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Study Guide for ART HISTORY 6B

by: Anahit Ghaltaghchyan

Study Guide for ART HISTORY 6B art history 6b

Anahit Ghaltaghchyan

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About this Document

Renaissance and Baroque
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Anahit Ghaltaghchyan on Monday August 1, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to art history 6b at University of California Santa Barbara taught by zumaya in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Renaissance and Baroque in Art History at University of California Santa Barbara.


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Date Created: 08/01/16
08/02/2016 ▯ Giorgione ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ Titian- Concert 1510 ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ Titian-Concert 1510 ▯ ▯ said to be credited to Giorgione ▯ ▯ Two men in contemporary renaissance outfits, welcomes you into a scene of renaissance life(one would think this, yet it isn't valid) ▯ ▯ Suggestive dream of the relations between the antiquated world (verse, workmanship, figures) and the contemporary world ▯ ▯ 2 fairies ▯ ▯ Dream of a basic life, near the earth, near nature. Weight of urban life ▯ ▯ Sprit of old peaceful ballad without having any of the components of those sonnets. ▯ ▯ Visual comparable to peaceful ballad ▯ ▯ Fortifying your creative ability ex. Sprite on the left emptying water into the well, brings out optical and oral experience. ▯ ▯ Clear surfaces, fortifies physical reaction ▯ ▯ Bacchanal 1522-3 ▯ ▯ Energetic representation of the interminable dining experience ▯ ▯ Old legendary figures ▯ ▯ Hues and surfaces one against the other ▯ ▯ Wine-what makes them upbeat ▯ ▯ Sexy way of life ▯ ▯ Intended to be playful and lively, fun, interesting ▯ ▯ Female bare had a lot to drink, does not give it a second thought ▯ ▯ Sentiment being unrepressed, feels totally at home ▯ ▯ Stature of joy that the body is fit for accomplishing ▯ ▯ Aptitude of writer ▯ ▯ Venus of Urbino-1538 ▯ ▯ Reference to Giorgione ▯ ▯ Genuine individual, not legendary ▯ ▯ Proposed to be a picture (close) ▯ ▯ Sufficiently wonderful to be spoken to as Venus ▯ ▯ Graceful ^^ ▯ ▯ Other understanding; Venus' castle. Taking a gander at you, has an altogether different mental impact on the viewer. ▯ ▯ Suspicion of the Virgin 1516-8 ▯ ▯ Physical climb of the virgin to paradise ▯ ▯ Gotten and delegated by God ▯ ▯ Intense symbolism impacts, shading ▯ ▯ Opponent to Raphael's photo of Sistine Madonna ▯ ▯ Heightening the differentiation of hues ▯ ▯ Painted at the same careful time as Raphael's Transfiguration painting. (thought about whether it is possible that one knew of this) ▯ ▯ Picture of a (Man in Blue) 1515 ▯ ▯ Balance, restriction, the way he hold himself ▯ ▯ Great representation of the man's identity ▯ ▯ Indication of Raphael's Castiglione ▯ ▯ Treatment of silk sleeve, extremely very much executed. ▯ ▯ Painter propose what he sees, doesn't carelessly replicate it. Generally as successful ▯ ▯ Accentuation is not on the ability of hand and hours spent, yet on the insight on making the impact ▯ ▯ Making something troublesome look simple ▯ ▯ Titian had an astonishing scope of what he could paint ▯ ▯ Pope Paul III ▯ ▯ Wearing such an approach to appear, to the point that the man in the work of art is none other than the Pope ▯ ▯ Mental impact of him having a say whether one goes to damnation/paradise ▯ ▯ Accentuation on how he is slouched over ▯ ▯ Picture of force, yet helplessness of an old man ▯ ▯ Power in light of knowledge, experience ▯ ▯ Connecting with you as a man, not a scary look in spite of the fact that he as a man can appear to be threatening ▯ ▯ Making a trade with the viewer, mindful of his own shortcomings as much as he knows about his own. Closeness of individual trade ▯ ▯ Tintoretto Miracle of St. Mark ▯ ▯ Slave changed over to Christianity, Owner tormented slave to change over back. Slave appealed to St. Mark, St Mark descended ▯ ▯ Stacked brush-thick layer of paint on canvas ▯ ▯ A considerable measure of vitality in the photo ▯ ▯ NORTHERN EUROPE ▯ ▯ Four Horseman of the Apocalypse 1498 [Woodcut] ▯ ▯ Albrecht Dürer-most gifted of long line of talented painters in Northern Europe ▯ ▯ Four steeds of ruinous thoughts ▯ ▯ Uncommon inconspicuous treatment of wood cuts that nobody has ever possessed the capacity to do some time recently. ▯ ▯ Fall of Man 1504 ▯ ▯ Speaking to the male and female bare as adequately as the Italian painters ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ Fall of Man 1504


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