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Study Guide for Exam 2, Practice Exam 2 with Key

by: Caitlyn Hathorne

Study Guide for Exam 2, Practice Exam 2 with Key BIO 182

Marketplace > Arizona State University > Biology > BIO 182 > Study Guide for Exam 2 Practice Exam 2 with Key
Caitlyn Hathorne
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Study Guide for Exam 2 material made from extended posted study guide. Practice Exam 2 is an actual exam taken Spring 2015.
General Biology II
Prof. Foltz-Sweat
Study Guide
defintions, organization, plants, Viruses
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Caitlyn Hathorne on Saturday August 13, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BIO 182 at Arizona State University taught by Prof. Foltz-Sweat in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see General Biology II in Biology at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 08/13/16
ASU West - Dr. Sweat BIO 182 - Exam 2 Study 1. 3 shapesof > bacillus 24.relationship between from dominant gametophyte bacteria > coccous gametophyte + sporophyte todominant sporophyte > spirella 25.secondary endosymbiotic eukaryote ate red/green algae 2. bacterial virus genetic material is combined intothe 26. secondary growth girth transduction bacteria's 27.seed plant lineages > gymnosperms 3. bacterial produces viruses > angiosperms transformation 28.vascular seedlessplant > ferns 4. complete contain stamen (m), carpal (f), petals, and lineage > club mosses flowers sepals 29. 5. viroids small circular genetic material defining features > alteration of generations ofterrestrial > multicellular 30.virus gene protein plants > walled spores, sporangia > multicellular gametangia > apical meristems 6. dioecious can be male or female 7. evolutionary plasmid + transposon origin ofviruses 8. F plasmid + Hfr > carries genes for conjugation bridge, not bacterial chromosome chromosome > capable of sexual reproduction 9. genetic material single stranded RNA, double stranded ofavirus RNA, single stranded DNA, or double stranded DNA 10.gram stain tests for peptidoglycan on external surfaces 11. heterosporous both types of gametes:male AND female 12.homosporous only 1 type of gamete:male OR female 13.major > animals eukaryotic > plants lineages > fungi 14.meiosis+ mitosis in sporophyte in land plants 15. meristem tissue growth comes from the tip of the plant 16.methodsof > F plasmid conjugation > chromosome 17.monoecious contain both male and female parts 18.non-vascular > mosses plant lineage > hornworts > liverworts 19. perfect flowers contain both stamen (m) and carpal (f) 20.plant tissue > dermis types > ground > vascular 21.primary red/green algae endosymbiotic 22.primary growth height 23. prion misfolded protein


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