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School: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Department: Business
Course: Supply Chain Analytics
Professor: Timothy rutherford
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: business, Excel, Analytics, business consulting, and SupplyChain
Cost: 25
Name: BUS ADM 478 - 001 Syllabus and Course Overview Notes
Description: These notes are from the Syllabus Overview Video, which he will not be covering in class. I've include a summarized schedule of D2L due dates for assignments.
Uploaded: 08/31/2016
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BUS ADM 478 - 001 Syllabus and Course Overview Notes

Amanda Field

BA 478-001

Syllabus Overview

PG. 1We also discuss several other topics like What are the characteristics of a healthy person?

BUS. ADM. 478-001 -Syllabus Overview VideoDon't forget about the age old question of psych 350 unl

LUB N219 M/W @ 12:30-1:45pm

Tim Rotherford tbr @ uwm.edu←no office hours, email/call for appt.

•Textbook: Practical Management Science, 5e:1305250907Don't forget about the age old question of What refers to a group of people with complementary skills who work together to achieve a specific goal?

   ⋅↪ Need this edition, uses excel 2013Don't forget about the age old question of Summarize the impact of context on definitions of terrorism.

    ↪ Can do eBook, recommends Physical copy [rent]

If you want to learn more check out What figures show how precisely a measurement has been determined?

•Course Description

   ↪linear and non-linear optimization, network modeling, decision making with uncertainty, time series forecasting, and simulation modelingIf you want to learn more check out biology 1102 osu

   ↪we will be taking excel further than any other course

   ↪if no idea what goal seek, data tables, or solver is, you need this

•Teaching Philosophy

   ↪”Real World”, Supervisor and employees, not teacher and student

   ↪students will need to find own answers, no guiding


   ↪No Late Work. [except for medical/legal excuses]

   ↪MLA and/or APA guidelines

        •formatting, m-text citations, bibliography/reference

   ↪Technology -all written assignments submitted to D21

   ↪In-Class-discussion-oriented, be professional


   ↪Chapter Quizzes -Exercises and Exams -group but individual grades

   ↪Case Assignments -in a group and graded as a group

   ↪No Curve, you should be able to get 100% (not unnecessarily hard)

   ↪ <7 days after grades are published you can question

        ↪cannot change grade after 21 days

•Chapter Quizzes                                        Treat this course as an independent

    ↪Concepts                                                study class...

        •Open book D2L Quizzes                        with a lab

        •Individual, not in class

        •Due @ noon on due date

        •Available 1 week before due



        •random group; ~3 people

        •can retake quiz as many times before due-date

            ↪can’t see the correct answer, but can see which was wrong

        •exercises =”study guide” for exam; “how to” for cases

•Case Assignments

   ↪4 case assignments, lowest grade will be dropped

   ↪seven-step modeling process (chapter 1)

•Exams (3 total)

   ↪exam 1 and 2

        •individual and group sections -grades will be averaged together


        •D2L Quiz with password given during class (90min)

        •True/False, fill-in-the-blank, complete data models

   ↪Make-Up Exams

        •have to take an individual exam; if you miss it, you can’t take the group exam.

        •Group Exam is not required; if you miss it, your individual grade is the only grade

        •Miss both -make-up within 7 days

        •Final Exam make up is 2 days before actual exam

   ↪Collusion (Cheating)

        •you can’t just give someone your excel workbook, there's a record

        •zero points for cheating for both parties

•Group Member Evaluation

   ↪if you don’t fill out = group is okay

   ↪1st eval. Is just for a warning, 2nd and 3rd can impact grades by 50 pts.

   ↪be honest and alert instructor early to issues

   ↪low performers will be removed from original group and put in their own group

•Schedule of Due Dates [subject to change]

   Sept 15 - excel tutorials                         Nov 2 - ch 4 concepts

        19 - ch. 1 and 3 concepts                        - ch 3 problems

        26 -ch 2 examples                                9 - case assign #2

        28 - group eval. 1                                16 - ch 4 examples

    Oct 3    - ch 9 and 10 concepts                                 -group eval #2

     - Ch 2 problems                                - exam 2

    - Ch 2 extra credit                                21 - case assign #3

10 - ch 9 and 10 examples                        28 - ch 5 and 6 concepts

12 - exam 1                                    dec. 7 - ch 5 and 6 examples

17 - case assign #1                                12 - ch 14 concepts

19 - ch 3 concepts                                     - ch 7 examples

26 - ch 3 examples                                     - case assign #4

                                                14 - ch 7 concepts

FINAL EXAM: DEC. 19 @ 12:30-2:30PM                     - group eval #3


   ↪feel free to get started on Excel Tutorial assignment

Rent the textbook! Watch this video, do the Excel Tutorial, see you sept 7th!

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