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XAVIER UNIVERSITY / Communications / COMM 329 / Why study research methods?

Why study research methods?

Why study research methods?


School: Xavier University
Department: Communications
Course: Survery and Research
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Research Methodologies
Cost: 50
Name: Survey & Research Exam 1 Study Guide
Description: Chapters 1-6: Introduction, Research Ethics, Social Scientific Paradigm, Interpretive Paradigm, Critical Paradigm, Literature Review.
Uploaded: 08/23/2016
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Why study research methods?


Exam 1 Study Chapter 1 Why study research methods?

o improve ability to locate, critique, & use anidemic materials (2 learn to write papers wlgood content ability to follow a

research design, & improve writing abilities

critical analysis of new concepts; know what it means 2 evaluate it, 3 make a judgement about it

What are the eight functions of theories?



-human process of sharing meaning wlothers. communications

- technological system for the transmission of information


GestudySoup If you want to learn more check out What is the difference between theory and hypotheses?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is directed verdict?
We also discuss several other topics like How many items can we hold for a limited amount of time in our short term memory?

- formal statement of rules on which a subject is booed, or

an explanation of the relationship between two vanables research

What are the tips for using apa?

Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of entrepreneurship in economics?

- detailed in-depth study of a subject (Theory to reach a greater

understanding or to obtain new information about the subject methodu

-systematic technique procedure used to conduct research methodology

- the study of one or more methods

Handout "Research! What is it good for?"

3) StudySoup

ShadySoup ers

Chapter 2) Nuremberg Thais.

- WWII doctors performing expenments on prisoners Tuskegee, Alabarna

- doctors infected / refused treatment to patients with syphilis

to study progression of the disease Stanley Milgram If you want to learn more check out What should be a human goal?

-Subjected participants to psychological distress to study ve effects of authority

Stanford Prison expirement

-Phillip Zimbardo examined shifts in authority personality We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of black codes?

in distressful prison setting


I Institutional Review Boards (IRB).

- monitor, direct, are responsible for enacting codes of conduct

- created by federal government & Belmont Report written by National Commission for the Protection of Human subjects

of Biomedical and Behavioral Research in 1974)

whal commission ment & Belmde ting. codes

voluntary informed consent

- tell your participants, in written document, what they'll be doing - includes: Project title, investigators, contact info, Purpose,

Procedures, risks & benefits, anonymity, voluntary nature, questions

use of deception

- may be necessary for accurate Beration results -IRB will decide


Study Se


- telling participants the purpose & Procedure of study denoaxing

- telling participants why you lied to them a desensitizing

- Calming participants down after emotionally arousing

StudySout sy




- Participant's identity is unknown confidentiality

- Participant's identity is known but kept secret




-using someone else's words ideas without giving them credit Chapter 3 8 Functions of Theones

O organize & summarize knowledge 2 focus avention on specific variables & relationships between them

clarify what is observed/studied & how to study it in research, allow for prediction of human behavior

generate research abstract & partial

represent how people see the world & challange existing cultural life & generate new ways of living


- any conceptual representation/explanation of a phenomenon.



Social Scientists

O look for causal laws

describe & predict Things (3 gather empirical data

4 be as value-free as possible in research Cobjective)

social Suized method ctive

-organized method of research combining empirical observations

of behavior wlinductive deductive logic to confirm & test theories that are then used to describe / predict human activity

de dus

StudySoup of

Scientific method

Proposed theory 2 Predictions made (hypothesis) (3 observations made

4 empinical generalizations generated

a) StudySoup

method must be empirical, objective, controlled

• Social Sciences isn't 1001 predictable because our personalities.

& pre determined preferences will infhrence our research methods

Social Scientific RQ | Hypothesis -People who wanted play more than two hours of violent video

a day will be more agressive than those who don't - how do vident video games affect peoples' behavior?




Сма тек 4) Interpretive Paradigm

Tocuses on belief that reality is constructed Through.

Subjective perceptions interpretations of reality - study of humans cannot be held to the same standards

or methods as natural sciences


Interpretive Approaches

Hermeneutics -focus on how interpreting a text will reveal something about the author, social context, & provide a shared

experience between author & reader (2) Phenomenology

-systematic explanation of study of consciousness &

subjective human experience 3 symbolic Interactionism

- area of research emphasizing relationships between

symbols, the social world, & social interaction


study so

Research methods used

-ethnography, interviewing, focus groups, content analysis, others..



culture differenty

Interpretive RQ/Hypothesis

- How do women understand

than men? - women understand class room




thom men.

) Study Soup


Chapter 5

Critical Paradigm

- looks for ways to change & overcome oppression .

the relationships

of power

Study Some

Power types

O coersive threatens some harm 2 reward - Promises something & legitimate -reminding of logici fact 1 persuasive making compelling argument


Karl Marx

-Insightful & outspoken critics of capitalism sto -believed labor was central & defining aspect of humans

-our physical transformation made thought possible -division of labor based on social political classes


RQI trypothesis

3) StudySoup



Chapter (6) Writing Tips:

O be trugal wluse of quotations 2 Paraphrase, summarize, & synthesize 3 organize your literature review (1 edit & proofread


Tips for using APA (know o)

bay APA manual

keep APA manual handy 3 write literature review in past tense on

active voice 6 people are always "who" "That" is for imanimate objects (6 12-point Times New Roman for whole paper

0 quotations include scurce citation, date, & page number 8 quote longer than 90 words placed into block format @ "e.g" for examples, "et at for parts of complete lists (10) numbers gone through nine spelled out, above to use digits. (1 onrys author's last names in in-text citations & references (12 " and outside of parentheses, "&" inside of parentheses.

APA formatted citations (14 "Refrences, not "works cited" or "bibliography" (15 references have 1/2" hanging indent & alphabetical order a



Research Notation

x treatment

O observation R random assignment / selection




random assignment

-some in sample will get different treatment random selection

- everyone in sample will have equal opportunity meta-analysis

-looking at all relevant studies to find overarching results File Drawer Problem

-insignificant findings don't get published triangulation

-using more than one method to measure construct manipulation check

- Checking wl Participants to see if the variable you think you manipulated,

was mdeed manipulated Likert scale coup

- list of statements ranging from "strongly agree to "strongly disagree". Semantic differential

- list of Polar opposite words, "nice" e "evil, mark space between them conceptual definitions

- similar to dictionary definitions based on prenous research Operational definitions.

sexplanations of methods, Procedures, vanables, & instruments

you use to measure your concepts Behavioral Measure

- Observation of behavior to determine how someone feels

about somethi

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