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Reading Quiz 1

by: Notetaker

Reading Quiz 1 PHIL 09369

Marketplace > Rowan University > PHIL 09369 > Reading Quiz 1
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About this Document

a. List and describe three aspects of science that Kuhn thinks will be revealed by the new way of approaching the history of science that he advocates. bHow did Hauksbee explain the fact that ba...
Philosophy of Science
Bruce Paternoster
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Notetaker on Monday July 11, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PHIL 09369 at Rowan University taught by Bruce Paternoster in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 07/11/16
Reading Quiz #1 Philosopy of Science a.) The three aspects of science that Kuhn thinks will be revealed by the new way of  approaching the history of science that he advocates are that he departed from  evolutionary views, his notion of the scientific process, and finally he argues against  scientific realism.  Kuhn advocates that he departed from evolutionary views. Kuhn believes that  evolutionary science fills a gap of ignorance with new knowledge as opposed. In contrast, Kuhn’s new knowledge and beliefs does not fill a gap of ignorance, but replaces  incompatible knowledge. Kuhn advocates his notion of the scientific process. Research takes place within a  model or sample because the world is too big explore randomly in it’s entirety. Kuhn  believes that within a sample or model, a scientist is aware of what facts are relevant and  what facts can help build on past research. He feels that those who veer away from the  path of the main model are not scientists. Most scientists feel that those people are just  chasing superstitions.  Kuhn advocates that he argues against scientific realism.  Scientists have no  reason to believe that the accuracy of explanation of a new model is closer to  corresponding to what is actually there. Kuhn saws that the reason why one model or  sample survives and another on dies is because one solves the puzzle better than the other one.  b.) Hauksbee explains the fact that barometric light appears in an unrubbed globe when it is place close to another globe that has been electrified by rubbing by showing that the  full vacuum was not important to the phenomenon that he learned from a Swiss  mathematician Johann Bernoulli. The same glow was visible when mercury was shaken  with air and even without the barometric tube, bulbs with low­pressure gases would make the same glow with the use of external static electricity.  c.) Gilbert in a way first noticed electrical repulsion but Cabeo took Gilbert’s ideas and  made better clarified them and essentially noticed and better exemplified the idea of  electrical repulsion.  


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