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UGA - PSYC 1101 - Class Notes - PSYC 1101 Week 3 Notes

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UGA - PSYC 1101 - Class Notes - PSYC 1101 Week 3 Notes

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background image PSYC 1101
Week 3 - Aug 29/31, Sep 2
29 August  ● The story of Jody ○  seizures every day, originating in the right hemisphere of  the brain ○  diagnosed with Rasmussen syndrome
○  doctors performed a hemispherectomy
○  Jody lost her entire right hemisphere and the cavity was 
filled with cerebrospinal fluid ○  Plasticity:  creation of new neurons and neural  connections to replace old or damaged ones END CHAPTER 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 4 - Consciousness ● Consciousness -  awareness of everything going on inside and outside  of you ○  Unconscious -  simultaneous and functions on multiple  tracks ○  Conscious -  functions sequentially
○ Each state of consciousness has an Associated pattern of 
brain activity ● Necessity of sleep ○  circadian rhythm:  24 hour bodily rhythm
○  hypothalamus: copy section of the brain that influences 
the glandular system  ○  suprachiasmatic nucleus: internal clock, receives input  from us regarding light levels to tell people to wake and sleep ○  pineal gland: acted on by the suprachiasmatic nucleus,   regulates the secretion of melatonin 1
background image ○ Microsleeps:  brief sidesteps and sleep lasting only a few  seconds ○  sleep deprivation:  any significant loss of sleep; results in  irritability and problems with concentration 31 August     ○ Theories ■ Adaptive theory:  theory of sleep proposing  that animals and humans evolved sleep patterns to avoid  Predators by sleeping when predators are most active ■ Restorative Theory:  seriously proposing that  sleep is necessary to the physical health of the body and serves  to replenish chemicals and repair cellular damage ● Nader Study, 2003 ○ College students
○ Listened to muffled words said by a robot
○ Trained two groups, one allowed to sleep on it, one not
○ Sleep group performed 19% better, awake group only 
10% better ● Stages of sleep:  pre sleep ○  beta waves:  small/fast;  wide awake and active
○  alpha waves:  larger/slower;  relaxed and drowsy
○  theta waves: larger / slower;  entering light sleep
■  the most confusing period of sleep, people  often hallucinate, experience hypnic jerks, Etc. ○  delta waves: largest / slowest; deepest stage of sleep ● Hallucinations ○ Hypnogogic hallucination: can occur just as a person is  entering stage N1 sleep ○ Hypnopompic hallucination: occurs just as a person is in  the between state of REM (when the muscles are still paralyzed) and  not yet fully awake 2
background image ● Stages of sleep: REM ○  eyes moving under eyelids, body paralyzed
○  90% of dreaming occurs in REM sleep
○  EEG patterns similar to that of an awake person
○  paradoxical sleep

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School: University of Georgia
Department: Psychology
Course: Elementary Psychology
Professor: Kara Dyckman
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Elementary, Psychology, Intro to Psychology, PSYC1101, cyterski, uga, and week3
Name: PSYC 1101 Week 3 Notes
Description: Notes from textbook and class - Aug 29/31, Sep 2 First test covers weeks 1-3, and is NOT a midterm :) September 7th!
Uploaded: 09/06/2016
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