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UA - PSYCH 101 - Class Notes - Week 2

Created by: Ashley Bartolomeo Elite Notetaker

UA - PSYCH 101 - Class Notes - Week 2

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background image Lecture 3
Neurons and Neurotransmitters
Neurons: The basic unites of the nervous system
Operate through electrical impulses Communicate with other neurons through chemical signals Form neural networks Three basic phases Reception Integration Transmission Three Types of Neurons 1. Sensory- touch, feel
2. Motor- movement ex. Holding a pen
3. Interneuron- local neurons, shorter distance
Neuron Structure
Dendrite: branchlike extensions of neurons that detects information 
from other neurons
Integration Cell Body (Soma): site in neuron where information from 1000s of other
neurons is collected and integrated
Axon: long narrow outgrowth of a neuron by which information is 
transmitted to other neurons
Glial Cells: maintain homeostasis, form myelin and provide support and
protection for neurons
Myelin Sheath: fatty material made up of glial cells that insulates some
axons to allow for faster movement of electrical impulses along the 
Node of Ranvier: small gaps of exposed axon, between the segments 
of myelin sheath, where action potentials take place
Terminal Terminal Buttons: at the ends of axons, small nodules that release 
chemical signals from the neuron into the synapse
Synapse: gap between axon of a “sending” neuron and the dendrites 
of a “receiving” neuron; site where chemical communication between 
neurons occurs
Neurotransmitters: chemical substances that transmit signals from one
neuron to another

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School: University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro to Psychology
Professor: Tba
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: intro, to, and Psychology
Name: PY 101
Description: Notes on lecture 3- neurons and neurotransmitters
Uploaded: 08/22/2016
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