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Unit 1.4 Determining the Time

by: Sindy Saintclair

Unit 1.4 Determining the Time CHI4930

Marketplace > University of South Florida > CHI4930 > Unit 1 4 Determining the Time
Sindy Saintclair

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About this Document

Includes Dialogue, Nouns, Phrases, and Drills
Beginning Chinese Language Culture for Business Professions
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sindy Saintclair on Thursday July 14, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to CHI4930 at University of South Florida taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 07/14/16
Unit 1.4 Determining the Time November 8, 2015 ACT SESSION Topic/Subject Chinese Vocabulary/Phrasing English Phrasing Dialogue Wáng/Qiu laoshi: xian chi dian What do you want to eat? (r) shénme? Li Aihua: Wo xiang chi I want to eat beef noodles. And you (honorific)? niúròmiàn. Nín ne? Wang laoshi: Wo ye lái yiwan I, too, will take one bowl of beef niúròumián. noodles. Nouns Miàntiáo Noodles Shuijiao Boiled dumplings Mifan Steamed rice Steamed buns Mántou Húndún Wonton Kekoukelé Coca Cola Niúnai Milk Kuangquánshui Bottled water Chá Tea Kafei Coffee Pijiu Beer Guozhi Fruit juice Wan Bowl Pán Plate Bei Cup/glass Ping Bottle Guan Can Phrase Súibiàn As you please  When used alone, it means “It doesn’t matter to me/It’s up to you” 1. Súibiàn kán Look as you please 2. Súibiàn chi Eat as you please 3. Súibiàn yòng Use it as you please Numbers Yi One Ér Two (alone) Liang Two (before noun; when counting) San Three Sì Four Wu Five Verbs Chi To eat He To drink or take order Lái Come A. Qing lái yi wan níuròu Please bring me one bowl of beef miàn. noodles. I will also take a bowl of beef B. Wo ye lái yi wan níuòmián. noodles. Xiang To think about/miss something/one A. Wo xiang ni. I miss you B. Wo xiang jia. I miss home  When used with another verb, it becomes “to want to” 1. Wo xiang da qiu. I want to play ball. 2. Wo xiang kàn shu. I want to read books 3. Wo xiang kàn diànying I want to watch a movie. 4. Wo xiang qu chi fàn. I want to eat. 5. Wo xiang he cha I want to drink tea. 6. Wo xiang chi mifàn. I want to eat steamed rice. 7. Wo xiang chi miàntiáo. I want to eat noodles.  To ask if someone wants to do something: 1. Ni xiang kàn diànying Do you want to watch a movie? ma? 2. Ni xiang chi fàn ma? Do you want to eat? 3. Ni xiang he kafei ma? Do you want to drink coffee? Ellipsis Particle Ne Used to omit information 1. Wo xiang kàn shu ni I want to read a book. What about ne? you—do you want to read a book? 2. Wo xiang chi miàntiáo I want to eat noodles. What about ni ne? you—What do you want to eat? Adverb Ye Also/too A. Ta shì laoshi He is a teacher. Wo ye shì laoshi I am also a teacher. B. Wo he kekoukele. I’ll drink Coca Cola. I will also drink Coca Cola. Wo ye he kekoukele. C. Wo xiang kàn diànying I want to watch a movie. Wo ye xiang kàn I also want to watch a movie. diànying Counting Objects and Yi zhi bizhi Cylindrical writing utensil Measure Words Yi zhang zhuozizhang Flat surface Yì ben shuben Bound object Yì tái chúanzhenjítái Machine/with an engine Ge A generic measure word 1. Yì gè dongxi. One thing 2. Lian gè xuéxiào Two schools Liang suo xuéxiào 3. San gè rén Three people San kou rén 4. Sì gè laoshi Four teachers Sì wèi laoshi 5. Wu gè kele Five Cokes 6. Wu píng kele. Verb and Object Pattern Shénme What A. Ni xiang chi shénme? What do you want to eat? B. Ni xiang kàn shénme? What do you want to watch/read?  If it comes before an object, it becomes “what kind (of object)?” What kind of non-alcoholic drink A. Ni xiang ne shénme yinliào? do you want to drink? B. Ni xiang kàn shénme What kind of movie do you want dianying? to watch? C. Ni xiang chi shénme What kind of rice/food do you fan? want to eat? D. Ni xiang shàng shénme What class do you want to attend? kè? DRILLS/LIANXI WL: n ixiang chi dian (r) What do you want to eat? shénme? LA: Suibian It doesn’t matter to me. LA: Wang laoshi, ni xiang chi Teacher Wang, what do you want dian (r) shénme? to eat? WL: Suibian. It doesn’t matter to me. LA: Zhang Huan, ni xiang he Zhang Huan, what do you want to dian (r) shénme? drink? Zhang Huan: suibian. It doesn’t matter to me. ZH: ni xiang he dian (r) Li Aihua, what do you want to chénme, Li Aihuá? drink? LA: Suibian. It doesn’t matter to me.


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