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Test 1 and 2 Questions

by: Tiffani Chole

Test 1 and 2 Questions RELS 101

Tiffani Chole
GPA 3.04

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About this Document

use these questions to study for the midterm!
Introduction to Religion
Dr. Feres
Study Guide
world religions
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Tiffani Chole on Thursday September 1, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to RELS 101 at San Diego State University taught by Dr. Feres in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Religion in World Religions at San Diego State University.

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Date Created: 09/01/16
03/10/2015 ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ________________ are people who are believed to have the ability to contact the supernatural forces. SHAMAN ▯ "Transcendent" as used by Professor Swidler means THAT WHICH LIES OUTSIDE THE RANGE OF ORDINARY PERCEPTION ▯ A "cultic" activity in a religion, according to Swidler's definition, would pertain to ITS RITUAL ACTIVITIES ▯ A guardian angel in some cultures would be known as a _________ in Buddhism. BODHISATTVA ▯ A Hindu who chooses a life goal in Karma is seeking PLEASURE (LOVE) ▯ A paradoxical statement of question is a KOAN ▯ According to karma yoga, the motivation for work should be THE PATH OF RIGHT ACTION OR WHAT MAY BE TERMED AS DUTY ▯ According to the Buddhist philosophy, what entity produces no new karma? AN ARAHAT (ARHAT) ▯ According to the Mohammed text, most religions contain what we may call the four _____s. C ▯ According to the Mohammed text, the belief that the presence of God cannot be proven, and one therefore can not know if God exists or not, is called __________. AGNOSTICISM ▯ Agni in the Rig Veda is the god of fire. TRUE ▯ Among the Apache, a shaman is called a __________. DIYIN ▯ An amulet worn to ward off evil is an example of a _________. FETISHISM ▯ Ardent devotion to a deity, sometimes involving chanting, singing and/or drumming, for aid received or promised is referred to as _________. BHAKTI ▯ At which stage in life may a Hindu seek Samadhi (or moksha)? SANNYASIN ▯ Attributing human form and/or other human characteristics to a god or goddess is called ANTHROMORPHISM ▯ Brahman is the concept of Universal Reality, the one soul. TRUE ▯ Dukkha is deomstrated by which of the following? CRAVING A NEIGHTBOR’S POSSESIONS ▯ Each stage of a Mayan's life was dominated by what? CALENDRIC HOROSCOPES INTERPRETED BY PRIESTS The story of White Buffalo is based n Yoruba religion mythology. FALSE The ____________ people may have been the first human ancestors to have a religious belief system NEANDERTHAL Animism is the idea that EVERYTHING IS FILLED WITH SPIRIT _______ is a method of using the movement and position of the stars and planets to predict the course of individual and world events; it owes much to the study of omens by the Babylonians. ASTROLOGY Many scholars think that the prehistoric Venus figurines may have been used to help with Throughout history, there have been some groups that practiced ritual cannibalism, wherin parts of the dead are eaten for religious purposes. TRUE The pre-Christian concept of Watan Tanka in the Dakota view was HE WAS BEYOND DESCRIPTION What animal did the Neanderthals preserve the skull of along with its brains? CAVE BEAR Which of the following would be found in a Neanderthal grave? FOOD OFFERINGS According to the Matthews chapter, why did the Mesopotamian religion not retain its hold on human imagination? IT DID NOT OFFER A HAPPY EXISTENCE AFTER DEATH The Egyptian ruler was known as ___________. He (or sometimes she) was considered a living embodiment of a God. PHARAOH According to Noss, a ___________ is a symbol of the existence of a more or less intimate relationship between certain human groups or individuals and classes with species of animals, plants, or inanimate objects in nature. This is used to represent the group/individual. TOTEM ▯ Egyptians entombed possessions of the deceased to HELP THE PERSON REACH AND LIVE ON IN A PLEASANT AFTERLIFE ▯ Freedom from egocentrism and suffering in Buddhism is NIRVANA ▯ Gandi helped India gain independence from Great Britain. TRUE ▯ Giving up or destroying something animate or inanimate to cause it to pass from human possession to that of the spirit powers or gods is called __________. SACRIFICE ▯ In Buddhism no Self exisits over and beyond the five skandas. TRUE In Buddhism, an enlightened holy person ARHAT ▯ In Hindu belief time is cyclical rather than linear. TRUE ▯ In legend, it was Siddharta’s wife who convinced him to allow women to join the Sangha FALSE ▯ In the Buddhist teachings, “Tanha” or thirst refers to desire or craving, the impetus for clinging and becoming. This is the impetus for _________. REBIRTH ▯ It is easy to find Indigenous religions that are free from syncretism. FALSE ▯ Karma means non-action and leads to release from the cycles of rebirth FALSE ▯ Mahayana Buddhists believe that everyone is a potential Buddha. TRUE ▯ Maya is basically illusion. TRUE ▯ Mayan religion had a writing system. TRUE ▯ Mohandas K. Gandhi, in his resistance to British rule, made this concept very famous. AHIMSA ▯ Monolatry is the belief that THEY MAY BE OTHER GODS BUT ONLY ONE GOD IS WORTH OF WORSHIP ▯ On the basis of the lingum and yoni images found in India, it can be argued that fertility was important. TRUE ▯ One of the jobs of the Pharaoh in Egypt was to maintain balance, which is known as _________. One also had to maintain this in one's personal life. MA’AT ▯ Polytheism is the belief in reincarnation. FALSE ▯ Prehistoric cave art may have been part of ALL OF THE CHOICES ARE POSSIBILITES ▯ Rites of passage include ALL OF THE ABOVE ▯ Ritual bathing in India is sometime called LUSTRATION ▯ Scriptures of Hindus are categorized as shruti or as smirti. TRUE ▯ Studies of the Neanderthal found that not all bodies were buried intact and some long bones were split open to the marrow. What does this suggest? HUMAN CADAVERS WERE A SOURCE OF FOOD AND PERHAPS RITUALS ▯ Syncretism is the incorporation of ideas from foreign traditions. TRUE ▯ Terra Cotta figures found at Mohenjo daro provide evidence of GODDESS WORSHIP ▯ The "animating force" in Dakota belief was called THE WATAN TANKA ▯ The "calf pipe" was brought by WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN ▯ The ancient Egyptians believed that one had to have lived an ethical life to gain life in the spiritual realm after bodily death. TRUE ▯ The ancient Maya focused sharply on the sacred significance of ___________. TIME ▯ The Aryan Indo-European people invaded India in huge numb3ers and were completely responsible for destroying the Harappan Mohenjo-Daro civilization. FALSE ▯ The Eightfold Path in Buddhism is FOLLOWED BY USING ALL PRESEPTS AT THE SAME TIME ▯ The Eightfold Path is symbolized by AN EIGHT-SPOKED DHARMA WHEEL ▯ The goal of life that may focus on material things is known as ARTHA ▯ The god in Rig Veda of storms is INDRA ▯ The hallucinogenic plant or mushroom that was used by priests in India and was also worshipped as a god was called ___________. SOMA ▯ The highest of the four varnas is BRAHMIN ▯ The Hindu concept of samsara refers to THE WHEEL OF REBIRTH WHICH TURNS FOREVER ▯ The Hindu goddess of destruction is KALI ▯ The Inca ________ their dead rulers so they could act as advisors; they were paraded through the streets on ritual occassions. MUMMIFIED ▯ The lowest varna is that of the shudra. TRUE ▯ The Maya sacrifice what body fluid in order to appease the deities and ensure fertility of the Earth? BLOOD ▯ The more inclusive major division of Buddhism is the MAHAYANA ▯ The oldest of the Hindu sacred writings are known as the VEDAS ▯ The path of love and devotion is known as bhakti yoga. TRUE ▯ The popular Egyptian goddess, married to Osirus, who was honored as an ideal wife and mother, as well as associated with magic, was named _____________________. ISIS ▯ The ritual ceremonies practiced by the Iroquois were TIED TO THE SEASONS ▯ The sacred thread ceremony in Hinduism signifies that one is reborn. TRUE ▯ The semi-legandary hero of the first piece of epic literature who goes on a quest for immortality and learns of a flood was named ____________. GILGAMESH ▯ The soul, in Iroquois belief, was IMMORTAL ▯ The Sumerians believed the heaven and earth arose from _____________ THE PRIMORDIAL SEA ▯ The supreme being in the Iroquois was _______________________. HA- WEN-NE-YU ▯ The temporary elevation of one god over another, without denying the existence of others, in some polytheistic religions is called __________. HENOTHEISM ▯ The term _____________ is used to describe ny religion created by a particular group of people that identify with a particular place and which has remained associated with that group. INDIGENOUS ▯ The term "syncretism" refers to A RELIGION BASED UPON MULTIPLE DISTINCT SOURCES ▯ The word YANA may be translated as VEHICLE ▯ The worship of multiple gods and goddesses is called _________ by scholars. POLYTHEISM ▯ The Yoruba people of Africa believe in about 400 lesser gods, which are called ___________. ORISHA ▯ To what did the ancient people attribute all disasters and doom? TRANSCENDENT FORCES (GODS AND GODDESES) ▯ What define tanha? DESIRE OR CRAVING ▯ What did Gautama do after his enlightenment that delayed his entrance to Nirvana? He began a teaching Buddha ▯ What did the Laws of Manu represent? CODES OF GOVERNING THE DURTIES OF THE FOUR STAGES OF HINDU LIFE ▯ What is the fourth of the Four Noble Truths? THE EIGHTFOLD PATH ▯ Which attachment did the Buddhist philosophy allow? NO ATTACHMENTS ARE ALLOWED ▯ ▯


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