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Study Guide for Exam #2

by: Giselle

Study Guide for Exam #2 govt 2305 045

Austin Community College
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

These notes cover chapters 13,14,15 and 17
United States Government
Celeste Rios
Study Guide
Government, test
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Giselle on Wednesday August 10, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to govt 2305 045 at Austin Community College taught by Celeste Rios in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see United States Government in Government at Austin Community College.

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Date Created: 08/10/16
Exam 2 Chapters 13 & 14 Presidency Tasks to provide leadership without tyranny – founding fathers No one else in the world had an elected head of state Requirements: US born, 35 years older, lived in US for 14 years Interpreted in many forms for requirements Society’s requirement: race, education, charisma, experience WASP, not Kennedy, Obama Duties: head of nation (laws being executed), head of state (chief executive) Commander in chief (military action (convene congress, veto power in legislation branch, appoint officials, make treaties, grant pardons. More degree of power than found in constitution Inherent powers. NOT stated in constitution 1. Executive privilege: right to withhold information, refuse to appear in front of committee before court system 2. Signing statement: adding to a bill once its signed (ex. Order torture) 3. Executive order: trivial matters, President Obama doing executive order on immigration policy Any time congress gives president more power – DELEGATION POWER President = World Leader One branch of government is from a different party than the white house -divided government Good side – developed natural check system Bad- grid lock (nothing happens, everything is stuck) White house staff – gives president power to appoint people, so they can be in his staff, most council are from here and aren’t checked by senate chamber. Bureaucracy found in executive level, society loves to complain how big bureaucracy is. In order to downsize: loss of jobs, people. Size of government expanding 1. Increasing complexity of society 2. Attitude towards business has changed 3. Government regulates 4. Social and wealth fare policies 5. Agencies have grown and expanded at rate we can’t control 15 departments, chief of each department is the secretary (energy, labor, state, education) nominated by president and senate approves or not. Independent agencies, not part of a cabinet department, controlled in a degree by president, CIA, FBI. Government corporations – government agency that performs services that might be provided by a private sector but that involves a function that could be found insufficient. Ex. Postal service Civil service, based on merit, work in government corporations. Administrative discretion – latitude that congress gives agencies to make policy in the spirit of the legislative mandate. Incrementalism – changing a bit by bit. Iron triangle, Revolving door Chapter 15 Marbury v. Madison 1803 – judicial review. The power to declare a government act invalid because it violates the constitution. 1. Power to declare national state and local laws invalid 2. National law has supremacy 3. Supreme Court has the final authority when interpreting constitution Criminal – plea bargain (admit guilt hoping that court would give a lesser sentence) US district courts – 94. each state will have a district court US court of appeals – 13 courts, circuit-area, panel of judges TX, LO, MI US Supreme Court – 9 justices In order for SC to hear a case, it can go through a pyramid, or original jurisdiction, going straight to SC. Amicus curiae: friend of court Rule of four – if 4 justices agree to hear a case, it is placed in docket: supreme court agenda. Time limit for both sides, 30 minutes long, to discuss facts of each case, then committee and then they explain the outcome. If chief justice is in the majority – opinion If you disagree with outcome – dissent Brief: argument 2 ways SC justices can interpret law Judicial activism: Judicial restraint: Salary SC judge $255,500 associate justice $244,400 Check justices on SC currently Chapters 17 US is super power. It is an influential country. 1. UN, we are a permanent member, one of 5 states with veto power 2. Nonproliferation treaty, having nuclear arms, US, Russia, UK, France and China Isolationist – reluctance to becoming involved at first with the founding fathers. Just concentrate on the US, hard to globalize, then it changed (WWI, WWII) the foreign policy is now based on globalization Globalization - National integration, ideas, culture, media, business, creates intro dependence. Iranian coup d’état: capture a country. Foreign policy of Kennedy & Reagan.


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