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TCU / Psychology / PSYC 30503 / What is the meaning of validity?

What is the meaning of validity?

What is the meaning of validity?


School: Texas Christian University
Department: Psychology
Course: Behavioral Research
Professor: Gregory repasky
Term: Fall 2016
Cost: 25
Name: Behavioral Research Class Notes 9/6/16
Description: Here are the notes on the end of Chapter 3 and Chapters 2 & 15
Uploaded: 09/07/2016
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What is the meaning of validity?



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size to os recachers interno del procedure

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ch3 con't

qlolle Validity

Extent to which a measure procedure actually measures what it is intended to measure

exo researchers used to measure cranial. size to assess intelligence

What are the different types of validity?

I every reliable, but not valid Types of validity L e face valididy, extent to which a measure

appears to measure what it is supposed to measure

• Construct validitys extent to which a measure relates to other measures of the same hupothetical construct Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of legislation in law?

converget validity: correlates with other measure it should

What is the meaning of concurrent validity?

2o Divergent validity does not correlate with measures it shouldn't o you want your measure to correlate with smilar resuts Don't forget about the age old question of Where is the alpha carbon in an amino acid?

Critenon - Related validity: extent to which a measure allows us to distingush among porn lapants on the basis of a particular behavioral chteron Don't forget about the age old question of Who has authored and established the first family?

•Concurrent validity measuring Walichy Ulla a behavioral critenon measure at the same time

exo sat scores with present Class grades


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3) StudySoup We also discuss several other topics like What does a variant of something meaningful?

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a10/16 • Predictive vadidity: measurra validity by predicty. future behavioral antenon

n exo SAT scores should predict future college scores Test Bios

The characteristics of a test that is not to equally valid for differen groups of people. Cha Bis



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Behavioral variability

• All behanaal research attempts to answer avestions about behaucral varability Don't forget about the age old question of How do you know which resonance structure is best?

How & Why behavior vanes across".


• Indinduals

me Varrability

o Dearee to which scores in a set of data differ or vary from one another...

o central to the research prouss

- essence to study variability - Research question are questions about it


StudySoup We also discuss several other topics like What is a plant cell without a cell wall?

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- Recearal should be able to answer the questias

mecoumont involves assessment



Statistics Laudis Descriptive

used to describle samples & populations

un ex. 24% of the sample recruited were male


oused to draw conculsions about reliablite and generalizability of findes

exo there's a less than .05% Chance that these findings were due to a random chance


Vanance statistic that indicate the amant of observed vanability in participants behavior

Describing vanance

- Range distance from smallest to largest score

- mean sum of set of scores luded by a number of score

The more spread at the scores are arand the mean the better

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Deviation Scores & sums of sauares (Process)

lo find mean of a sample

2. Calculate deviation scores by subractiy the mean from each score

3. Square each of the denance scores to get ride of negative signs

40 Add up the saware a declance score (sum of squars)

5. Divide the sums of squares by one less than. the total number of scores in

so you get your variance (higher #ha

more vanance) Total variance

• Total vanance = Systematic variance + Error Vaniance

• Sustematic vanance : part of the total vanability in partiapants' behavior that is related in a ordeny, predictable fashon to the vanables

o exo lookre at the effects of age on amount of pies eaten: how much vanability is actually due to age

• Error Variance vanance that remains unaccanted

for in the study due to extraneous factors outside of exe vanance due to indindial hunger your control levels, preference for pie ar cake, portion size


beilig investets lookneyter

how much

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Offect sice

Assess the strength of the relationship between variables bella studied

no exo proportion of how much of the total variance is due to sistematic variance &

haysoup 0.00 effect size has no affect at all B 01.00 effect size means that all out the total vanances is due to systematic vanance (a perfect relationship, almost never happens)

Meta Analysis

o we can use the results of multiple studies to examine effect sizes

1o Analysis and integration of results from a large set of individual studies. and Estimate effect size across the results of

all the studies S o This is more relabable than lookig at

just on study

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Ethical Issues in Behanal Research chis alone

Basic Guidelines

Potential Benefits

Basic knowledge n o Impiacment of researen or assesment techniques

Practical atcomes

•Benfefits for researcher of particupants

•Potential costs

How much time of effort Risks to participant well-being monetary costs (expensive?

suspicion of research methods/ results Balancing Benefits of Costs Clook at powerpoint)

o Institutional Review Board IRB)

Reviews researon proposals for human research Examines the nisks involved us potential benefits

ogpraal consideration of vulnerable population IRB considerations

• Informed consent • Invasion of privacy

• Coercion to participate Potential Physical or mental ha



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violation of confidential

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