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Soc 1 White Like Me Review

by: Ana Wistos

Soc 1 White Like Me Review Soc 1

Ana Wistos

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About this Document

White Like Me movie notes
Intro to Sociology
Howard Winant
Study Guide
Soc 1
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ana Wistos on Wednesday May 4, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Soc 1 at University of California Santa Barbara taught by Howard Winant in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Sociology at University of California Santa Barbara.


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Date Created: 05/04/16
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 Sociology ▯ Midterm Review: White Like Me - White Like Me▯ • Tim Wise: from Nashville, Tennessee anti-racist, educator, author▯ • white people have privileges and while at Tulane, Wise realized that he had the privilege of being white, but still acknowledging racism ▯ David Duke: white supremacist and former KKK member, running for senator of • Louisiana ▯ - his supporters were people who thought the Civil Rights movement had gone too far and even though Duke lost, he received 60% of white vote▯ • its dangerous that white people are blind to their privileges and blind to racism▯ • In “Black Like Me” we find out that blacks are not treated like 2nd class people but more like 10th class▯ don’t ask what it’s like to be black, but ask what does it mean to be white?▯ • • when you're part of a dominant group, you don't worry about fitting into another culture▯ • social programs like job insurance helped everyone unless you were an agricultural or domestic worker, jobs that were held by colored people ▯ • GI Bill did not protect black veterans, only white veterans benefitted▯ • helping colored people is typically called welfare or reward ▯ • white people don't have to be worried about being racially profiled ▯ • colored people work harder to not live up to stereotypes▯ we live in a society with the legacy of in equality and where people are oblivious to • the fact that they have privileges▯ • people thought just because Obama became president our race problems were solved▯ • 85% of white people think that white and blacks have same opportunity and level or education▯ • there are more black people under correctional control than were enslaved during the height of slavery ▯ • “gains of colored people are costing white people” white people believe this ▯ 1 Wednesday, April 27, 2016 • sense that we’ve lost something American and people think we’re taxed too much▯ • Americans view welfare recipients as a black phenomena because thats what we see on TV, but welfare recipients are a majority white▯ • people think that people on welfare are moochers even though during the depression they were seen as victims of a system that failed them▯ white people will even take welfare away from other whites just because it could • benefit black people▯ • “we should try to be color blind” which is false we should be color conscious 2


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