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Study guide

by: Daryna Rybchenko

Study guide

Daryna Rybchenko
GPA 4.0

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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Daryna Rybchenko on Sunday September 4, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to at Southeast Missouri State University taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 44 views.


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Date Created: 09/04/16
MC101 Exam 2 Study Guide Textbook Chapters 10-11-13-14-15-16-17 Listed below are the stems to the Multiple Choice questions 1)The hypodermic-needle theory of how mass communication works was also known in the 1930s as the "magic-_bullet_" theory. 2) »Happy Birthday to You » раньше нужно было разрешения на эту песню, а сейчас владелец песни умер и ее могут петь все not liable 3)PR pioneer Ivy Lee counseled clients to avoid deception 4)According to your text, what is a disadvantage of newspaper advertising? - they are becoming less valuable for reading post-Baby Boomer generation - ads do not look so good as in magazines 5)Brand names and identity advertising are methods that advertisers use to encourage consumers to set a product among competitors 6)Advertising that changes the way that we think about a product: positioning p.303-304 7)Which persuasive technique in advertising involves exploiting a consumer's sense of insecurity? Hidden-fear appeal 8) »A management tool for leaders in business, government, and other institutions to establish beneficial relationships with other institutions and groups" defines Public relations 9)The purpose of copyright laws is to protect the creator of a work against infringement, to guarantee commercial exploitation and to stimulate new ideas. 10)For public figures to successfully sue for libel they must first prove the news medium acted with "reckless disregard" for the truth. In other words, the news medium p.430 lied 11)U. S. Copyright Law protects a creative work for p.417 12) »Sad movies make me cry. Then I feel better." This statement represents which media effect? reflects the "cathartic effect" of the mass media 13) »The people's right to know" is closely related to Principle of Utility(Mill’s utilitarianism) p.446 14)The idea that media do not tell people what to think but rather what to think about. Agenda Setting 15)When using the Golden Mean as a basis for moral decision making, journalists aim to avoid extremes:seek moderation; fairness and balance 16)The high price of consumer items such as breakfast cereals and designer jeans can attributed largely to the high cost of advertising costs 17) »Everyone else is buying this product, so you should too" is an example of which persuasion strategy? Plain folks 18)What is viral advertising? Media consumers pass on the message like a contagious 19)The legal foundation for freedom of expression in the United States comes from a document that says, "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press . . . . " This document is the U.S. constitution (First Amendment) 20)The First Amendment protects almost all free expression from government interference -advocates no restrictions on mass media content -true freedom of expression 21)First Amendment protection would probably not apply -The FCC, to regulate broadcast transmission - equal … 22)The Supreme Court Case of New York Times v. Sullivan established that to sue for libel, public officials must prove that media statements were uttered or printed with the knowledge that they were false p.430 23)The U. S. Supreme Court has ruled that prior restraint is allowed for all of the following purposes EXCEPT copybook p.452 allowed: -to protect national security to halt speech that is inciting imminent and likely lawlessness -to stop public endangerment - to stifle threats to national security 24)A key difference between PR and advertising is that PR: to win a favor (not to sell) Publicity: PR is unpaid , advertising is paid - - PR is an upper-level Management activity, Advertising- lower-level Marketing activity 25)What is crisis management? A public relations function, ideally to devise plans to deal with possible crises ahead of time 26)Which of the following is NOT true about news releases? 27)Linking a celebrity's name to a product is one method of Famous person Branding 28)Targeting ads for specific consumer groups is called Positioning 29)Television commercials have been shortened from 60 seconds in the early days of television to 15 sec 30)The advantages of advertising in video games include all of the following EXCEPT -messages can be changed instantly -unseen interactive coding to identify gamers -interactive system for tracking how many players see advertiser impressions BUT games take months to develop 31)Which of the following is an example of stealth advertising? p.309 ads , often subtle , in nontraditional, unexpected places 32)Early mass communication scholars wrongly assumed that people observe messages like sponges 33)The Bobo doll studies found that children playing with dolls after watching a violent movie more beat their dolls 33)The New York Times v. Sullivan case broadened free-expression protections to 430 Libel case that largely barred public figures from the right to sue for libel 34)The Recording Industry Association of America is e-mailing individuals to inform them of Illegal media file sharing and downloading 35)John Stuart Mill believed that morally right decisions are those that result in « happiness for the greatest number » 36)Recently, the Chinese government has expended major resources to limit exposure to what medium? Internet MC101 Exam 3 Study Guide Chapters 5-6-7-9 Listed below are the stems to the Multiple Choice questions 1. In the 1950s Rock 'n' Roll music crossed all of the following moral and cultural boundaries EXCEPT young and old - high and low culture -masculine and feminine - black and white -north and south — -sacred and secular p.239 2. In the classroom video, pop-music composer Gerry Goffin spoke about public fascination with teenaged female vocalists. Goffin said, "In the 1960s, 'god' was a young, _black_girl who could sing. 3. Pioneered by 1960s pop-music producer Phil Spector, this approach to music recording used multiple pianos, guitars, and drum kits to make the music sound "larger than life »: Wall of Sound recording technique 4. Carole King, a 1960s pop-music composer, emphasized this important social theme in her #1 hit song, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? » Will males respect females in the morning 5. People need to experience suspension of disbelief when they watch a movie: the ability to surrender their doubts about the reality of the story and become caught up in the plot. 6. Entertainment shows on television tend to follow several popular formulas because advertisers are reluctant to risk money on new, unproven types of programming; it becomes pretantable 7. In the 1950s, radio survived the introduction of television by - affilliates, recording music; p.133 dj format developing new format that encourage listeners to turn the radio on « in the background » while they did other things, smth that was more difficult to do with a visual medium such as television. 8. Which of the following statements does NOT apply to "Little Richard" Penniman? received generous -Played a key role in getting black music played one white radio -Pat Boone « covers » Little Richard’s compositions 9. Which of the following statements about U. S. mass media is true? more radio than tv and newspaper 10.Federal laws require that radio and TV stations must broadcast for which purpose? requires all « over-the-air » local radio and TV stations to serve the public interest, convenience and necessity 11.Google's "unofficial" motto: Don’t do evil (you can make money without doing evil) 12.TV networks suspended all programming, including commercials, for four consecutive days in covering this unprecedented historic event: JFK assassination THE FOUR DARK DAYS: TELEVISION COVERS THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY 13.CBS cancelled rural sitcoms such as The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres in the 1960s - advertisers did not want to paybecause their audience were too old and too rural for selling advertising 14.During the production of a TV program the responsibility of the CG Operator is to prepares and display digital on-screen graphics (DOG or BUG) and lower third graphics on the character generator that were created by the broadcast designer. create words and phrases 15.All in the Family" is considered an historic TV series because first comedy to tackle serious social issues , including bigly, generation gap and sexual taboos - the 1st TV series 16.The "formula" for developing a sitcom script includes all of the following EXCEPT - establish the situation - complicate the situation - develop increasing confusion among characters - alleviate the conflict and resolve that situation 17.During the production of a TV show this crew member oversees activity in the studio: floor manager 18.As illustrated by the "I Love Lucy" Vitameatavegemin video which of the following represents the FINAL step in the sitcom-development formula? alleviate the conflict and resolve that situation 19.The resurgence in popularity of talk radio during the 1990s and early 2000s was led by politically conservative show host Rush Limbaugh p.134 he began radio talk show 1999; 700 radio stations, he is from Cape girardeau 20.Cable television originated in the 1940s when when viewers in mountain areas had difficulty picking up TV signals. 21.Which of the following statements about Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) is NOT true? - experts predict - Direct TV is larger than Dish Network - services are delivered to a dish the size of a large pizza pan - alternative to cable - TV -both Direct tv and Dish network have taken away customers from cable TV systems 22.U. S. movie attendance reached its peak during which decade? 1946 1940s (90 million per week) 23.Google executives liked what they saw about the future of this company youtube so they bought it 24.TV's continuous coverage of events following the assassination of President John Kennedy in 1963 JFK 11/22/63 including the history making 25.During the years prior to the introduction of TV, radio broadcasts consisted primarily of comedies, dramas, variety shows and quiz shows p.133 soaps 26.Most U. S. radio stations broadcast one of a limited set of well-defined programming formats in order to attract a defined audience that advertisers want to reach and are continually being to lure listeners from competitors p.129 help advertisers reach well-defined 27.Ratings of movies, TV shows, and recorded music are determined by specialists of the industry movie, TV industry 28.Coca-Cola as an American Idol prop and Pepsi products in Survivor are examples of product placement 29.When the audience has control of the time they view a TV program, such as with a DVR or TiVo playback device, the process is called TiVo- time shifting 30.All of the following are characteristic of TV sitcoms EXCEPT -cast members frequently suffer -based on characters that are stable and predictable - restricted; characters do not develop much over the life of the series -favors plot twists over the character development 31.Which of the following statements, according to CNBC, best describes Google activity? retains… 32.The "Music Genome Project" is associated with which website? Pandora 33.Movies that tell stories in the tradition of the "stage play » narrative films 34.Market-oriented media ("populist" media) strive to give audiences content that give the audience what they want 35. All of the following have resulted from the spread of digital recording technology EXCEPT enhanced unification of a single mass audience for large record companies. 36.Which of the following statements is true about the use of radio in the U. S.? all of these - teenagers and adults do an average of 22 hours of radio programming per week - radio’s outnumber people approximately 2:1 in the US - more than 4 out of 5 listen to radio during morning drive 37.The capacity to reach smaller and more distinct audiences -- such as cable-TV's ability to deliver multiple channels -- is called narrowcasting 38.The main difference between the Internet and other forms of mass media is that receivers of messages can also send their own messages 39.Which position is NOT typically part of a TV-program production crew?public rels=ations 40.What is the difference between obscene material and pornographic material? obsence is illegal b by government


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