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MSU / Kinesiology / KI 2013 / what is Kinesiology?

what is Kinesiology?

what is Kinesiology?


School: Mississippi State University
Department: Kinesiology
Course: Fundamentals of Kinesiology
Professor: Brandon miller
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: Kinesiology, definitions, and outline notes
Cost: 50
Name: Book Outline for Exam 1
Description: This is an outline from the Fundamentals of Kinesiology textbook for chapters 1-4
Uploaded: 09/06/2016
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Fundamentals of Kinesiology Book Outline for Exam 1 

what is Kinesiology?

Chapter 1 Outline 

∙ Study of movement, physical activity, exercise, and sport is a vital  academic pursuit to remain healthy

∙ This can be shown historically ^^

∙ Ancient physicians knew the importance of regimen – key ingredient  for health

∙ As modern medicine grew, Glaen’s principles gave the fledging  discipline of physical education the central core in which to establish  itself

∙ This was lost in favor due to teaching sports and games ^^ ∙ At clinical level, games may be better medicine than exercise ∙ To remain in the 20th century academic life, faculty of the 1960’s and  

70’s pushed the discipline back toward science and health ∙ Kinesiology emerged through that ^^

∙ Kinesiologists must be prepared to answer

o Who are we?

o What do we serve?

o Our primary values?

o What is it about?

∙ History, philosophy, and experience can inform us in order to answer  questions

What is the meaning of Hegemony?


Disciplinarity – phases of human activity to seek, develop, and produce  knowledge manifesting in four forms: singular, multiple, inter-relational, and  boundary-breaking pursuits

Exercise – any movement with purposeful intent of producing bodily fitness

Exercise Science – any aspect of science applied to the phenomenon of  exercise

Generalist – an academician capable of teaching in a number of the  disciplines of kinesiology

Kinesiology – the academic field that specifically pursues the study of  movement, physical activity, exercise, and sport Don't forget about the age old question of What is platonic dualism?

Specialist – an academician who teaches in a specific discipline of  Kinesiology

Chapter 2 Outline 

∙ Cultural Interpretive studies and humanities can be used in and have  impacted exercise, sport, and physical culture

∙ Michel Foucault – had ideas to reform exercise, sport, and physical  culture studies

Role Delineation is the strudy of what?

∙ Samantha King – critique regarding governmentality

∙ Readers are inspired to develop and articulate ways of knowing and  being (epistemology and ontology)

∙ Readers are encouraged to think about how cultural analysis and  humanities can be uniquely used in their own lives to affect social  justice


Culture – patterns of life which individuals create in society through  interacting with each other and consisting of behaviors, feelings, beliefs,  norms, objects, values and other shared characteristics of a group of people We also discuss several other topics like what is finance?

Cultural Studies – cultural, interpretive, philosophical, anthropological,  sociological, and semiotic study of exercise and culture

Hegemony – power of dominance of an idea, ideal, or value over other ideas, ideals, or values

Postmodernism – a broad, vague label for a time period, literary form, or  artistic style/changed contemporary society Don't forget about the age old question of What is Psychophysics?

Subculture – subunit of a culture which has values different from the larger  culture and may be represented by concepts such as age, gender, religion,  race, ethnicity, social class, physical ability, and sexual orientation for  example

Chapter 3 Outline 

∙ ADA of 1990, Rehab Act of 1973, and the IDEA of 1990 protects people  with disabilities in the U.S.

∙ Disability is viewed as an experience involving personal and  environmental factors

∙ Disability affects a large portion of the U.S. population, especially for  elders

∙ Disabled people experience health disparities

∙ Kin Professionals are to improve the health status of persons with  disabilities through appropriately designed physical programs


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – federal law, passed in 1990, to allow  full and equal access to services and facilities by persons with disabilities  We also discuss several other topics like What is Economics and why does it exist?

Disability – consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive,  mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combo of these that  result in restrictions on ability to participate in “normal” activity

Health Disparities – preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury,  violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experienced by  social disadvantaged populations  

Chapter 4 Outline 

∙   Profession manifests five characteristics Don't forget about the age old question of What kind of chances are there for union renewal?

o Autonomy

o Social Value

o Specialized Knowledge

o Representative Organization

o Lifetime Commitment

∙   Professionals have societal bias rather than a personal bias ∙   They are responsible legally and ethically for their practice ∙   Public good is guaranteed when practitioners are certified to practice


Certification – process by which an individual, institution, or educational,  program is evaluated and recognized as meeting certain predetermined  standards through successful completion of a validated, reliable examination

Encroachment – act of working outside the established role of an occupation

Licensure – granting of permission by a competent authority to an  organization or individual to engage in a practice or activity that would  otherwise be illegal

Profession – an occupation requiring detailed knowledge in a course of study, accompanied by advanced education and training involving intellectual skillsWe also discuss several other topics like What is Negative feedback?

Professional Organization – association of individuals formed for the purpose  of self-regulating and advancing common goals and interests

Registration – recording of professional qualification info relevant to  government licensing regulations

Role Delineation – a study of the specific responsibilities of an occupation  based on knowledge, skills, and abilities, expected of that professional

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