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ANTH 412 Study Guide

by: Asia Notetaker

ANTH 412 Study Guide Anth 412

Asia Notetaker
Long Beach State

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About this Document

Covers what will be on the final exam.
Culture and Communication
Dr. Namika Raby
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Asia Notetaker on Saturday May 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Anth 412 at California State University Long Beach taught by Dr. Namika Raby in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 254 views. For similar materials see Culture and Communication in anthropology, evolution, sphr at California State University Long Beach.

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Date Created: 05/07/16
Spring 2016 CSULB Dr. Raby ANTHROPOLOGY 412  Culture and Communication Final: Study Guide 40 points (objective final) Lectures Non Verbal Communication 1. Meaning of Manana 2. Minnesota study of Listening 3. Polychronic vs monochromic time 4. Hall’s Three Dimensional Elective Field 5. Hall Types of space Education in Context 6. Values taught in school 7. NEWCOMER School 8. Case Study: Don’t Push the River 9. Lucy Tse ‘s study of child translators –why middle schoolers were not coming to school  because they were too busy translating for their parents and did not go to school or do  homework, paying the bills and lose respect of parents; Latino/Chinese/Indian  Healthcare in Context 10. Intercultural Competence in Healthcare contrast 11. Implications of the Year of the Dragon for U.S healthcare 12. Bio medical vs holistic models of medicine 13. Voodoo as healthcare belief and practice 14.Cambodian Healthcare Practices Business in Context 15. Examples of culture and business in marketing­ China Nike issue 16. Outsourcing a Prayer 17.  Calling India (tutoring) Culture Change 18. Oberg's criteria for Culture Shock ­6 criteria, movement  19.  Furnham and Botchner's critique of Oberg 20. Concepts of heterogeneity, strength, centrality 21.  Concept of the Stranger 22. Role of stereotyping in human behavior 1 23.  Definition of stereotype 24. Arab stereotype of Americans and Stereotype of the Arab Woman by Americans 25. African stereotypes of African Americans and the change process­ Tribal Africans from  Nigeria 26. Types of stereotypes, racism and discrimination 27. The case of the slaughterhouse in Rosemead­ Asian community slaughtered live  chickens/poultry and Latino community and large Latino councilmembers did not approve of it.  Filed a lawasuit and mentioned the “grandfather” policy, which means they cannot change the  business..currently going through an appeal 28. The case of the Lao in Washington DC 29.  The “invisible” Finnish community 30.  Stages of adjustment 31.. The Metamorphosis Project 32. Cultures in Conflict: Saudi example and LA example TEXT: 10   Healthcare 33. Biomedical tradition 34. Majico­religious tradition, believes ancestors are punishing them, club foot 35.  Holistic tradition  Business 36. Business cultures (Brazilian, Chinese , Indian) 37. Making initial contacts 38. Greeting Behavior in various cultures 39. Negotiation and conflict resolution Video On Arabs Can You Hear Me? 40. Healthcare and communication issues 41.Who is an Arab/ 42. Stereotypes of the Arab woman TEXT: Chapter 7 43.Prejudice 44. Functions of prejudice 45. Expressions of Prejudice 46. Causes of Prejudice 47. Avoiding Prejudice 48. Expressions of racism 49. Avoiding racism 50. Ethnocentrism contributes to cultural identity.   2


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