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Define society.

Define society.


* =

Define society.



Lecture li What is Society * social structure patterns of interaction and systematic

relationships across space and time (collecting constrainic

Examples of Social Structure: o classrooms o language o class, race, and gender (expectations Iroles like opening

Give me an example of social structure.

We also discuss several other topics like Why do we have constitutions?

the car door . Homicide rates crime rates


• Ability to impose your

the course of their Setting the agenda

will over others, even over

resistance gambling, Brown v. Board

• Ideology hegemony ideas as forms of power

and domination (to shape your perception of realitys - To the ideas of the elite I powerful - Ex. even if you know buying a car is a financial

Define ideology.

If you want to learn more check out What to remember how conversion works?

strain, if I had , I would buy bic I have been taught that buying a car is good.. - EX. In Rodney king video in trial, even though

you can see truth, the "expert came in a

said something else was happening & changed

reality of the video w - Ex. Barington moore Jr. indian group called

"the untouchables had zero revolts even though they led a horrible life. moore says that if you revolt in the cast position, religion will convince you you will come back ! We also discuss several other topics like Why are you so hungry?

as an untouchable (poor, lowerclass)

- Ex. Sexual ideologus in the courtroom

Morality linterpretation o social construction of Legal Realities

- interpret data or rates to have diff. conclusions

- has to do wi personal moral views o Discourse I Language If you want to learn more check out What does heat mean?

- Abortion case where acc. was prosecuted for

Ist degree murder of a fetus & attomey (defense) called it a "baby" causing moral , personal meanings

Author of ... Cukoo's nest" passed out LSD which

ques you hallucinations & ppi diant know that & they go hospital where Howard Becker saw. in 60s more ppl using shrims but & ppl in hospital. Drug. World emerging culture) where older ppl ( who took LSD) told younger pel of what happens they like it. We we We also discuss several other topics like What are elements in biology?
Don't forget about the age old question of When is the paleolithic age?

Construct our own realties." ex:

cultural subjective experience (Becker) Partying" - means drinking langs not going to party.

• "You're walking with this man

• Defense used his statements, her response to

interpret how he wanted (she was partying, so not sexual assault)

Putting it all together

• Defense. what items have you read in prep. for

your testimony?

• Victing the statement I gave to detective

• DA: So your testifying to stalement you gave riga

o her pause of Le sec ques DA opp. to say she

does not know thith

Stud SOU


** Test Question

Lecture 2: What is Law ?

Study Soup


• Law is all

sons of social control






o Norm of reciprocity etc even without modem

courts , penal system etc ex) in godfather you give & expect something

back o still people organized lives around identifiable

rules i l obey law bic I want to)


• Law is coercion bringing about conformity by a specialized staff. key phrase is specialize

"Staff" such as police, nuages, attorneys ect. - highly trained group of legal specialists

las said by Weber) - pouce have to take tests to get into

academy then have to traino

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