revolted and skilled the Spanish ▯ Humanism  Value of individual  Large during renaissance  Heresies o Joan of arc cross dressing o Arianism ▯ Indulgence  Money to buy way to heaven  Donation to church  Fueled the reformation  Part of 95 thesis  It funded Columbus exploration ▯ Isaac newton  Part of scientific revolution  Invented calc and gravity ▯ Islam  Culture found by faith  Religion of Muslims  Created a giant empire that took over the roman empire ▯ Joan of arc  French girl  Heard voices of god to take over 100 yr war ▯ Joan Calvin  Part of prostinean reformation ▯ Cabal  Building in the center of Islam  Most holy place of worship ▯ Leonardo  Oil paintings ▯ Machiavelli  Humanist  Key figure in political science  Wrote the prince ▯ Magna cart  First time king were bound to laws  Foundation for constitution ▯ Manner  Fief  Apartment or house  Inherited land or estate ▯ Martin Luther  German monk  Wrote 95 thesis ▯ Michelangelo  Painter architect  Poet engineer  Sculpted of David ▯ Middle passage  Trade route ▯ Mongols  Conquered everything  Didn’t get to far into Europe  Their khan died and had to go back ▯ Muhammad  Founded as holy prophet  Big part of why Islamic empire fell apart ▯ Papal Corruption  Popes struggled wit power over Roman emperors  Lead to great schism and reformation ▯  95 thesis ▯ ▯ pagrams  Jewish were getting blamed for plague because weren’t getting sick ▯ predestination  predestined ▯ printing press  standardized and secured  invented by Gutenberg  lead to circulation of books  more literacy  lead to reformation ▯ reforms of Diocletian  seen as one of the last rays of light in the roman empire ▯ surf  agricultural liberals ▯ tetrarchy  split empire  roman empire ▯ prince  written by Machiavelli  about politics and the negative side  says politicians are better if the are assholes ▯ 3 field planting system  four fields  use 3 keep one fertile ▯ teif  money to pay on a land or estate  no money one could work or provide military service ▯ Transubstantiation  change of substance  bread and wine get transformed into body of Christ  PROBABLY NOT ON EXAM  ▯ triangular trade  slave trade  American Asia and Africa  Africa brings slave to Europe  Europe manufactured goods to Africa  America gives goods to Europe ▯  Mutual agreement between renter and lord ▯ ▯ Vikings  Germanic tribes  From Scandinavia  Large influence on language ▯ ▯ Vinland  In north America  Why Columbus didn’t discover America ▯ Visigoths  Went into Rome ▯ William the conqueror  First roman king  In battle of Hastings o In England ▯ Fall of Rome  Land was divided with to man successors  #1 reason was from barbarian invasions  turned into Visigoths, Frankish kingdom ▯ Byzantines  Eastern roman empire ▯ ▯ Columbian exchange  Exchange of goods  Inventions, diseases, food  Between old world and new world o Horses, cows, pigs, plague ▯ Middle ages inventions  Spinning wheel, eye glasses, magnetic compass  Came from old world to new world o Horses, cows, pigs, plague  Came from new to old o Corn, sugar, ▯ Motivation for exploration  Power  Trade  Spread of Christianity ▯ Islamic legacy  Math, decimal and fractions  Astrology, medicine  Translation of Greek and roman writings ▯ Feudalism  Decentralization of Rome lead to this  Filled by Germanic people taking over land ▯ Babylonian captivity  7 popes in France o schism  People in Italy were calling the popes in France o Taking captive of our papacy ▯ Rise of Christianity  Constantine allowed for more liberty of expression believes ▯ Carolingian renaissance  Scriptoria  Increased production of books  Place for wring ▯ University’s  Students chose how much teachers get paid  Increased law, art ▯ Guttenberg  Invented Guttenberg wooden press ▯ Religious climate  Reformations  Challenging churches practices and traditions  Very bad ▯ Columbus  Tried to sail to India ▯ Henry the navigator  Portuguese sailor  First to explore Atlantic ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯


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