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POSC100_Exam 2

by: Doris M

POSC100_Exam 2 POSC 100

Doris M
Long Beach State
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

exam 2 study guide
Intro to American Government
Charles Mahoney
Study Guide
lbsu, csulb, charles, mahoney, charlemahoney, posc100, Posc, 100, politicalscience, political, history, Government
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Doris M on Thursday May 5, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to POSC 100 at California State University Long Beach taught by Charles Mahoney in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Intro to American Government in Political Science at California State University Long Beach.

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Date Created: 05/05/16
ELECTION  OF  THE  PRESIDENT -­‐the  president  viz  electoral  college,  not  popular  vote     POWER  OF  THE  PRESIDENCY-­‐powers  have  grown  significantly  because  of  the  vague  language  of  the   constitution,  the  size  of  the  executive  branch  inc,  a  military  power  that  has  also  inc,  the  economy  also   inc   1. global  perspective-­‐since  1898  the  US  now  has  global  power   2. industrialization-­‐economic  growth.  global  interests   3. vague  language  permitted  expansion  of  presidential  powers     FUNCTIONS  OF  THE  PRESIDENCY -­‐5  different  functions,  head  of  state,  political  party,  when  the  pr esident   if  receiving  a  foreign  leader  he  is  acting  as  the  head  of  state   1. chief  of  state   2. domestic  policy  leader   3. chief  executive   4. foreign  policy  and  military  leader   5. head  of  political  party     DEVELOPMENT  OF  PRESIDENTIAL  POWERS   -­‐pres  can  act  quickly  on  important  matters  w/o  the  approval  of  congress   -­‐veto   unitary  powers-­‐executive  orders,  agreements,  signing  statements,  presidential  proclamations,  national   security,  regulatory  reviews     -­‐PRESIDENT  AND  CONGRESS-­‐friction  in  congress,  check  and  balances,  congress  and  the   president  arent  supposed  to  get  along,  the  party  of  the  president  should  be  a  majority  of  the  opp  of  the   congress,  president  can  veto  laws  passed  by  congress,  divided  gov     -­‐COMMANDER  AND  CHIEF-­‐president  commander  of  armed  forces     -­‐DEFENSIVE  WAR-­‐congress  is  supposed  to  declare  war,  now    its  president  taking  charge  of  the  war,  the   framers  wanted  to  president  to  be  the  leader  in  the  defensive  war     -­‐OFFENSIVE  WAR-­‐a  war  over  seas,  no  threat  to  the  country,  congress   was  supposed  to  take  charge     -­‐BUREAUCRACY-­‐an  organizational  structure  where  there  is  division  of  labor  and  hierarchy  structure   -­‐organized  in  a  defined  hierarchy   -­‐prestigious  positions  are  made  up  of  appointments   discretion  and  do  more  than  follow  a  se t  of  rules  from  the  pres  or  congress   -­‐policymakers,  not  elected     -­‐PRIVATIZATION-­‐in  the  executive  branch  there  are  private  corporations  that  are  taking  charge  instead  of   the  gov   -­‐some  executive  duties  done  by  private  corporations   -­‐private  sector  can  be  more  efficient  than  gov   -­‐oversight  more  difficult   -­‐private  security  services     -­‐CONGRESS-­‐     -­‐SENATE-­‐6  yr    terms,  1/3rd  elected  every  other  yr,  state  elections,can  try  the  president  for   impeachment     -­‐HOUSE  OF  REP-­‐  2  yr  terms,  elected  every  other  yr,  district  elections,  can  impeach  the  pres     -­‐REDISTRICTING-­‐as  long  as  district  lines  do  not  unduly  disadvantage  racial  and  ethnic  groups,   congressional  districts  can  be  drawn  in  any  way  legislatures  choose     -­‐APPORTIONMENT-­‐     -­‐GERRYMANDERING-­‐dominant  state  parties  drawing  districts  that  favor  their  partisan  interests     -­‐BICAMERAL-­‐a  legislative  branch  with  2  govs,  framers  were  worried  that  the  congress  would  have  too   much  power     -­‐SUPREME  COURT   1  chief  justice  and  8  other  judges,  serve  for  life  unless  impeached  and  removed  or  retires     -­‐DIVIDED  GOV-­‐when  the  president  is  a  democrat  and  the  congress  is  republican,  different  parties  from   the  president,  and  congress     -­‐DISSENTING  OPINION-­‐the  opinion  written  by  the  minority  in  a  decision,  the  reasoning  behind  their   disagreement     -­‐MAJORITY  OPINION -­‐the  majority  of  the  court,  the  official  winning  side  of  the  argument     -­‐CONCURRING  OPINION-­‐agrees  with  the  majority  but  with  different  reasonings     -­‐4TH  AMENDMENT-­‐unlawful  searches  and  seizures.  needing  a  warrant  upon  probable  cause     -­‐ELASTIC  CLAUSE-­‐necessary  and  proper  clause,  gives  congress  the  power  to  make  any  laws  necessary   and  proper,  broad  language    


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