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Chapter 44.3 Study Guide

by: Jasmine Guo

Chapter 44.3 Study Guide Biology 2108

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Biology > Biology 2108 > Chapter 44 3 Study Guide
Jasmine Guo

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About this Document

Principles of Biology II Notes
Biology 2108k
Dr. Matthew Nusnbaum
Study Guide
nusunbaum, biology2108, GSU, notes, Studyguide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jasmine Guo on Saturday June 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Biology 2108 at Georgia State University taught by Dr. Matthew Nusnbaum in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see Biology 2108k in Biology at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 06/25/16
Chapter 44.3  ● Bilaterian Animals  ­Lophotrochozoans (mollusks and annelid worms)  ­Ecdysozoa (insects and arthropods)  ­What is the body type of annelid worms? Cylindrical Body with distinct segments  ­What are the body characteristics of annelids? Head has a developed mouth, internally a  cerebral ganglion that connects to extensive nervous system, digestive  system(crushing,digesting,excreting ingested food)  ­What is the difference b/t aquatic annelids and terrestrial earthworms? Aquatic annelids have  gill like organs for gas exchange; terrestrial earthworms exchange gases through their skin.  ­What is a distinguished structure of mollusks? Mantle( used for breathing and excretion); forms  the shell  ● Gastropods (Stomach Foot)­ (Snails and slugs)  ­Contains radula for feeding  ­Mouth connects to gut cavity that extends to anus  ­Contains feather like gills for gas exchange  ­Muscular foot for locomotion  ­Body cavity: coelomates; generally surrounds heart and organs  ­Mantle: Mantle tissues secrete external skeletons of calcium carbonate(forms shells)  ● Cephalopds (Head Foot)  ­Have muscular tentacles that capture prey and sense the environment  ● Bivalves ( Two Shells)  ­Skeleton of two hard shells connected by a flexible hinge  ­1st: Siphon extends upward from bivalve body to seafloor  ­2nd: Siphon return water and waste materials to environment    Myriapods: Many pairs of legs   ­Centipede (hundred legs)  ­Millipede (thousand legs);produce a substance contains cyanide; to defend against predators    Insects:  Spiracles: exchange gases through small pores in exoskeleton    ● Deuterstomes  *Echindoerms­ Water Vascular System  *Tube Feet­ small projections of the water vascular system that extend outward from the body  surface, facilitate locomotion, sensory perception, food capture, and gas exchange.       


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