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Music 151 Exam #2

by: Tiffani Chole

Music 151 Exam #2 Music 151

Tiffani Chole
GPA 3.04

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About this Document

These notes cover questions and answers that are covered for the second unit.
Introduction to Pop Culture Music
Dr. Yeager
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Tiffani Chole on Tuesday August 9, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Music 151 at San Diego State University taught by Dr. Yeager in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 118 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Pop Culture Music in Music at San Diego State University.


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Date Created: 08/09/16
Exam #2 - What performance medium became popular in the 1880s and featured a rotating  cast of performers? o VAUDEVILLE - What famous Gershwin work has by some, been upgraded to the status of opera,  rather than musical? o PORGY & BESS - With the development of electronic technology, what style came into fashion … o - Who of the following would not be considered a “new crooner”? o MARC ANTHONY - What was the format that converted minstrel shows into more family oriented … o VAUDEVILLE - What was revolutionary about Jerome Kern’s ‘showboat’ in 1927? o IT WAS THE FIRST EXAMPLE OF SERIOUS DRAMA IN AMERICA - Why was music sheet such a popular/important medium in the later half of the  1880s? o IT WAS THE ONLY MEDIUM (VIA AMETEUR PIANO  PERFORMANCE) THAT POPULAR SONGS COULD BE  MARKETED IN AMERICA - Who of the following would not be considered a modern composer of musicals? o TONY PASTOR - Black American culture contributed to the evolving musical theatre with which … o THE CREOLE SHOW - What was the first significant format to commercialize on African­American  music … o MINSTREL SHOW - What songs became popular in eighteenth­century England and eventually … o PARLOR SONGS - Who was the composer that brought American musical theater to its peak and also was a mentor to Irving … o GEORGE M COHAN - What lyricist worked with Richard Rogers after hiss collaboration with Lorenze  Heart? o - What two venues helped expand the American song and entertainment industry? o BALLROOM DANCING AND CABARET - What was the organization created by the publishing firms of Tin Pan Alley? o ASCAP - What revolutionary style of theater is Jerome Kern associated with? o PRINCESS THEATER MUSICALS - What famous work by Leonard Bernstein is based on Romeo and Juliet? o WEST SIDE STORY - What Tin Pan Alley composer was able to withstand the rise of conservatory  trained composers on sheer talent? o IRVING BERLIN th th - Who were the traveling courtly singer/songwriters of Germany in the 12  and 13 century? o MINNESINGERS - About when did phonograph players come down in price? o 1908 - Who was the greatest American song composer of the 19  century? o STEPHEN FOSTER th th - Who were the traveling court singer/songwriters of France in the 12  and 13   century? o TROUBADOR - Concerning Minstrel shows and its presentation of class issues, what modern  musical genre … o PUNK ROCK - While Minstrel shows focused racial & class issues, what was another element … o LAMPOONING “LEGITIMATE” THEATER - What historic film introduced sound and ended the era of silent film? o THE JAZZ SINGER - With the push to market minstrelsy to upper­class patronage by the 1840’s, how  did race … o - Tin Pan Alley received its name for: o TINKLING PIANOS - While the minstrel shows are clearly racist, they also include themes of: o COMMON GROUND BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE LOWER  CLASS - Why did American sheet production center around the theater district in NY? o THE THEATERS REQUIRED AN ABUNDANCE OF SONGS - What theatre format carried over from a traditional European legacy? o MINSTREL


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