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Final Exam Guide

by: Ally Lappe

Final Exam Guide CL 222

Ally Lappe
GPA 3.93
Greek and Roman Mythology
Kirk Summers

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About this Document

Greek and Roman Mythology
Kirk Summers
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ally Lappe on Wednesday March 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CL 222 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Kirk Summers in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 181 views.


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Date Created: 03/25/15
CL 222 Final Study Guide 1 What was the historical cause of the Trojan War probably and what was the mythological cause Remember Troy is a city that guards the entrance to the Black Sea and so it39s likely that they were harassing the Greeks39 trade routes The likely cause was that Troy controlled the entrance to the Black Sea and mythological the rape of Helen 2 One of the horri c acts committed in the quotHouse of Atreusquot not the literal house but the family that includes Atreus was that he did what to Thyestes39 children He cooked them and fed them to Thysestes 3 Remember that Eris means quotstrifequot not quotlovequot Eros means quotlovequot 4 What was the judgment of Paris If you don39t know the story you39ll miss a question Eris wasn t invited to a wedding Achilles parents She rolls an apple that says to the fairest Aphrodite Athena and Hera ght over who it s meant for and ask Paris his opinion They try to bribe him with the most beautiful wife wisdom and rule over Europe respectively He picks Aphrodite and marries Helen Thus choosing the path of vice 5 Helen and Menelaos ruled over SPARTA 6 The rape of Helen particularly offended Zeus because it violated his rules of a hospitality b maritime protocol c fatherson relations d supplication e the treatment of prisoners Hospitality 7 You39d better know about Philoctetes being abandoned on Lemnos Philoctetes spent most of the war on the island suffering from a snake bite 8 Look in the book to answer this What did Lucretius think the sacri ce of lphigenia demonstrated Religion has the power to persuade evil deeds 9 The Iliad does NOT tell the story of the Trojan Horse It tells of one incident in the 9th year of the war 10 What amateurish thing did Schliemann do at Troy he didn39t realize cities are buried in layers so he dug down indiscriminately 11 Milman Parry followed the SerboCroatian poets around and discovered what about their technique This relates to the Homeric Question That the key idea of the theory is poets have a store of formulas and by linking these they can rapidly compose verse A special formulaic language that aids extemporaneous composition 12 Kleos Gloryquot Related to the word hear and carried the implied meaning of what others hear about you A Greek hero earns Kleos through accomplishing great deeds often who a heroic death 13 Patronymic This is in the chapter about the Iliad One word that names a character by referencing their father or famous ancestor ie Son of Peleus 14 The Greek word hubris refers to a the ower of youth b the superiority of one soldier over another c a refusal to ask the gods for help d illhealth sent by the gods e intentionally dishonoring behavior ntentionally dishonoring behavior 15 What is quotAtequot An event or hubris that eventually leads to a person s downfall 16 How did Odysseus try to get out of ghting the Trojan War By pretending to be crazy hooked a donkey and an ox to his plough and started sowing his elds with salt 17 What did Thetis do to try to keep her son away from Troy She asked Poseidon to destroy the Trojan eet and dressed him as a girl and entrusted him to Lycomedes of Scyros 18 According to Homer the deciding factor in bringing about the death of Odysseus men was the following a their lack of love for their families b the capriciousness of the gods who toy with men s lives as a kind of joke c the unwillingness of Helen to admit her wrongdoing d their recklessness during the return home particularly the fact that they ate the cattle of HyperionHelios the sun god e a storm sent by mistake by Poseidon Their recklessness during the return homeate cattle of the sun god 19 Why did Odysseus give Polyphemus lsmarian wine To get him drunk so he could blind him 20 What animal did Odysseus use to escape from Polyphemus39 cave Sheep 21 What made it possible for Polyphemus to curse Odysseus Remember in class I talked about the power of the name Odysseus yelled out his name his father s name and the city whenre he lives as he was sailing away 22 Circe after turning Odysseus men into swine was temporarily able to quotunmanquot Odysseus with a a dazzling display of light b sex c effeminate clothing d a drug that turned him into a pig farmer e a disguise that made herself look like Penelope Sex 23 What was the secret power of the Sirens39 song Remember I called them quotsycophantsquot in class They were g tellersquot capable of extreme attery 24 Over whom does king Aeolus rule on the island of Aeolia He is the keeper of the four winds 25 What does Scylla look like A sea monster with six long necks with grisly heads each containing three rows of sharp teeth She has twelve tentacles a cat s tail and four to six dog heads ringing at her waist 26 A typical motif of the quothero on a journeyquot is the idea that he must navigate through obstacles of desire and a discouragement b euphoria c confusion d fear e anger Feac 27 The literal meaning of nostalgia is Think of the land of the Lotuseaters Wanting to return home eating the Lotus caused this 28 What plant did the Lotuseaters eat See how easy this class is Lotus 29 quotCalypsoquot in Greek means Remember I talked about the Apocalypse of john To conceal 30 Which of the following words best characterizes Penelope wife of Odysseus a deadly b faithful c heartless d insane e sel sh Faithfu 31 Where did Penelope live 4thaca 32 Which of the following sins did Clytemnestra NOT commit a exiling her son Orestes b killing Cassandra c taking on a boyfriend even though married d driving Aegisthus to drown his own daughter e encouraging Agamemnon to walk on the tapestry of the gods She did not drive Aegisthus to drown his daughter 33 Which of the following did NOT accrue to count toward the guilt or demise of Agamemnon a stepping on the tapestry of the gods b overseeing the desecration of temples in Troy c killing his daughter lphigenia d sleeping with his own daughter Electra e the murders of Thyestes children committed by Atreus Seeping with his daughter Electra 34 I told you in class there39d be a question abot Orestes Whose death did he announce at Mycenae His own 35 Don39t forget Clytemnestra39s favorite toy her manslaying ax That was also the favorite toy of the Apostles in the Bible You39ve heard of the ax of the Apostles 36 Dike Justice 37 lex talionis An eye for an eye 38 The Furies execute the lex talionis 39 Complete this sentence in accordance with Greek thinking as expressed in the Agamemnon story quotZeus has decreed that wisdom comes through quot Suffering 40 If you don39t know what mitigating and extenuating circumstances are you must nd out Mitigating circumstances are facts surrounding an event and extenuating circumstances are an excuse for a crime to be committed so the punishment should be reduced New system ofjustice as it appears in the play Eumenides takes these into account 41 The fact that Athena allocates to the Furies a special shrine in Athens at the end of the trial shows that a they are nally defeated by reason b they still stand as the basis of all law c the Athenians must still work to free themselves from their grip d they are the nal appeals court e the Athenians couldn t accept that any god could become obsolete They still stand as the basis of all law 42 Though THIS woman NEVER appears in the Oresteia trilogy of Aeschylus she is still part of the moral ber of the plays eg the chorus complains that her actions have brought the royal house of Mycenae into such a mess a Clytemnestra b Penelope c Circe d Helen e Medea Clytemnestra 43 What god does Orestes claim ordered him to kill his mother a Zeus b Athena c Apollo d Thetis e Ares Apollo 44 The name Oedipus means Swollen foot 45 the oracle that Laius received was From Delphi and told him to not have a child because the child would kill him and take his woman 46 quotexposurequot means To leave a baby out in the wild to be killed by nature 47 The irony of the Sphinx s riddle for Oedipus was that a he had heard it before while in Corinth and answered it wrong b although he gave the correct response he did not fully comprehend it c it led directly to the death of his father d because of his Corinthian dialect he was really saying something different e the Sphinx herself did not know the answer Although he gave the correct answer he did not fully comprehend it 48 The sphinx look like A monster with the head of a woman body of a lioness the wings of an eagle and a serpent headed tall 49 Oedipus would have been able to read which of the following sayings on the walls of Apollo s oracle a Honor your mother and father b Know yourself c Superstition is an irrational fear of the gods d No one is truly ever home e Whom the gods love men hate Know yourselfquot 50 the old seer of Thebes Tiresias 51 What makes it paradoxical that Oedipus is personally accountable in the myth for the events that took place around him a his companion Geryon committed most of the crimes b he never made a wrong decision but always acted morally c the gods had decreed and predestined his fate long beforehand d his father Polybus had assured him that he would not have the capacity to do harm e he never experienced any repercussions for his part in those events The gods had decreed and predestined his fate long beforehand 52 What does the Solon story say about man39s quotephemerosquot nature No man is happy until he is dead Men change everyday 53 Know the cities relevant to the Oedipus story Thebes where Oedipus is actually from and where his parents live and he returns to Corinth where he was taken after being exposed and grew up Davlia where the roads met and where he killed his father Plus oracles at Delphi 54 What did Oedipus use to blind himself Hint it was NOT undiluted boric acid His mother s brooches 55 How did the quotgolden eecequot end up in Colchis A talking ram rescued Phrixus and Helle from their evil stepmother by ying there Phrixus reached Colchis gave it to Aeetes who nailed the golden eece to an oak 56 jason and his fellow Argonauts had to sail through the Symplegades to get into the Black Sea The Symplegades can best be described as Cashing rocks that came together and destroyed ships that passed 57 Why did Herakles leave the Argo and not nish the journey with jason He went to nd Hylas his boyfriend who had been kidnapped by the nymphs 58 On the island of Lemnos the Argonauts found women who Women who had killed their husbands and fathers 59 Medea helped Jason in which ONE of the following tasks a slaying the bronze giant of Crete b yoking the bronzehoofed rebreathing bulls c drowning her father Aeetes in the pit of despair d removing the stone that guarded the entrance to the cave where the eece was hidden e locating the iron key that opens the Gates of Seriphos Yoking the bronze hoofed e breathing bulls 60 When the rumor came to lolcus that the Argo had sunk with all hands aboard Pelias did WHAT to his brother He let Aeson Jason s father kill himself by drinking poison of bull s blood and sacri ced Jason s younger brother 61 Medea complains about the lot of women because a they don t live as long as men b their happiness is totally dependent on men c sex is painful to them d their names never live on after their deaths e they must work out in the elds while their husbands sit at home Their happiness is totally dependent on men 62 What does Medea decide is her ultimate source of power against Jason His immortality her ability to bear children and give him an heir 63 In what way does Medea strike at jason s immortality She kills his kids and his lover Those last two questions are obviously related so don39t freak out on me 64 What did Lucretia do to start a revolution around 509 BC that brought about the overthrow of the kings rule at Rome a she executed her husband in the forum for treason b she committed suicide in front of the Roman nobles c she drafted a constitution called the Twelve Tables that gave the peasants new rights d she had an affair with the king and from that learned important state secrets which she gave to the enemy e she became the rst female recruit in the Roman military She committed suicide in front of the Roman nobles 65 What is signi cant about the date 753 BC a the founding of Rome b the assassination ofjulius Caesar c the birth of Homer and Vergil d the death of Aeneas e the institution of the Twelve Tables as law The founding of Rome 66 What is the function of the quotFlamen Dialisquot a chief advisor to the king b chief priest of jupiter c protector of orphan children d start and end wars e oversee the public works in Rome Chief Priest ofJupiter 67 Which of the following best describes the activities of the augurs at Rome a distributed grain from the temple ofjuno b managed the cult of Hercules in the Forum Boarium c clean up after sacri ces during public festivals d interpret the ight of birds e transport the statue of Magna Mater through the streets of Rome They interpret the ight of birds 68 Which of the following best describes the activities of the haruspices at Rome a managed the upkeep of the temples in Rome b inspected the entrails of animals for signs from the gods c buried votive offerings after 100 years of display in the temples d served as a nal authority on ritual norms e chose the senators who would rule Rome They inspected the poo of animals for signs from the gods 69 Which of the following was done during the Lupercalia a young men struck the bellies of young girls with leather straps b soldiers wearing ancient uniforms danced through the city c people exchanged gifts d all Romans ritually bathed in the Almo river e a huge banquet outside the Temple of Hercules Young men struck the bellies of girls with leather straps 70 Which one of these was NOT a Trojan a Cassandra b Ganymede c Agamemnon d Aeneas e Priam Agammemnon You should know what kind of celebration the Saturnalia was as well A revelry to re ect the conditions of the lost mythical age Festival of light leading to the winter solstice with candles symbolizing the quest for knowledge and truth 71 Which of these buildings or structures does not belong on the Acroplolis of Athens A stadium for athletic contests called the Stadia Dios 72 Which of these other items do not belong on the Acropolis of Athens A short pillar with a large statue of Poseidon s trident on top of it 73 What does Athena Parthenos wear on her head A helmet that includes horses 74 What divinity had a large temple in the Athenian marketplace that still stands toay and which is sometimes called the Theseion because it once housed the bones of Theseus Hephaestus 75 The theater of Dionysus on the south slope of the Acropolis had machines that lowered the gods from above It also had a low area for the chorus to dance and sing What lone object stood in the chorus area An altar 76 Which one of these phrases from the beginning of the Iliad is an example of a quotpatronymicquot Son of Peleus 77 What did Odysseus use to confuse Polyphemus the Cyclops Strong wine 78 Where was Odysseus from 4thaca 79 Aegeus offered sancturary to Medea if she could make it to this city on her own Athens


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