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UA - PSYCH 101 - Class Notes - PY 101

Created by: Ashley Bartolomeo Elite Notetaker

UA - PSYCH 101 - Class Notes - PY 101

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background image Brain Structure, Part 1 The Brain Broca’s area­ first supporting evidence that the brain has different areas with different 
The Brain Stem If spinal cord is damaged, neurons can’t fire (paralysis) Reticular formation: alertness, if damaged become tired Brain stem: o Midbrain o Pons o Medulla Oblongata o All deal with survival instincts (breathing, heart beating) The Cerebral Cortex The outer layer of brain tissue, forms the convoluted surface of the brain Site of all thoughts, perceptions and complex behaviors Each cerebral hemisphere has four lobes Occipital: vision Parietal: senses like touch Temporal: hearing, memory Frontal: thought, planning, movement Corpus Callosum: a massive bridge of millions of axons, connects the hemispheres and 
allows information to flow between them
This structure is cut in the split brain operation Neuron Structure Gray Matter: dominated by neuron’s cell bodies White Matter: consists mostly of axons and the fatty myelin sheaths that surround them Temporal Lobe Regions of cerebral cortex, below parietal lobe and in front of occipital lobe o Hearing o Facial recognition o Object recognition o Learning o Understanding language  o Emotional reactions Parietal Lobe Important for sense of touch and for attention to environment o Primary somatosensory cortex o Somatosensory homunculus Occipital Lobe Regions of the cerebral cortex at the back of the brain, which are important for vision o Primary visual cortex

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School: University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro to Psychology
Professor: Tba
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Psychology
Name: PY 101
Description: Notes on brain structure
Uploaded: 08/26/2016
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