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BIS 3233, First week notes

by: Ashley Fairley

BIS 3233, First week notes 3233

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Business > 3233 > BIS 3233 First week notes
Ashley Fairley

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About this Document

These notes will cover chapter 1 for the exam. Most of these questions are on the homework that was given out.
Managment Information Systems
Martin Githinji
Study Guide
information, Systems
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ashley Fairley on Thursday August 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 3233 at Mississippi State University taught by Martin Githinji in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 97 views. For similar materials see Managment Information Systems in Business at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 08/25/16
Business Information Systems Chapter 1 Test Study Guide 1. The list of all your purchases from Amazon (books bought, price paid, and dates) is defined as information. 2. If Amazon uses a list of all your purchases (books bought, price paid, and dates) to recommend other books to you, then Amazon can be said to be applying knowledge. 3. Telepresence systems can help make global outsourcing a more popular choice for small and medium enterprises. 4. The title of the executive who is in charge of the people who design and build information system, the people who use those systems, and the people responsible for managing those systems is CIO. 5. An organization information technology consists of the physical facilities, IT components, IT services, and IT management that will support the entire organization. 6. Knowledge conveys understanding accumulated learning and expertise as they apply to a current problem. 7. Which of the following is an IT job within an organization? Program manager, CIO, System Analyst, and Network Manager. 8. Which of the following is a useful, cost effective, hands on, and safe teaching tool in the medical field? Simulation environments 9. An organization IT components include all of the following except? Monitors 10.Knowledge consists of information that has been processed to convey expertise as it applies to a business problem. 11.A listing of all courses offered at your university would be considered data, whereas a listing of all courses required in your major would be considered information. 12.Organization information technology architecture: integrates the information required of the organization and all users. 13.Global outsourcing helps an organization to: implement spatial and temporal flexibility, find the best person for the job, and find more economical resources. 14.Increasing their productivity affects middle managers. 15.Information is data that have been organized to have meaning and value to a recipient. 16.An IT component is/are the computer hardware, software, and communications technologies that are used by IT personnel to produce IT services. 17.Which of the following statements concerning the management of information resources is NOT true? Managing mainframes has become more difficult. 18.HR information systems, POM information systems, CRM information system, and marketing info system are usually classified as: Functional area information systems 19.Managing information systems in a modern organization is challenging because: The system are very expensive to acquire, operate, and maintain. 20.Which of the following is NOT a benefit of being an informed user of IT? Working in the IT side of the organization.


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