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Exam 1 Chapter 1 Study Guide

by: MaryAynne Miller

Exam 1 Chapter 1 Study Guide THEA2310-001

Marketplace > Auburn University > Theatre > THEA2310-001 > Exam 1 Chapter 1 Study Guide
MaryAynne Miller
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

These notes cover information in the book and in lecture. This is just Chapter 1, and more chapters in Exam 1 are coming. Hope this is useful! All of the vocabulary listed can be found in our te...
Theatre Tech Lecture
Matthew Gist
Study Guide
production, organization, Management
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by MaryAynne Miller on Wednesday September 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to THEA2310-001 at Auburn University taught by Matthew Gist in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Theatre Tech Lecture in Theatre at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 09/07/16
Exam 1 Study Guide Tech Theatre Chapter 1: Production Organization and Management Types of Theatre Organizations  Producing  Presenting The Auburn University theatre is a producing theatre. Producing Theatres  Community  Educational  LORT – league of regional theatres Presenting Theatres  Broadway  Off-Broadway  Off-Off-Broadway  Roadhouses The Fox Theatre is a roadhouse. A roadhouse is a building that loans out the space and its staff for productions. Types of Staff  Union  Non-union Non-union theatres  Community  Educational  LORT  Some off-off-Broadway theatres may be non-union Union Theatres  Actors Equity  USA  LATSE Production Timeline Concept/Desig Rehearsals Integration Performance n Construction (tech week) Development 4-6 weeks 4-6 weeks 1 week 2-3 weeks Gant Chart Example Professional Producing Theatre Organization Board of Directors Artistic Director Managing Director \ \ \ \ Director Development Box Office Marketing Actors Tech Designers Production Manager Stage Manager \ Crew Artistic Director  Leading the whole vision of the theatre and productions  Knowledge of the community Director  Directors in educational settings usually pick their own shows  May be hired in Designers  Some are in house and some are hired Board of Directors  Support and finance the theatre  Boss of the artistic director Managing Director  Deals with $ Professional Presenting Theatre Organization Artistic Director Production Manager Managing Director House Technicians Development Marketing Box Office Local Crew Broadway Model Producer Producer  Has all the $ so they have the final say Playwright Director Designers Production Manager Crew Production Jobs: Design Team The How  Producer  Playwright o Only needed if it’s a new show or a show that isn’t done often o Sometimes if the director knows/is friends with the playwright, they will be asked to come join the design team  Director  Designers o Scenic, Lighting, Costume, Sound, Visual Production Team GOAL: The Do Tell a story in an “artistic and  Production Manager artful” fashion  Stage Manager  Technical Director  Scenic Charge Artist  Props Master  Master Electrician  Costume Shop Supervisor  Sound Engineer Production Sequence  Script  Concept  Design  Rehearsal/Construction Performance Performance Organization Scenic Designer Lighting Designer Director Costume Designer Sound Designer STAGE MANAGER Run Crew Supervisor Property Director Master Electrician Wardrobe Supervisor Sound Supervisor Run Crew Properties Crew Electricians Crew Wardrobe Crew Sound Crew For organizational purposes, everyone answers to the stage manager once rehearsals start. Back Stage Etiquette General rules: 1. Don’t talk to other crew members backstage during rehearsals or performances unless it is about the business of production. Then, talk at a LOW whisper. 2. Don’t talk to the actors backstage during rehearsals or performances unless it is about the business of production. Their job – acting – takes a great deal of concentration, and they shouldn’t be distracted. 3. Wear dark clothes, preferably dark blue or black, to minimize the distraction to the audience if you are seen. Wear sturdy rubber-soled shoes (no tennis shoes, cowboy boots, sandals, or flip flops). Sturdy shoes will protect your feet, and rubber soles will minimize noise. 4. Be sure to show up on time for your crew call (the time your are scheduled to arrive at the theatre ready for work). Remember early is on time, and on time is late. Sign the sign-in sheet, and check in with your crew head for work. 5. Don’t smoke, eat, or drink backstage. 6. Do not touch props, costumes, or stage equipment that is not your responsibility. VOCAB for Chapter 1: Followspot, production team, production design team, production concept, production meetings, supernumeraries, technical rehearsals, blocked, shift rehearsal, lighting rehearsal, cues, dress rehearsal, “10-out-of-12,” tech week, managing director, artistic director, producer, playwright, director, production manager, board of directors, limited-run, stage manager, prompt book, stage business, call, scenic designer, scenic artist, paint crew, properties, property master, running, property crew, technical director, plates, scene-shop foreman, construction crew, stage crew, shifts, lighting designer, assistant lighting designer, master electrician, programmer, electricians, hanging, focusing, hang crew, circuit, patch, hookup sheet, color media, focuses, running crew, costume designer, costume shop supervisor, cutter/draper, costume construction crew, warp and weft, stitchers, first hand, dyers/painters, milliner, wigmaster, costume craftsperson, wardrobe supervisor, dresses, makeup designer, makeup crew, street makeup, sound designer, production sound engineer, head sound engineer, sound crew, sound-reinforcement systems


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