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BSC242 Final

by: Ally Lappe

BSC242 Final BSC 242

Ally Lappe
GPA 3.93

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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ally Lappe on Wednesday March 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BSC 242 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Gray in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Microbiology in Biology at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 03/25/15
MU5121 Final Guide Art Song setting of a poem for voicepiano ErlkonigDiechteliebe a series of art songs that tell a story or are related is a song cycle ld e xe a special theme by Berlioz to represent Harriet in Symphonie Fantastique a recurring theme or character trait that s the foundation of the work 19 20th Romantic Era Strophic form same melody is repeated in each stanza strophe Romantic Era quotDihterliebe Schumann opposite eof through composed Through composed each section has different music Romantic Erlkonig Shubert Symphonic poem a single movement work for orchestra that is composed to tell a story or go along with events or moods in a poem tended to be traditional but sometimes programmatic BRAHMS but also Mahler and Dvorak Late romantic Nationalism unde ned Concert Overture One movement self contained work intended for performance in the concert hall Before the Romantic era an overture would have been an intro for something else Concert overtures were written for a variety of settings and reasons special occasions evoke some aspect of nature romantics were obsessed with nature or express a mood or aspect of human nature Different from the tone poem in that they have a very formal structure such as a large scale sonata form Often programmatic William Tell Overture Grand Opera concentrated on the spectacle crowd scenes ballets elaborate scenery etc like going to see an action movie they went to see all the cool things on stage not necessarily to listen Verdi s Aida Opera comique used spoken dialogue instead of sung recitative plot didn t have to be completely humorous but would contain light hearted moments Lyric Opera plots were taken from romantic drama or fantasy and relied primarily on the beauty of the melodies Music Drama Wagner s opera relied on drama Leitmotif a melody or multiple melodies that identify a certain character idea or object Naturalism an effort to depict life as it was objectively and truthfully Italians called it quotverismoquot Bizet s quotCarmenquot Impressionism ainters sought to capture a visual impression rather than a literal representation of their subject Inspiration came from mood atmosphere nature Debussey Pre lude a L apre s midi d un faune and Ravel Very light and delicate France was the center of this movement Experimentation Primitivism nonWestern ideas as subjects angular melodies and off beat primitive rhythms Stravinsky s Rite ofSpring caused riots in 1913 most important composer Neoclassicism balanced formal structure and emotional restraint of the previous Baroque and Classical periods John Williams most well known lm scorer jaws Star Wars Program Music Music that portrays an extramusical phenomenon such as a dramatic incident a poetic image a visual object or some element in nature is called Art Music vs Popular Music powerpoint jazz only true American contribution to music originated in large cities NYC Chicago LA NEW ORLEANS Storyville in NOLA seedy red light district First played by AAs Blends European and African Involves call and response polyrhythms repetition of rhythm patterns and exotic scale patterns Subgeneres are ragtime and blues Blues originated out of the eld hollers and work songs of African slaves each section has two lines of rhyming poetry the rst being repeated AAB follows 12 bar harmonic progression pattern Howlin Wolf quotHow Many More Yearsquot sometimes called big band one of the most commercialized forms of jazz dance halls more instruments added mainly saxophone very famous band leaders Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington crossed into pop charts and had many hits Louis Armstrong quotDream a Little Dreamquot reaction to the commercialization of swing spearheaded by Charlie Parker and Dizzie Gillespie quintet with 13 soloists and a rhythm section drums bass sometimes piano jagged uneven rhythms wide leaps and lots of rhythmic variety Charlie Parker quotK0 K0quot Cool jazz reaction to competitiveness of bebop spearheaded by Miles Davis less individual solos and focuses on ensemble sound less showoffy subdued and introspective mood Miles Davis quotKind of Bluequot is the largest selling jazz recording in history Gershwin quotRhapsody in Bluequot brought jazz into the concert hall Composers and Genres Berlioz symphony opera Mussorgsky classicaloperaorchestra Schubert through composed romantic song Etc


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