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ART327_Final Notes

by: Doris M

ART327_Final Notes Art 327

Doris M
Long Beach State
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Notes for the Graphic Design Final
Graphic Design 2
Stephanie Gill
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Doris M on Thursday May 5, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Art 327 at California State University Long Beach taught by Stephanie Gill in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Graphic Design 2 in Art at California State University Long Beach.


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Date Created: 05/05/16
Graphic Design 2 Professor: Stephanie Gill Box Folding 101 -rigid box: jewelry box -more complicated boxes are usually rigid boxes -you can grab templates off the internet -ILLUSTRATOR opt 1: object > clipping mask > release (if you can’t manipulate the template) -ILLUSTRATOR opt 2: Ungroup -ILLUSTRATOR: How to Copy -option + shift > drag 1. Draw out the Surface of the Box 2. Add flaps to glue *it’s easier to glue when you don’t have to worry about the corners / \ not | | */ \ wider tabs make it easier to glue / \ */ \ smaller taps are easier for tucking -Tips -create 1 layer with the template and create a 2 layer with the design -have a bleed just in case to prevent a white border -Printing -when printing, print 1 with template, and print another with the design then use the template Annual Report Project -Choose a Company -non-profit organization -Project Details 1. Cover Design 2. 4 pages of the front part 3. 1 page of financial 4. Preferably use InDesign 5. Find a color scheme that goes with your company -Cover: “Annual Report” “year” “Tag line” -tag lines will set the tone for the report -Financial Highlights -usually found in the beginning -info graphics -chart -Letter to the Shareholders - “To our Shareholders” -include photo of CEO The Grid System 1. Determine the margins -all margins are the same size -consider how you’re going to bind your book Ex. Saddle stitching: stapling the middle -generous outer margin so nothing gets cut off Ex. Perfect bound: each page is glued together and held together by the cover pages -inner margin thick because the pages don’t lay flat <outer margins ^ ^ inner margins 2. Column Widths -too many columns can create too much freedom -normal amount is a 2-3 column grid -the thinner the column, the harder it is for the text to fit naturally -there’s no rule that the column widths have to be the same size Ex. -the column width changing should inform the reader what the content is Ex. Main Text captions… 2 columns of text or text box and image Columns -short column of words mean a faster read -novels- text goes across, slower read -newspapers- faster read on the thinner column widths -ex. Letter to the Shareholders- not Alternating Grid Layouts - ^ large margin width Informational Graphics - “A picture is worth a thousand words” -maps-locations -statistics-using images to represent the statistics -pie charts -blow up a statistic and put it into an interesting picture -ILLUSTRATOR graph tool -creates pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs, and custom shapes What to Include -Letter to the Shareholders -image of shareholder -hand done signature do not use a font -Financial Highlights -bar graphs -earnings per share -how much the chare has grown -2-3 years shown for a trend -net profits, net income, net revenues… -color scheme should match the info graphics ILUSTRATOR Tutorial -Create New Document - [intent]: print -Primary Text Formats - [ ] check box if you want text on every page -[page size]: 8 1/5 x 11 -[columns]: start low-standard 2 column grid *you can change the grid option later -[margins] –break the image of a link if you don’t want the set up numbers to be the same -[bleed]- has to do with actual production *don’t really have to change -[slug]- helps keep track during printing *don’t really have to change - [Master Pages] -the pages that show how the rest of the pages are going to look like -ex. Guidelines -fix page numbers here -try not to put page number in the center of the margin -use the text tool [T] -type > insert special characters > markers > page numbers -odd numbers go on the right side of the pages -even numbers go on the left side of the pages -you won’t be able to change what the master pages have on the other pages -you can add master pages -in a new master page, you can change the [layout] -drag the B master page to import it into the other pages - [Tools] -similar to illustrator - [Override Master Page Items] -changing the master pg. creating a new section -select the page where you want the numbers to start -click on the top right box -#options - [Text Wrap] -select the picture you want to wrap around -on the top tools, you can click on something and the text will adjust around it OR -[Window] > text wrap…you can adjust how close the text is to the image - “detect edge” if there is a white background to the image -move image to the back Website -Website -remember the 3 clicks rule -it should only take 3 clicks to get to a page -Sitemaps -create a directory of where each button will take you once clicked on -choose a font that’s web friendly usually this is san serif fonts -easy to read -top navigation -top to bottom -left or right -address a broad audience -App -don’t create a scaled down version of the website -creating an icon is usually a square or circle -the app doesn’t have to do the same thing as the website -can also be a game, message app, events, or profiles


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