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FAU - For 1120 - Class Notes - Week 2 Notes

Created by: Emilda Desir Elite Notetaker

> > > > FAU - For 1120 - Class Notes - Week 2 Notes

FAU - For 1120 - Class Notes - Week 2 Notes

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background image 1120 - Beginning French Language and Culture I Professor Viviana Pezzullo  FAU  Week 2  August 31, 2015    Indefinite  Articles  (Singular)  Un – masculine  Une – Feminin  Both meanings:  a/the  (Plural)  Des   Definite Articles  (Singular)  Le- masculine  La- Feminin    (Plural)  Les    Etre (to be)  Je  (I)  suis  Tu  (You)  es  Il/Elle  (He/She)  est  Nous  (we)  sommes  Vous  (you)  êtes  Ils/Elles  (They)  sont      Numbers/Nombres  0 (zero)                  1 (un)                 2 (deux)                    3 (trois)                    4 (quatre)                  5 (cinq)         6 (six)                    7(sept)                8 (huit)                      9(neuf)                    10(dix)                        11(onze)                12(douze)           13(trieze)                  14(quatorze)            15(quinze)                             16 (seize)               17 (dix-sept)      18(dix-huit)               19 (dix-neuf)           20 (vingt)                   30(trente)               40 (quarante)     50 (cinquante)           60 (soixante)            21 (vingt et un)         22(vingt-deux)       33(trente-trois)   44(quarante-quatre)  55(cinquante-cinq)  66(soixante-six) 

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School: Florida Atlantic University
Department: Foreign Language
Course: Beginning French Language and Culture I
Professor: Viviana Pezzullo
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: beginning french
Name: Week 2 Notes
Description: Week 2 we just focused on numbers and how to use Definite and Indefinite articles in simple sentences. Again pronunciations can be put in and pronounced to you on google if you need extra help. :)
Uploaded: 09/07/2016
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