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Composition 1 - Week 1-2 study guide

by: Mallorie Jones

Composition 1 - Week 1-2 study guide Eng 105

Marketplace > Northwest Iowa Community College > ENGLISH (ENG) > Eng 105 > Composition 1 Week 1 2 study guide
Mallorie Jones


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About this Document

The really important stuff from my other materials
English Composition 1
Patrick R. Johnson
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mallorie Jones on Saturday August 27, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Eng 105 at Northwest Iowa Community College taught by Patrick R. Johnson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see English Composition 1 in ENGLISH (ENG) at Northwest Iowa Community College.


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Date Created: 08/27/16
ENG 105 Composition 1 1. Writing Processes a. Getting Started i. 2 considerations ∙ What to accomplish ∙ How to appeal to your audience a. Who is your audience? a. A Process of Writing ii. Generate Ideas ∙ What to write about? iii. Plan ∙ Decide on main point ∙ Thesis - give your purpose to your audience iv. Draft ∙ Start and restart ∙ Build paragraphs ∙ Create coherence ∙ Open and conclude v. Develope ∙ Explain and support ∙ Add definitions or sample and details ∙ Supply evidence and/or research vi. Revise ∙ Major rearrangement vii. Edit ∙ Start looking at tiny details 2. Process of Critical Reading a. 2 reading approaches i. Active - thoroughly paying attention to each sentence 1 ii. Questioning - evaluating and responding to what you are reading b. Getting Started i. Prepare ∙ Identify purpose ∙ Plan follow-up ∙ Gain background ∙ Skim text ii. Respond ∙ Read deeply a. Paying attention to strategy and structure ∙ Annotate ∙ Keep a Journal iii. Read critically ∙ Read literally ∙ Knowing ∙ Comprehending ∙ Applying a. Connect knowledge → what you already know ∙ Analyzing ∙ Evaluating iv. Read analytically ∙ Generate ideas ∙ Logging your reading ∙ Recalling what you have already read ∙ Paraphrasing a. Restate in your own words ∙ Summarizing a. Reduce main point to essential in your own words 3. Strategies for Generating Ideas a. Finding Ideas i. Brainstorm ∙ A sudden insight of inspiration ∙ Try to get as much in for as possible in a short amount of time 2 ∙ Use free association to stimulate a chain of ideas ii. Free Writing ∙ simply writing sentences without stopping ∙ Develop topic a bit further ∙ Most productive with an aim or goal iii. Mapping ∙ Allows you to see certain ideas’ relationships or relativity iv. Asking a Reporter’s Questions ∙ Good way to find out how to start an essay ∙ 6 questions: a. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How? ∙ Use to generate details! 4. Strategies for Stating a Thesis and Planning a. Starting and Using a Thesis i. One main point ii. Explicit Thesis ∙ Directly stated iii. Implicit Thesis ∙ Indirectly suggested b. How to Discover a Working Thesis i. Working Thesis - a statement that can guide you but you will ultimately refine ∙ Topic+position on topic=working thesis c. How to State a Thesis i. Exactly! → from general to concise and specific ii. Central idea iii. Positive iv. Limit to a statement you can demonstrate 3


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