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CSU / Botany / BZ 120 / What happens when there is radioactive decay?

What happens when there is radioactive decay?

What happens when there is radioactive decay?


School: Colorado State University
Department: Botany
Course: Principles of Plant Biology
Professor: David steingraeber
Term: Fall 2016
Cost: 50
Name: To use for Final
Description: These notes cover everything from the class, concept maps, tables, mafic/felsic, plate tectonics, streams river, energy sources, metamorphic/ igneous rocks. etc..
Uploaded: 05/11/2016
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What happens when there is radioactive decay?




praps gas

a temp

Composedon MAFIC

Agruous Rocks: textures: Glassy. Vesianlar to o porous Cooling: Slow Modrats fast slantun first

Porphyritie wased o n B

loumpy graim

a I Felsicl intermedian

cause of melting: weating, decompression,

What were the landscapes like during mesozoic era?

Mafic Phra Manic" coarse I Gran

addition of water Diorite I Gabbro Peridotte / source of incama: mantle mafic. conto cristal Fine / Rngolite Andente Basalt Komatite

. Occon consts felsic intermediate Pacollian Pumice If you want to learn more check out What are the six types of hypothesis-testing?


I meltinge mid atlantic nage & decompession

What is the internal structure of a mineral?

1 magnal "& amante & Ooerustifte Volearriz breccia

S&MATIC Rock Besalt & gabbro Ocean Contental subduction - Addition of water magma (matic) T melting = Add water & Heat - Picks up Felste minerals making and esite Don't forget about the age old question of What does locard's principle state?

Aesthenosphere rises * Source of Mayma Mantle, cont, crust

Decompression melting

Intrusive * qut Felsic Intrusive rocks (granite) vintravediate Andesite

Porote Extrusive Intermediate

Andestur- Extruse intrmediate * Rhyolite forms al Decamp. & Heating Melts manter ocen crust If you want to learn more check out What were the highlight during the jim crow era?

Cranite- Intrusing frelsis

Photo •ENu64ң с Volcanoes varies wide * Viscosity , Trapped cases, tectonie setting a viscosity: Tviscosity = 1 Resistance

MAFC ERUPTIONS = Hotspots Midocean Ridge

Hazards Ashy Debris, Pyroclastic Flow, Lahar EX & Matic : Shielda Lava Flows (Fountain), Volcanic Ash

Lassvisous = easy flow, MONITERANLY

gases escape Intermediate composite vis, convergent boundenes

Magna - More explosions, Ash Fall



brem Ridge Kubduction continental Felic = High visce osity, Dome, Caldera Vis (Yellowstone) setting Hotspot tone Hotspot - Highly explosive @ continental Hotspots If you want to learn more check out Why do seasons occur?

Volcano, a g Composite couldron, Dome

Explosion sheila TRA Malle MOST Rav New earthquakes? •Volcano swelling

1. Marthe Mix marthat groundsnelliy Magna


teatens cont.crust METAMORPHIC ROCKSE Heat + Pressure transform, recrystall zaten Rocks, Besett Andesite Rhyolite Forces push pull shess & Furce Area Contiming. All directions same l rocks If you want to learn more check out What were the challenges faced by the media agencies in 19th century?

becera Differentiala diff. dift directors inermisive Gabbro Diorite Granite 3Types DFF Stress (u) compersoner snetto FRACTURE

tu a deep a Flow-can metamorphis by recrystalication L (3) Shear TYPES OF FRACTURES : Brittle deformation crack where pulled apart="JoiNE"

LING WALL If you want to learn more check out Why did the mesopotamians invent the ziggurats?

fracture where she past the other & FAULT Chemical Proc.

During Metan.. in Normal = tension stress

Syneling room Toutwall

s pressure Schating &T

Greisst Highest grade &

Remobilization Rhyoliteschist movespest

Physical proc. + Gneiss

Climate + Streams flivers : BASALT Greens chist + Gnation

Deformation - Rotation

longer wavelengting: less energy 5 andstone

. Quartz Igneous)

luuses : foressure relaystal

it greenhouse gase tim long wavelengh Aug umestone Marble Co. River-largest in co

•Teet. Sress Poles colder ble of smaller flux sun

Fluids Jo East us : mon niver systems / Amosonore pressure weight of atmosenere

Temp. River Approrance due brownage Besin - Cache La parare

Athlude to press the

CONTACT: Just Heat to • Velocity . soins south Platte.

Regional = FLUIDS. STRESS Coriolis effect.Earth rotates East, vegitation prost important topography Lock Isoil tye

Higher precipitation geomorphology

Air risestcookt. J WHE- Nora Hemopanese deflects (R) Volume of the discharon

Dry where air dessends-Poles a feequator geel E-W (rastenies) climate

Air teses equator sinks @ 30°

Sourg Hamigohesso deflects (L) Iponce size

Streame Slope


ring niners - erode outside, build up inside Sediment


n* DISCHARGE: Area * Velouty

Dise Remoral scale omloup . (Q) gradient honzontal anstence



O LÚNE Recrystalizatora







1. Plate Tectonics: Thickest layer = Mante. ronniced core Ocean Ocean convergent

1 Lithosphere = plek

Alfred wegner-Father. Quan crust Danger-colder Asthenosphase not/weak, mostly solid Continental

Eartnquakes @ ant. ocean convergent Volcanoes @ocean ocean divergent

ocean-ocean divergent

odcen cont. convergent transform

• hotspots acord cont, cont. convergent

Mountains a cont. collision

- conto ocen convergent No volcanoes @ Cont.cont. collians, no subductus

theek corest "can" but rare.


Cont. cont. = RIFTING Ocean Ocean Divergend. Ridge

Oleme ocean. EARTHQUAKES

Convergent: Ocean continental

Trench-Sehrent can become Rift where they

new cruto se a que nosphere diverge.


continental crust MINERALS (1) Defried (2) Solid

water relesed (3) Natural (1) Inorganic (5) ordered

- Atombound w/4 oxygen Internal structure (6) Speatic Chemical Comp. atoms, bound to elements ...

CO3 Calcite silicatetrahedron? Silicate concept Map: Carbonates selecated most common

oBicooks. Feldoppen Mica pu scome. Native ar telasses tee 504 Querte ich fFelse Silicates Biotite


frelsies L

Sheets Loxidest Halides sulfidel-Metal & suffer (31) Framemarly 5:04 Double Amphobite

Metal oxygen & Halogens.



(Matic) thematite Naci (salt)

individually single 2 Breaks

Olivine (ona Fesou) Fe2O3

[chaint Pyroxen

en (Music)

Mafic) . Cleavage. Mineral break in certain directions Other: calcite dissolved in acid ço. Minerals Molybdenum Alloying for steel & Gold/siwer Gypsum-plaster Ceramics :


ca Makovile Felse



Geologictime Prinuple of super position - older deposits under younger deposits Nenconformity forms by Panuple of original Horizontality-deformations happen

w Rock uploféesleroded

Fossils preserved in looking Center Grosir buried beneath Poneipe of inclusion included rock is older - Bones Replacement Pisconformity forms: Panciple of cross-cutang relationships Fractures younger

o castimold impressions •Weaturing erodes surfence

thin Film Amber Deposit of horizonted lovers Principle of contact dark rock is younger, clikes younger

65 Mateo Cenozoic - Mammals + grasses. 11- Fauet offsets lava flow al zsinat Mesozoic - Dino's + flowering plants

& corp canyon Carved in the it. -10 adaug

42Mt Paleozoic - wral, plants, insects Plowf

4500 a younger Precambrian simple creatures " RADIOACTIVE DECAY G Odisconformity Potassium Argon Half-Lifes Parent Isotope=1

Corban ly & Mitron

D.Ebanghe quant zo lake thonunt Uranium & lead on 2 Rubidium Stronium

0.75 Dauchle 0.25 panty rzlit WUDZUMU

Radioactue Isotopes unstable I LAD Reservoir rocka a guifer Isclopes Sure protons, vie, electrons] Coal: plant materia Ilored

- seal - impermeable (shale)

different # of neutrons.

Traps = Anticlines OILFIELDC limestones sandstone

ne Nuclea-figsinn splite uzrsus production micreased then

deeneased bc Natural G Deswoire sandstone under limestona hor zortead online more efhcient: Rousront Ain growinter

Cheapert more efhcient potentrant Sources: DA KOTA TNIOBRARA hydromlie freekinga intreenselen Palotity by

Rexerrois = LYONS, DAKOTA

- infection Guronium ore vo concedo Oil Shale - low q. Tareenas.

Source rocka orgingtonique isotope: Semua peptons




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