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ECU / Kinesiology / KINE 1000 / Define Self-monitoring.

Define Self-monitoring.

Define Self-monitoring.


School: East Carolina University
Department: Kinesiology
Course: Lifetime Physical Activity and Fitness Laboratory
Professor: D' amico
Term: Summer 2016
Tags: goals, resistance, training, healthy, weight, body, composition, Intensity, Heart, RPE, and stress
Cost: 50
Name: Kine 1000 Study Guide 2
Description: Study guide covers modules 9-16. Topics include: Self-Monitoring and Technology; SMART Goals; iSMARTER Goals; Resistance Training; Healthy Weight and Body Composition; Exercise and Weight Loss; Exercise Intensity—Heart Rate and Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE); Exercise and Stress Management
Uploaded: 07/14/2016
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