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by: Qianwen Miao


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Qianwen Miao

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Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Qianwen Miao on Thursday March 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 102 at Indiana University taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 65 views.




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Date Created: 03/26/15
p 623 What is assessment 0 In psychology examination of a person s mental state to diagnose possible psychological disorders What is the primary goal 0 To make a diagnosis so that appropriate treatment can be provided What is prognosis mean 0 The course and probable outcome that depend on the particular mental disorder that is diagnosed p 628 What are internalizing disorders Characterized by negative emotions Can be grouped into categories that reflect that emotions of distress and fear 9 Distress Major depression Dysthymia Generalized anxiety disorder 9 Fear Agoraphobia Social phobia Panic disorder 0 More prevalent in females Externalizing disorders know examples Characterized by disinhibition lnclude alcoholism conduct disorders antisocial behavior 0 More prevalent in males p 633634 What is PTSD o A serious mental health disorder that involves frequent and recurring unwanted thoughts related to the trauma including nightmares intrusive thoughts and flashbacks What are the symptoms 0 Chronic tension anxiety health problems and experience memory and attention problems 0 An unusual problem in memory 9 Inability to forget 0 Attention bias 9 Soldier Which gender is more likely to develop PTSD 0 Women p 639 What is dysthymia and how long can it last 0 A form of depression that is not severe enough to be diagnosed as major depression 0 2 20 years 9 Because the depressed mood is so longlasting p 652 Which gender is more likely to experience negative symptoms 0 Male What kind of prognosis is associated with these symptoms Poorer prognosis 9 not likely to recover 9 More resistant to medications p 653 Compared to their siblings children who grew up to express Schizophrenia express demonstrated what 0 The more closely someone is genetically related to a person with schizophrenia the greater the risk that heshe will develop schizophrenia o Displayed unusual social behaviors more severe negative emptions and motor disturbances p 686 What is magnetic stimulation 0 A powerful electrical current produces a magnetic Shut down specific function part of brain 9 Give a pulse to motor region interfere with a person s ability to reach smoothly toward a target object 0 May be useful or depression Deep brain stimulation Involves surgically implanting electodes deep within the brain 0 Used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson s disease p 698699 An estimated how many Americans take antidepressants 1 in 10 over age 6 What are the areas of concern regarding this increased use 0 Much of the research conducted on the effectiveness of drug treatments is paid for by the pharmaceutical industry What are the biases in the literature 0 On the effectiveness of drug therapy 0 Much easier to publish positive results p 707708 What psychosocial treatments work for Schizophrenia Meditation 9 Reduce delusions and hallucinations Social skill straining 9 Address some deficits 9 Benefit from intensive training in regulating affect recognizing social cues and predicting the effects of their behavior in social situation An intensive form of cognitive behavioral therapy 9 Brain dysgunction gibes rise to disordered beliefs and disordered behavior


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