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Final Exam SG Ch. 20-21-2

by: Chad Weaver

Final Exam SG Ch. 20-21-2 Finance 270 001

Chad Weaver
GPA 3.53

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About this Document

Modified SG that has all notes and terms from chapters 20-21-2!
legal and social environment
Study Guide
Legal, business, social, Environment
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Chad Weaver on Monday May 9, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Finance 270 001 at Southern Illinois University Carbondale taught by Hendricks in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see legal and social environment in Finance at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


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Date Created: 05/09/16
Ch. 20 Hostile work environment- under title Affirmative Action- positive steps in over 7, an environment where co-workers make to alleviate conditions resulting from past offensive sexual comments or discrimination or violation of law. propositions, engaging in suggestive Age Discrimination in employment act touching, show nude pics, draw sexual (ADEA)- prohibits discrimination to people graffiti. 40 years old or older.prohibits mandatory Qualified disable- disabled person who retirement of these employees. 65 or older can perform the duties of the job and making more than $44,000 are Reasonable accommodation- under subjected to mandatory retirement title 7 of civil rights act and under the policies. Americans with disabilities act to adapt Americans with Disability Act (ADA)- employment conditions to an employee’s prohibits employers from requiring a religious belief or disability. preemployment medical examination or Retaliation- Striking back at someone. asking questions about medical history. Under labor law, employment Only after offer has been offered, discriminatory cases, and whistle blowing employer can ask about medical prohibits an employer from firing or taking information. other adverse actions against employees Bona fide occupational qualifications- for reporting the employer to federal permits discriminatory practices in agencies for violating various laws. employment if a person’s religion, sex or Reverse discrimination- advancement national origin is reasonably related to the or recruitment of minority workers ahead normal operation of a particular business. of similarly qualified nonminority workers Discharge, refusal to hire, compensation, Section- Section 1981- 1866 forbids tern condition or privilege of employment. racial discrimination in the making of Business necessity defense- contracts. 402A- imposes strict liability on affirmative defense under title 7 civil right product sellers who sell a product in a act. Raised to disparate impact claims and defective condition unreasonably asserts that a facially neutral but dangerous to the user or consumer or his discriminatory policy is job related. property. Sec. 5- Federal trade Comparable worth- Job that, although commission regulate unfair or deceptive different, produce substantially equal acts or practices in trade. value for the employer Seniority system- plan giving priority to Disability- any physical or mental employees based on the length of time an impairment that substantially limits a employee has worked for an employer. major life activity. Employer may apply different standards Disparate Impact- Employment litigation pursuant to a good faith seniority system that refers to the illegal disproportionate if the differences are not the result of an Disparate treatment- A term of intention to discriminate. employment litigation that refers to illegal Sexual harassment- Title 7, for an discriminatory treatment of an individual employer to promise benefits or threaten in some protected class loss if an employee does not give sexual Equal employment opportunity favors commission- 5 members,file federal district court. Employee complains to - Pregnancy discrimination act – these people. Permitting racial insults in employers with health or disability plans must cover pregnancy, work situations, discriminiation, unequal. childbirth, or medical condition. Genetic information nondiscrimination Act- Prohibits Cant stop them from working. Also covered employers from firing, refusing to applies to males wives. hire, or otherwise discriminating against - Employment Nondiscrimination act individuals on the basis of their genetic 2007- banning employment on sexual orientation (gay, lesbian). information or family member’s genetic - Advantages to filing a Section information 1981, no procedural requirements, under it the courts can award brutal costs and lost earnings based on unlimited compensatory and the size of the family and the wage rate of punitive damages. the employee. Assumption of risk, - National labor relations act 1936- contributory negligence, fellow servant appeals to racial pre-justice in a rule. collective bargaining representation election constitute - F- states may set minimum wage an unfair labor practice. Revokes amounts that are lower, not higher, certification of unions that than the federal minimum. F- The FLSA requires breaks or meal practices discriminatory admission periods to be given to workers. F- or representation policies. - Illegal employment practices- Covered plant closings under the race/color, national origin, religion, WARN act are defined as the loss of sex, test scores, height or weight, jobs by 500 or more employees in a appearance, age, disability 30 day period. F- The right to a covered leave of absence under Ch.21 the family and medical leave act Employment Eligibility verification- applies to employees the moment each individual hired in the U.S,. Passport, they begin. permenant resident card, I-551, Employment authorization photographs Ch.22 Employment at will doctrine-firing for Categorical Imperative= that a person an indefinite period of time should never act in a certain way unless Exclusive remedy rule- rule that limits he or she is willing to have everyone else act the same way. an injured employee’s claim against the Consequentialism= ethical system that employer to workers compensation Fair labor standard act- 1938, this law concerns itself with the moral provides basic protection for employees, consequence of actions. Also called including the minimum wage and teleology. Common good. Managers maximum number of hours before evaluate alternatives courses of action through cost-benefit analysis overtime must be paid Duty= legal obligation imposed by the Family and medical leave act- 1993, allows eligible workers up to 12 weeks of law unpaid leave in any 12 month period to Ethics= statement of right and wrong take care of a new born or family’s health together with a philosophical system that condition or their own. both justifies and necessitates rules of conduct Occupational safety and health Formalism= ethical system that affirms administration- organization that has jurisdiction over complaints about an absolute morality. Also called hazardous conditions in the workplace deontology. Individual rights Paper fortress- documentation an Morality= values of right and wrong employer should keep about an Protestant ethic= set of beliefs urging that human desire and indulgence be bent employee’s performance. to God’s will through hard work, self- Uniformed services employment and reemployment rights act- protects the denial, and rational planning. Formalist rights of individuals who voluntarily or approach. Honesty and keep promises involuntarily leave employment positions Self-regulation= entire industry to undertake military service regulation of itself, as opposed to government regulation of the businesses WARN Act- Worker Adjustment and in the industry. Retraining Notification Act of 1989. Law Social contract theory= theory by john requires employers to give notice of plant closing and mass layoff rawls that proposes a way for constructing Workers Compensation- compensates a just society employees if they have a disease, injuries, Stakeholder theory= ethical theory which asserts that in order to be ethical a death. It includes medical expenses and business must take into consideration not just profit but the impact the business on all interest that are affected by business. The good= end result of ethical examination. Moral goals and objectives we choose to pursue. Leading a good life mean more than having a good life. Utilitarianism=  A system of ethics according to which the rightness or wrongness of an action should be judged by its consequences. The goal of utilitarian ethics is to promote the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Four sources of ethical values= legal regulation, professional codes of ethic, codes of ethic from business organization, individual values -when a business makes a decision that doesn’t share common values with societ, any decision made has a greater likelihood of ethical concern then there is a common code of behavior. -Kant- said exceptions for your own behavior is immoral and unethical. - Organizational codes of ethic= honesty and adherence to law, product safety and quality, health and safety in workplace, conflict of interest, fairness in selling practices, financial reporting, supplier relationships, pricing, trading


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