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LA TECH / Foreign Language / FLNG 212 / engl 212 study guide

engl 212 study guide

engl 212 study guide


School: Louisiana Tech University
Department: Foreign Language
Course: Introduction to American Literature
Professor: Robert rudnicki
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: english, americanliterature, Literature, american, dreiser, theodore, theodoredreiser, dreisertheordore, sister, carrie, Stephen, Crane, stephencrane, cranestephen, theopenboat, openboat, open, boat, Jack, London, jacklondon, londonjack, tobuildafire, build, Fire, buildfire, buildafire, Abraham, cahan, abrahamcahan, cahanabraham, asweat-shopromance, asweatshopromance, sweatshopromance, sweatshop, shopromance, sweatromance, sweat, shop, Romance, paul, laurence, dunbar, pauldunbar, dunbarpaul, wewearthemask, wear, wearthemask, wearmask, wewear, mask, robert frost, Robert, frost, robertfrost, frostrobert, birches, Wallace, stevens, wallace stevens, wallacestevens, stevenswallace, theideaoforderatkeywest, ideaoforderatkeywest, orderatkeywest, keywest, order, Idea, key, west, t.s., eliot, t.s.eliot, ts, tseliot, eliotts, eliott.s., thelovesongofj.alfredprufrock, thelovesongofjalfredprufrock, lovesongofj.alfredprufrock, lovesongofjalfredprufrock, lovesong, j.alfredprufrock, jalfredprufrock, alfred, jalfred, prufrock, alfredprufrock, sherwood, anderson, sherwoodanderson, andersonsherwood, winesburg, Ohio, winesburgohio, ohiowinesburg, Wine, burg, wines, ernest, Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway, ernesthemingway, hemingwayernest, thesnowsofkilimanjaro, snows, kilimanjaro, snowsofkilimanjaro, William, faulkner, williamfaulkner, faulknerwilliam, aroseforemily, roseforemily, rose, Emily, richardwright, wright, Richard, wrightrichard, themanwhowasalmostaman, manalmostman, manwhowasalmostaman, manwhowasalmostman, almost, man, almostman, langston, hughes, Langston Hughes, langstonhughes, hugheslangston, themforenglishb, theme, themeenglishb, englishb, englishbtheme, eudora, welty, eudorawelty, weltyeudora, petrifiedman, petrified, flanneryo'connor, flannary, o'connor, connor, o'connorflannery, oconnor, oconnorflannery, goodcountrypeople, goodcountry, goodpeople, countrypeople, good, country, people, raymond, carver, raymondcarver, carverraymond, cathedral, lowell, robertlowell, lowellrobert, mr.edwardsandthespider, spider, thespider, mredwardsandthespider, mredwardsandspider, mr.edwardsandspider, mr.edwards, and mredwards
Cost: 50
Name: Engl 212 Study Guide: Weeks 7 & 8
Description: This study guide covers the readings on the reading list for weeks 7 & 8. Study Guides for this class are considered to be passage IDs (excerpts from the stories) that best identify key points/main ideas of the stories.
Uploaded: 05/20/2016
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