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freeman report final review


freeman report final review FINE-7630-03

Marketplace > Tulane University > Finance > FINE-7630-03 > freeman report final review
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About this Document

Freeman Report final study guide
Freeman Report
Prof. Carroll Kenneth
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by YUQING XU on Monday May 9, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to FINE-7630-03 at Tulane University taught by Prof. Carroll Kenneth in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Freeman Report in Finance at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 05/09/16
Topic Review for Final Exam Freeman Reports, Spring 2016 Exam to be held: Friday, May 6: 8am – 10am Winning Teams Presentations: 11am – 12 noon Celebration Lunch: 12 noon – 1pm This topic review sheet is intended to help summarize the major items that you may see on the final exam. Unless specifically listed as not tested, anything discussed in class, or on the website, is fair game. If you took an active role in building your team’s Freeman Report model and valuation calculations, there should be no surprises on the exam. Fair warning: If you delegated the model-building duties of your Freeman Report to other teammates, you will be at a disadvantage during the exam. Literature Review 1. None – the books you read during the first half of the semester will not be tested here. E&P Industry Lectures 2. Review the lecture notes / presentation materials that were posted online for the four days Prof. Carroll lectured on the E&P Industry. 3. Understand E&P Industry Math (converting from daily /quarterly /annual production rates, BOE / Mcfe, etc…) Freeman Reports Construction 1. General modeling skills that have been presented in class will be tested. 2. You should understand how the three major financial statements are linked together (balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows). 3. If given any two of the major financial statements, you should be able to forecast the third major financial statement. 4. Know how to calculate and/or interpret: a. Discretionary Cash Flow b. Production and Pricing estimates c. Forecasted Revenue (a revenue model) d. Income Statement expenses using “per Boe estimates” and other guidelines e. Boe and Mcfe estimates f. Net Change in Cash g. EPS h. Enterprise Value 5. You should understand the process through which a target price is estimated using commonly used valuation techniques. Format of Final Exam/ Rules 1. The exam may include a variety of questions from the following formats: a. Multiple Choice b. Short Discussion c. Calculations d. Simple spreadsheets (to be calculated by hand) 2. You may not use your laptops during this exam 3. Bring pencils and an eraser 4. You will need a calculator without the ability to store formulas (smart phones cannot be used) 5. You cannot share your calculator, pen, pencil, eraser, or any other item with another classmate during the exam 6. Turn your cell phones off and put them away 7. Place all backpacks, purses, bags, pencil holders and other materials against the walls of the room before the exam starts. 8. Show your work for partial credit 9. You will have 2 hours to complete theexam 10.The Honor Code, as always, is in effect. Until final grades are received, any discussion of the exam is a violation of the Honor Code. Section 02: Room 131 GW1 Section 03: Room 131 GW1 Section 04: Room 131 GW1


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