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LSU / Engineering / HIST 1005 / jason wolfe lsu

jason wolfe lsu

jason wolfe lsu


School: Louisiana State University
Department: Engineering
Course: World History to 1500
Professor: Jason wolfe
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: history, Paleolithic, Neolithic, neanderthals, Australopithecines, homo, and sapiens
Cost: Free
Name: HIST 1005, Chapter 1, Week 1 Notes
Description: This week, we were introduced to what exactly history is. After, we began Chapter 1, which talked about precursors to modern humans and the progression to now, describing the special things that humans can do that other animals cannot. Then, we talked about the spreading from humans throughout the world from Africa. Lastly, we talked about the Paleolithic Age and Neolithic Revolution and what homo
Uploaded: 08/26/2016
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